15 Best Training Management and Tracking Software

15 Best Training Management and Tracking Software

There can be a world of difference between two organizations conducting workforce training. In most cases, the employee training management and tracking software they use makes the real difference. By systematically managing and tracking online employee training, you can ensure that it proceeds as planned and achieve your learning & development goals. In other words, you can see to it that participants are learning as they should and identify areas of improvement.

If you’re yet to adopt one of the software applications, there are many on the market that can help you develop, share, manage, and track training programs. To make the search easier for you, here’s our list of the top picks below. Keep reading to find out.

A Quick Comparison Table of the Best Training Management and Tracking Software

Comparison Table

15 Best Training Management and Tracking Software

ProProfs Training Maker

  • Easy to use


  • Business playbook


  • User-friendly


  • User-first tool


  • Open-source


  • Ease of use

SAP Litmos

  • Rapid implementation

Tovuti LMS

  • Next-gen LMS


  • Designed for modern workforce


  • Fits into existing systems


  • End-to-end solution


  • Faster employee onboarding


  • Mobile LMS


  • Virtual training

Absorb LMS

  • Smart administration

What is Training Management and Tracking Software?

A training management and tracking system is a software application designed to help users organize training planning, creation, delivery, and tracking. Using these solutions, you can streamline each stage of employee training for simplicity, speed, and control. Such software solutions are better known by the name learning management system or LMS.

Benefits of Employee Training Management and Tracking Software

Employee training management software with tracking features performs two main functions – learner management and monitoring their activities. When you combine the two in one system, it creates a positive impact on training administration and learning outcomes.

Time & Cost-Saving

Training management tools save a significant amount of training time and cost. Imagine this situation. In the absence of such tools, you’d be sending email notifications to participants for upcoming training, using spreadsheets to maintain their data, and manually evaluating their assessments. This will take up the lion’s share of your time.

Compare it with this. With a training management system, you can bypass all this and leave them to the tool to handle. These automate many of the repetitive admin tasks. You can schedule trigger emails (notifications and reminders) based on learners’ activities. Similarly, tests are auto-graded and reports are auto-generated.

Ready Training Resources

Some of the best learning management systems on the market today provide ready-to-use courses and templates on different training topics. While you can create your own courses from scratch or import existing content, you can leverage these ready-made resources if you want to get a program up and running quickly.

These courses and training templates are generally developed by industry experts and fully customizable. They enable you to shift the focus from creating training materials to managing learning engagement, progress, and outcomes.

Employee Engagement

Most of the popular training management and tracking software tools support multimedia files. You can usually use images, videos, infographics, and graphics. Along with this, you can embed interactive tools such as quizzes and surveys.

Instead of following a cookie-cutter approach, this allows you to mold your training so that it caters to all learning styles and enables participants to learn in the best possible way. This way, you can keep them motivated, which is vital for retention.

Ongoing Learning & Compliance

Regardless of the industry, every company requires ongoing learning & development to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Managing and tracking such compliance training becomes easy with a training management system.

Once a course or test is assigned, you can track who has finished it and who is yet to. Additionally, you can set reminders for the course due date and certification expiry. This helps you ensure that you meet compliance training requirements on time and remove possible legal liabilities.

Consistency in Training

When you use the same system to deliver the same training, it becomes easy to achieve consistency, even when it involves different audiences. This is because all activities from start to finish follow a standardized pattern.

Every training participant has access to the same content and gets the same amount of time to complete them, regardless of their location and shift. This ensures consistent eLearning experiences. On the admin side, you can use the same evaluation method to measure knowledge gaps and retention.

Who Uses Training Management Systems?

The customers of a training management system are found in all industries and sectors. Some of the top ones are:

  • Training companies
  • Enterprises of all sizes
  • Training administrators
  • Instructors
  • Professional groups
  • Colleges & universities
  • Teachers
  • Online tutors

Choose the Best Tool for Employee Training Management

Looking at the enabling features in these 15 best training management and tracking software, you can confidently say that they can make a difference in how you train and measure your L&D programs. User management, content management, task automation, notifications, and extensive reporting are some of the essential features that these tools support. You can never overlook these enablements if you want to simplify your job as an instructor or administrator.

While they make your functions easy, they can also have a far-reaching effect on how your audiences access training, learn, and remain engaged. If you’re unsure which one you should finally choose, you may go for a free trial or request a demo with as many of these tools as possible. This way, you’ll know how they will unfold in your real employee training environment.

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