10 Must-Read Training and Development Books

Are you eager to enhance your workforce’s talents and maximize their performance? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of ten outstanding training and development books that will help you achieve just that. From practical applications to innovative techniques, these books cover various approaches to improve your training program’s creation, delivery, and instruction.

Training and Development Book #1 – EdApp Course Library

Although not a conventional book, EdApp’s course library offers a compelling alternative. Packed with courses on training and development, it provides L&D professionals a vast array of options to expand their knowledge and skills. With courses like “The Future of Learning,” “Food Protection,” free hospitality certificates, and “Helping Others to Develop,” you can access valuable resources anytime, anywhere.

Unlike static books, these courses offer customization options and follow a microlearning design model to ensure a focused and efficient learning experience. Plus, they eliminate information overload by delivering only the most relevant key concepts. Best of all, it’s entirely free!

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Training and Development Book #2 – Training & Development For Dummies by Elaine Biech

Looking for a guide to bring out the best in your employees? “Training & Development For Dummies” is an approachable book that helps you create a tailored training development program based on your talent pool. From blended learning to coaching and mentoring, this book covers various modes of formal learning and provides valuable insights into evaluating performance.

Training and Development Book #3 – Training and Development in Organizations by Stanley Ross

Discover the crucial role training and development plays in an organization’s success with “Training and Development in Organizations.” This book delves into the different types of training programs and provides guidance on designing and implementing them effectively. It also explores needs assessment and program evaluation methods, ensuring you can measure the success of your training initiatives.

Training and Development Book #4 – The Gamification of Learning and Instruction by Karl M. Kapp

Have you ever thought about incorporating gamification into your training? “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction” is the perfect resource for exploring this innovative approach. By rethinking how learning occurs, this book offers insights into which game elements best align with your desired outcomes. It also provides techniques to enhance knowledge retention and comprehension, ensuring that your training is not only engaging but also effective.

Training and Development Book #5 – The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Unlock the hidden potential within your team with “The Talent Code.” This book emphasizes that talent can be nurtured through the right mindset and approach. Delving into the three main themes of deep practice, ignition, and master coaching, it reveals the importance of specific practice methods, igniting passion, and providing consistent mentoring and coaching. With the right strategies, you can develop high achievers and create an environment that fosters growth.

Training and Development Book #6 – Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development by Andy Jefferson, Calhoun W. Wick, and Roy V. H. Pollock

If you want to ensure that your organization and learners derive maximum benefit from training, this book is a must-read. “Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development” guides you from onboarding to value creation, providing insights on leveraging learning content for significant results. With the tools and techniques shared in this book, you can foster a competent and productive workforce.

Training and Development Book #7 – Employee Development on a Shoestring by Halelly Azulay

While formal training is prevalent, some industries thrive on experience-based learning. “Employee Development on a Shoestring” offers practical ideas and techniques for improving employee performance through informal and social learning methods. Learn how on-the-job training, job rotation, and other approaches can directly impact skill development and drive performance results.

Training and Development Book #8 – The Art and Science of Training by Elaine Biech

Renowned training expert Elaine Biech brings together the worlds of training, art, and science in “The Art and Science of Training.” By understanding the science of learning and gaining audience insight, you can create exceptional training experiences. This book inspires knowledge mastery, creativity, and imagination to engage and empower your teams effectively.

Training and Development Book #9 – Telling Ain’t Training by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps

Discover the importance of learner-centric training with “Telling Ain’t Training.” This book explores the fundamental principles of adult learning, providing insights on how learners acquire and retain knowledge. Drawing from years of research and experience, it equips you with strategies to ensure that learning sticks. Engage your learners with interactive activities, quizzes, and exercises that make training memorable and effective.

Training and Development Book #10 – The Learning and Development Book by Mary Stewart

Are you an L&D professional committed to providing exceptional training experiences? “The Learning and Development Book” offers fresh perspectives on content creation and innovative ways to engage learners. Discover how to make learning enjoyable and boost interest while achieving your desired learning goals. This book emphasizes that true learning begins after training, as employees actively apply and explore what they’ve learned on the job.

There you have it, ten must-read training and development books that will empower you to take your workforce’s talents to new heights. Happy learning and developing!

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