The Strangest Casino Games in the World

Collection of the 8 strangest casino games in the world

Do you enjoy betting games like sports betting or traditional table games like poker and blackjack? Well, get ready for a surprise! There are some truly bizarre casino games out there that you may have never heard of or even imagined. In this article, we will explore the eight strangest casino games in the world that will leave you scratching your head in amazement. So, let’s dive in!

Dreidel: A Game of Chance

8 weirdest casino games in the world

Let’s start with a game that is especially popular among the Jewish community during Hanukkah – Dreidel. This traditional game of chance is similar to a casino dice game. Players, usually family and friends, bet on the outcome using coins, raisins, matches, or other forms of betting. However, in a casino, this game is played for real money.

Learning to play dreidel is quite simple. Players place their bets on a betting slot in the center of the table. Each player takes turns spinning the dreidel, and depending on which side it lands on, they can win some or all of the coins in the pot. Each side of the dreidel has a Hebrew letter with a specific meaning:

  • “Nun” means “nothing,” so the player wins nothing.
  • “Gimel” means “everything,” so the player takes everything in the pot.
  • “Hey” means “half,” and the player takes half the bet.
  • “Shin” means “to put,” and the player must place an additional bet.

The game continues until a bet is won, and then the next betting round begins. In recent years, dreidel has even become a competitive sport, with Major League Dreidel tournaments held in New York annually. The player with the longest continuous rotation wins the title of champion!

Rodent Roulette: A Controversial Game

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Get ready for a truly weird game – Rodent Roulette, also known as rat roulette. As the name suggests, this game involves using a rat, mouse, or gerbil placed on an adaptive roulette wheel with holes to hide in. Players bet on the specific hole or box the animal will choose, and if their bet is correct, they receive an instant payout.

Over the years, this game has faced significant controversy due to concerns of animal cruelty and exploitation. In fact, animal rights activists have staged protests in casinos and gambling halls. Despite the controversy, there were even historical incidents involving this game. In 1946, two people were arrested for playing rodent roulette in Southern California. To disguise the game, they used coffee, canned goods, and ham as prizes. However, they were fined for their unconventional gambling methods.

War: A Simple Card Game

8 weirdest casino games in the world

War is one of the easiest and most popular casino games to play. You might even remember playing this card game with your siblings and friends during your childhood because it’s so easy to understand.

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In a casino, you can find Casino War, which aims to evoke nostalgia for those looking to relive their childhood memories. The objective of Casino War is to have a higher hand than the dealer. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and allows up to eight players. The game also features an optional tie bet, determining who wins when the player and dealer have cards of the same rank.

One interesting feature of Casino War is that it offers a different house edge than regular games. If you choose to surrender and reveal a similar card, you will receive half of your bet back. On the other hand, if you decide to “go to war,” you need to double your bet and see how the game unfolds. There are also variations of Casino War that add different rules and exceptions to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Chicken Tic Tac Toe: Bet Against a Chicken

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Think you’re good at tic-tac-toe? How about playing against a chicken? Yes, you read that right! In Atlantic City, you can challenge a real chicken in tic-tac-toe at a casino. If you win, you can become the defending champion and even win a cash prize of $10,000.

But don’t underestimate this clever chicken. She has beaten everyone who has dared to challenge her so far. This game, also known as the “chicken challenge,” is definitely not for the faint of heart. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat this feathered opponent? If so, put Atlantic City on your list when planning your trip to the best casino cities in the world!

Interestingly, there was another chicken who played tic-tac-toe in New York’s Chinatown. However, it turned out that the chicken had been trained to peck at a projected bright spot on the board, making it seem like a genius at the game. Regardless, we’ll let the chicken have the victory.

Bird’s Song: Betting on the Loudest Bird

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Imagine betting on which bird will sing the loudest. Welcome to the world of Bird’s Song, a game that drives Belgians crazy. In this game, birds are placed in different cages and take turns singing for excited players. Some punters even bet on which bird will last the longest.

Players have the option to research the birds before placing their bets, trying to determine which ones are the most impressive singers. Then, it’s a waiting game to see if luck is on their side. After all, they say it’s not over until the big bird sings—or something like that.

Please note that although this game can be rewarding and fascinating to watch, it has faced opposition from animal rights activists. As a result, you won’t find this game in most land-based casinos outside of Belgium or online.

Fan-Tan and Sic Bo: Traditional Chinese Casino Games

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Asia is home to some of the most exotic casino games, and Fan-Tan and Sic Bo are perfect examples. Fan-Tan is a traditional Chinese casino game that involves a flat surface, a cup, and various objects, such as plastic beads. In the past, bone or ivory beads were used instead.

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Fan-Tan features simple gameplay, although the abundance of seeds scattered across the table can be overwhelming for new players. The objective is to choose the correct number from one to four, representing the number of beads left after eliminating groups of four at a time. The dealer, known as Tan Kun, makes an announcement, and players place their bets on one of the four numbers or a combination.

Tan Kun takes a large cup, called a tan, to cover 60 of the 200 seeds before removing the rest. Then, using a bamboo stick, Tan Kun separates the remaining beads into groups of four. One of the four groups will be the winning number.

Sic Bo, on the other hand, is widely available and accessible worldwide. It combines elements of chance and dice rolling. The game involves betting on various combinations before the dice are rolled, leading to exciting payouts and suspenseful moments.

Pachinko: Slot Machines and Vertical Marbles

8 weirdest casino games in the world

Pachinko is a game that combines slot machines with vertical marbles, creating a spectacle reminiscent of a video game or cartoon series. The machine is filled with small balls that players aim to land in designated holes to trigger bonus payouts and earn more steel balls.

Dropping more balls into the hole is challenging because they disappear if they fall. In the past, players would purchase balls at parlors and exchange them for merchandise or other rewards in gift shops.

Interestingly, each year in Japan, approximately 17.1 million pachinko players wager an astounding $200 billion on the game. The pachinko industry generates more revenue than Las Vegas’ annual gambling revenue. With around 10,600 pachinko shops across Japan, it’s no wonder this game has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Hoffmania: A Slot Game Inspired by David Hasselhoff

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In the world of slots, you can find a game inspired by the one and only David Hasselhoff. Yes, that’s right! The developers at Novomatic created a slot game called Hoffmania that pays tribute to this iconic actor. While it may seem amusing to spin the reels of this unique slot game for Baywatch fans, we can’t help but wonder how and why this slot was created.

Nevertheless, Hoffmania is just one example of several oddly themed slot games available. From space bulls to talking monkeys, the world of slots is full of surprises. Interestingly, David Hasselhoff is not only known for his acting career but also for being the Guinness World Record holder for the most-watched man on television. Additionally, he is a passionate musician with multiple studio albums featuring catchy songs like “Flying on the Wings of Tenderness” and “Rhinestone Cowboy.” Unfortunately, Hoffmania doesn’t include any of these tracks.

In conclusion, we’ve shared with you eight of the strangest casino games in the world. These games range from traditional ones rooted in history to truly bizarre and unconventional ones. We hope you enjoyed this journey through the unique and unusual side of the casino world. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe it’s time to try one of these games yourself, or at least appreciate them from a safe distance.

Remember, gambling should always be done responsibly. If you decide to try your luck with these games, make sure to approach them with a lighthearted mindset and set reasonable limits. Happy gaming!

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