Copyleaks AI Content Detection: An In-Depth Review

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With the rise of ChatGPT and similar AI writing tools, many writers are tempted to rely on them to create large volumes of content. However, does AI-generated content truly add value to the vast digital landscape? According to Google’s August 2022 helpful content update, AI-generated content tends to prioritize search engines over readers, and as a result, Google now assigns lower rankings to such content. Google wants content that puts people first, providing valuable information and depth.

Unfortunately, today’s AI writing tools fall short of creating the high-value content favored by Google. These tools rely on existing data and fail to provide meaningful insights or original ideas. So, how can you ensure that your web content is human-written and likely to be indexed by Google? This is where Copyleaks comes to the rescue.

Copyleaks AI Content Detection Engine: Features and Functionality

Copyleaks is an advanced AI content detection tool that uses various methodologies to detect AI-generated content and help you identify it on your website. Here are some notable features of Copyleaks:

Simple AI-detection interface

Copyleaks uses extensive backend processing to detect AI content, but the process is simple and fast for users. You just need to enter or copy-paste the text you want to check and click “check.” Within seconds, Copyleaks will provide you with an AI probability score.

Browser extension

To make AI detection even more convenient, Copyleaks offers a browser extension that allows you to check online pages for AI-written content. This extension saves you the trouble of manually copying and pasting content.

LMS and API integration

If you’re an agency owner or an educator, you can integrate Copyleaks within your website or Learning Management System (LMS) via API. This integration eliminates the need for team members or students to visit the Copyleaks website separately.

Plagiarism detection

Copyleaks is already recognized for its plagiarism detection capabilities. This means that if you need to scan your text for plagiarism, you don’t need to use another platform. While the AI and plagiarism detection features are not integrated yet, having them on the same platform is still convenient.

Copyleaks relies on advanced AI-powered algorithms, taking a “fight fire with fire” approach to detect AI-generated content. The platform claims up to 99.12% accuracy.

Pros and Cons of Copyleaks AI Content Detection

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of using Copyleaks for AI content detection:


  • Versatile applications
  • Unlimited and free scanning for AI detection
  • Highlights specific sections of the content with a high probability of being AI-generated


  • Varying detection accuracy, even for the same content

Testing Copyleaks’ Accuracy

To gauge Copyleaks’ accuracy in real-world scenarios, we conducted multiple tests using text samples generated by Jasper, a renowned AI content writing platform. Since these samples were AI-generated, we wanted to see how confidently Copyleaks and could detect the presence of AI-generated text within them.

Both Copyleaks and express their detection results in probability format. A higher percentage score indicates greater confidence in detecting AI-generated text. Here are the results summarized in a table:

Sample Confidence Copyleaks Confidence
1 >90% 100%
2 >90% <10%
3 >90% <10%
4 >90% <10%
5 >90% 100%
6 >90% <10%
7 >90% <10%

From the results, it is evident that offers higher detection accuracy than Copyleaks. While detected AI-generated texts in five out of seven samples with over 90% confidence, Copyleaks correctly identified only one sample as AI-generated.

Comparing Copyleaks to Other Platforms

Based on our evaluation of several AI-detection platforms, including, here’s what we have noticed about Copyleaks:

Advantages of Copyleaks

While Copyleaks may not match the accuracy and features of, its interface is user-friendly. Copyleaks is ideal for quick scanning purposes and provides a good indication of AI-generated text within your content. Additionally, Copyleaks offers exceptional speed, delivering results within seconds.


Copyleaks has earned a solid reputation as a plagiarism detection platform and has extended its capabilities to AI content detection. However, it is still a developing platform and may have certain limitations. If you need a quick scan for AI-generated texts (for free), Copyleaks is a reliable choice. However, for those who require a tool they can depend on to check numerous sites every month, may provide greater peace of mind.

For more information about Copyleaks, visit the Zenith City News.