Stages St. Louis’ Aida: An Intimate Broadway Experience

Video aida at stages

Stages St. Louis sets the stage for an extraordinary rendition of Aida, the acclaimed Broadway musical created by Elton John and Tim Rice. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, captivating costumes, and an unmistakable aura of confidence that will transport you to a time where love’s power knew no bounds.

A Captivating Love Story

Aida unfolds against the backdrop of a conquest in ancient Africa, where Radames, the son of Zoser and a highly successful captain of Pharaoh’s army, finds himself torn between duty and desire. As his army captures Aida, the captivating and intelligent daughter of the Nubian king, Radames discovers an unexpected connection that challenges his loyalty and beliefs. Unbeknownst to them both, Radames is betrothed to Amneris, the ailing Pharaoh’s daughter, who will soon ascend to the throne.

Looking Beyond Differences

More than just a complex love triangle, Aida is a timeless tale that provokes introspection and encourages us to seek common ground with those we encounter. In the midst of the captivating love story, director and choreographer Luis Salgado, along with a talented cast, skillfully unravel the universal layers present in the narrative, while capturing the essence of the era. With exceptional singing, inventive choreography, and intimately authentic performances, they bring the story to life on stage.

Unforgettable Performances

Radiant and powerful, Wonu Ogunfowora shines in the role of Princess Aida, conveying her character’s wisdom and ability to strike a balance between vulnerability and strength. Ace Young, as Radames, admirably complements Ogunfowora and Diana DeGarmo, showcasing remarkable vocal dexterity. The trio’s harmonies and heartfelt performances in songs like “A Step Too Far,” “Enchantment Passing Through,” and the reprise of “My Strongest Suit” intricately capture the characters’ emotional turmoil. Supporting actors Albert Jennings, Ryan Williams, David Benoit, Jenny Mollet, and Jerome Harmann-Hardeman deliver standout performances, with Jennings and Mollet evoking particular sympathy.

Timeless Relevance

While Aida takes place in antiquity, its themes remain profoundly relevant in contemporary society. Under Salgado’s direction, the choreography gracefully blends traditional African and Egyptian dance with modern energy, allowing the narrative to explore the impact of war, slavery, and the intrinsic value of every life.

A Broadway Experience in Intimate Setting

Aida offers audiences the unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of a Broadway show in a more intimate setting. Composed by Elton John, with Tim Rice contributing the libretto, this production, directed by Luis Salgado, promises an unforgettable journey. Presented by Stages St. Louis at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center, Aida is suitable for all audiences. Performance times vary, and tickets are priced between $57 and $82.

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