MapsGPT: Creating Custom Maps Made Easy with AI

Making interactive maps used to be a complex and time-consuming task reserved for the tech-savvy. It required expertise in GIS, cartography, and coding. But thanks to technological advancements, anyone can now build a custom interactive map with minimal coding knowledge. Tools like Proxi have simplified the process.

However, even with these advancements, creating a custom map still involves research, compiling map points, and plotting coordinates. Enter MapsGPT: a game-changer in map-making. With MapsGPT, all you need to do is fill in a simple sentence, and within seconds, you’ll have a fully-fledged, unique map at your fingertips, ready to be explored and customized.

Building Your Perfect Map with MapsGPT

Finding the perfect location is effortless with MapsGPT. Just provide two pieces of information: what you’re searching for and the desired vicinity. Whether you’re looking for coffee shops, hiking trails, or hotels, simply fill in the blanks, and let MapsGPT work its magic. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a map with a curated selection of locations, without the hassle of sifting through endless search results.

Endless Possibilities with MapsGPT

Finding a location is just the beginning with MapsGPT. Once you’ve generated your custom map, the possibilities are endless:

  • Rerun and Expand: You can easily rerun the prompt and broaden the scope of your search.
  • Save for Future Reference: Keep your custom map for future use and reference.
  • Edit and Update: Modify your map with new information as needed.
  • Add or Remove Locations: Customize your map by adding or deleting locations.
  • Categorize for Easy Searching: Organize your map by categorizing locations for quick and convenient searching.
  • Share with Others: Share your map with others through a link or embed it on your website or blog.
  • Collaboration: Invite others to add their own locations to the map.
  • Personalize with Branding: Add your personal touch by incorporating branding elements and customizing colors to match your aesthetic.

MapsGPT empowers you to take control of your custom map and make it a one-of-a-kind resource for your audience.

Inspiring Ideas to Get You Started

Let’s imagine you’re relocating to a new city for work. The possibilities can feel overwhelming, from finding the perfect place to eat to discovering fun activities and identifying convenient stores. However, MapsGPT simplifies the discovery process.

Start by exploring dining options. Use prompts like “vegan,” “open late,” “boba tea,” “good for date nights,” “dog-friendly,” or “with rooftop dining.” MapsGPT will generate a list of spots that meet your criteria, providing you with a range of choices for any occasion.

Next, move on to exploring “fun things to do” in the area. Whether it’s a winter day, a tourist visit, or a day out with kids, MapsGPT can recommend activities that align with your preferences. Find the best ice-skating rinks, indoor trampoline parks, and more.

Don’t forget about the essentials. Use MapsGPT to locate stores selling necessities, such as Walmarts, farmers’ markets, or firewood for those chilly nights.

Whether you’re a traveler, a food enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply looking to discover something new in your city, MapsGPT has got you covered. Easily plan your day or trip with a custom list of events and places tailored to your preferences and needs.

How Does MapsGPT Work?

When you submit your request, we leverage our integration with OpenAI to generate an array of locations. Our Proxi technology converts these results into specific geographic coordinates, pinpointing each location on a map. Additionally, the map provides additional information about the area, offering a comprehensive understanding of the place you’re interested in.

Tips for Using MapsGPT

To maximize your experience with MapsGPT, consider the following tips:

  • Explore maps created by others for ideas and inspiration.
  • If the results don’t meet your expectations, feel free to change your query or start over.
  • Refine your search by including more specific criteria in your request. For example, instead of searching for general “restaurants,” try “vegan restaurants” or “restaurants with vegan and gluten-free options” to generate more tailored results.
  • Experiment with different prompts for specific activities or preferences. Instead of searching for “outdoor activities,” try “hiking trails” or “rock climbing spots” to find places that align with your interests.
  • Utilize filters such as “bike rental locations,” “public transportation options,” or “kid-friendly destinations” for more precise and accurate results.
  • Include location details like state or specific street addresses for more specific searches.

MapsGPT is your invaluable tool for creating custom maps effortlessly and efficiently. So, whether you’re exploring a new city, planning a trip, or seeking exciting experiences in your area, MapsGPT is here to help you navigate the world around you.

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