The Best Employee Training Tracking Software Programs

8 best employee training tracking software programs

Training employees is a timeless practice that ensures they perform their duties to the best of their abilities and represent your company with pride. Whether it’s teaching high school students how to scoop ice cream or training a global workforce on your company’s interview process, having everyone on the same page is crucial.

But how can you be certain that all your team members have completed the required training? While an ice cream store owner may be able to individually check in with each employee, as a corporate leader, you need a scalable solution. That’s where training tracking software comes in.

What is Employee Training Tracking Software?

Employee training tracking software is a powerful application that monitors, records, and reports employee progress as they go through training programs. For example, if your company rolls out a seven-part onboarding program that new employees can complete on their own schedule, tracking software will keep your HR team updated each time a segment is completed.

Training Tracking Software vs. Training Management Software

It’s important to note that training tracking software is distinct from training management software. While both are used to manage training, they serve different purposes.

  • Training management software allows you to create training programs, typically bundled in a training management or learning management system. It encompasses content creation, progress tracking, and data storage.
  • Training tracking software, on the other hand, focuses solely on ensuring compliance by monitoring training records and alerting relevant stakeholders when programs are completed or tasks are left unfinished.

Training tracking software can be purchased as a standalone product or found within a comprehensive training management software suite, like Ethena, that offers engaging courses, customizations, automated assignments, and actionable reports, in addition to tracking features.

7 Things to Look for in Employee Training Tracking Software

When making a decision about employee training tracking software, consider the following characteristics:

  1. Tracks the right things: Ensure the software captures necessary data, such as completion, progress, start and completion dates, time spent on training, and test scores.
  2. Automation for employee enrollment: Look for a cloud-based solution that automatically enrolls the appropriate people in training programs.
  3. Automated reminders: Select software that sends reminders to employees, saving time for your HR department.
  4. Send relevant information to the right people: Choose software that sends training compliance updates to specific individuals or teams responsible for managing training sessions.
  5. Real-time analytics with filtered views: The best software provides user-friendly analytics that allow you to focus on the data you care about.
  6. Measure employee sentiment: Find software that enables you to gather feedback from employees on specific courses, as enjoyment leads to better retention.
  7. Quality training content: Look for software that goes beyond compliance tracking and provides high-quality training content. Consider if it tests new delivery mediums and styles, consistently creates new courses, and designs training to be compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Now that you know what to look for, let’s explore some popular employee training tracking software programs.

8 Popular Employee Training Tracking Software Programs

Consider the following eight employee training tracking software programs:

1. Easy Training Tracker

Easy Training Tracker focuses on simplicity and ease for HR managers overseeing worker training. The cloud-based software generates various reports, including class-based reports, individual employee reports, employee training scorecards, and team learning status matrices.

2. Qualsys

Qualsys, a UK-based platform, manages multiple aspects of employee training and places a strong emphasis on tracking. The platform creates records that prove compliance and provides long-term archives.

3. Ethena

Ethena offers a comprehensive solution for employee training, with tracking playing a key role. The platform offers a library of in-house courses tailored to modern scenarios, including hybrid and remote work. With department-by-department breakdowns, exportable compliance reports, and robust automation, Ethena ensures the right employees are enrolled in the appropriate training programs. Additionally, Ethena’s analytics features integrate seamlessly with popular HR information systems and provide insights into employee sentiment.

4. Connecteam

Connecteam’s HR & People Management hub offers courses, mobile training, quizzes, and digital document storage within a single platform. Subscription plans include unlimited training record storage.

5. AccuTraining

AccuTraining, developed by Engineerica, is a user-friendly training administration tool that provides quick reports on employee and company compliance. The platform also includes a mobile app for scanning training cards or employee ID cards, making it suitable for both in-person and online training.

6. ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is an all-in-one learning management tool with extensive tracking features, a course library, and course creation capabilities. Its offerings are grouped into categories such as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.

7. Training Manager 4.0

Training Manager by Harrington Group International offers software-based training tracking as well as the option for on-site training conducted and tracked by Harrington staff. The platform centralizes all training reports, streamlining processes and workflows.

Choosing the Best Employee Training Tracking Software

The best employee training tracking software depends on your organization’s unique needs. If you require basic tracking services, any of the options mentioned above will suffice. However, if you need more advanced capabilities, such as managing international or multi-state teams and complying with specific regulations, choose software that specializes in those areas. For high-quality content that addresses HR topics and improves workplace culture, Ethena is an excellent choice.

Ethena was founded by women who recognized the need for effective compliance training that truly impacts workplace behavior. Their commitment to providing engaging and relevant content has already made a difference, but there is still more to be done.

Ethena is a modern compliance training platform that delivers current, engaging content that employees actually enjoy. Request a sample course to experience it for yourself. If you’re looking to bring complex issues to life through thoughtful real-world examples, dynamic multimedia, and actionable next steps, let’s talk to see if Ethena is the right fit for your company.


Illustration by Shirley Yu, IG: @shirleydesignsthings

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