16 Free Airtable Templates That Will Revolutionize Your Workflow

16 Free Airtable Templates That Will Change the Way You Use It

Airtable is a remarkably versatile tool that has taken the market by storm. While it may appear to be just another spreadsheet tool at first glance, with a little technical savvy, you can create entire apps that streamline your workflows. But what if you’re not tech-savvy? Where do you begin? Well, fear not! With the right Airtable template, you’ll quickly realize just how wrong that initial assumption was.

Here, we present to you a handpicked list of the 15 best free Airtable templates that will completely transform the way you work. Plus, we’ve thrown in an extra bonus template just for you.

6 Best Airtable Templates for Effortless Reporting

Automated Resource Management Report

Airtable template for automated resource management report

A resource management report provides a quick snapshot of how your team members are utilizing their time and effort. By pulling in everyone’s tasks and grouping them by assignee, you can easily visualize and analyze how your team’s resources are allocated. This template allows you to do all that without ever leaving Airtable.

Automated Project Health Report

Airtable template for automated project health report

A project health report is a simple yet powerful way to keep managers, clients, and stakeholders informed about the state of a project. It provides them with a quick overview of whether the project is on track or falling behind, what has been accomplished, and what tasks are left to complete.

Marketing Budget Report

Airtable template for marketing budget report

Keeping track of your marketing budget over time, especially across multiple bases, can be challenging. This template makes it easy to monitor your monthly spend compared to your forecast. You can group expenses by categories such as ad spend, software, freelancers, consultants, and more.

Social Media Reporting Template

Airtable template for social media reporting

If you manage multiple social media accounts within a marketing team, tracking the growth of those channels is essential. With this Airtable template, you can easily record and monitor the growth of your social media channels, ensuring you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Bookkeeping Template

Airtable template for bookkeeping

Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with organizing and tracking their finances. With tax season and quarterly reporting looming, it’s vital to have a streamlined system in place. This template will help you get off to a great start by providing a structured way to manage your organization’s finances.

Employee Resource Database

Airtable template for employee resource database

An employee resource database serves as a central repository for valuable information, data, documents, and resources. It can be accessed at any time, allowing new employees to easily find answers to their frequently asked questions. This template is a must-have for any organization looking to keep their employees informed and empowered.

5 Must-Have Airtable Templates for Marketers

Automated Content Catalog

Airtable template for automated content catalog

A content catalog acts as a centralized database for all the content created by your sales and marketing teams. This allows customer-facing teams, such as sales and support, to quickly and easily find the content they need when they need it. Say goodbye to hours wasted searching for that one elusive piece of content.

Marketing Calendar

Airtable template for marketing calendar

With marketing teams constantly churning out great content, staying organized can be a challenge, especially when collaborating with other teams. This template provides a simple way to track your marketing initiatives directly within Airtable, streamlining your workflow and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Email Campaign Tracking

Airtable template for email campaign tracking

Email marketing often involves multiple tools, each with its own reporting capabilities. However, tracking overall performance across multiple initiatives can be cumbersome. That’s where this Airtable template comes in handy. It allows you to consolidate your email campaign data, providing a holistic view of your performance.

Customer Analysis

Airtable template for customer analysis

Analyzing your customer base is crucial for effective marketing strategies. This powerful Airtable template provides an organized way to record, organize, and sort through multiple layers of customer information. Gain valuable insights into your customers and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Account-Based Marketing

Airtable template for account-based marketing

Track your account-based marketing initiatives across multiple products, channels, and campaigns with ease using this Airtable template. Streamline your processes, improve collaboration, and achieve better results by keeping all your account-based marketing efforts in one centralized location.

5 Airtable Templates for Boosting Productivity

Task Management Template

Airtable template for task management

Tracking your personal tasks across multiple projects can be a nightmare, especially if you’re using different project management tools. This Airtable template is an excellent solution, allowing you to seamlessly monitor tasks across various projects. For even greater efficiency, consider syncing it with your other tools using Unito’s integration.

13-Week Planner

Airtable template for 13-week planner

Break down your projects into manageable chunks with this custom Airtable template. Plan and prioritize your projects across a 13-week timeline, ensuring you always know what needs to be done and when. Stay organized and conquer your projects one week at a time.

Personal CRM

Airtable template for personal CRM

Why should organizations have all the fun with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools? If you’re a natural networker looking to maximize your relationships, this Airtable template is perfect for you. Keep track of important contacts, interactions, and follow-ups in one centralized location.

Personal Dashboard

Airtable template for personal dashboard

Never lose sight of your responsibilities again. This Airtable template goes beyond simple task management by providing a comprehensive view of your commitments. Customize views to include deadlines, filter tasks by zone and status, and achieve maximum productivity.

Project Value

Airtable template for project value

Struggling to prioritize your projects? This Airtable template simplifies the process by breaking down how each project benefits the company, the customer, specific suppliers, and your staff. Gain clarity and align your work with long-term goals to ensure maximum impact.

Why Not Take It a Step Further?

If you’re ready to supercharge your Airtable automation adventure, why not set up a two-way integration between Airtable and your other tools? With Unito, you can seamlessly sync Airtable with tools like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Notion to create a unified workflow that enhances collaboration and productivity.

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