Free Monthly Retainer Contract Template

Welcome to Zenith City News! Are you a freelancer looking for a free monthly retainer contract template? Look no further! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive and customizable template that you can use to create your own contract. Let’s dive in!

Work and Payment


When creating a contract, it’s essential to define the scope of the project. The client is hiring you to perform specific tasks. Clearly outline the project scope and what is expected from both parties.


Clearly define the start date and duration of the contract. It’s vital to mention that either party can terminate the contract at any time, as per the terms outlined in the termination section.


Specify the number of hours you will be working each month. Additionally, state your availability to the client and any potential overage rates if they require work outside of your agreed-upon hours.


Discuss the payment terms, including the monthly rate, non-refundable deposit, and any potential additional expenses that may require approval from the client.

Ownership and Licenses

It’s crucial to address the ownership and licenses of the work product. Outline that the client will own the final product and any accompanying materials. However, you may request permission to use the work product for your portfolio or website.

Competitive Engagements

To ensure transparency, state that you will not work for any competitor until the contract ends. Specify what constitutes a competitor and any exceptions that may be made if prior permission is granted in writing.


Include a non-solicitation clause to prevent you from encouraging the client’s employees, customers, or clients to terminate their relationship with the client. However, certain general exceptions can be made if the client responds to a general ad.


This section contains important promises between both parties, such as the authority to sign the contract and the contractor’s rights to give the client the work product. It also covers compliance with laws, non-infringement, and the client’s responsibility to provide timely feedback.

Term and Termination

Outline the duration of the contract and the process for termination. Specify that either party can end the contract by sending written notice, and clarify the payment and expense reimbursement terms in case of termination.

Independent Contractor

Clearly establish that you are working as an independent contractor, highlighting the key differences from an employer-employee relationship.

Confidential Information

Strictly define how the client’s confidential information should be handled. The contractor should treat it as their own, only using it for the project and returning or destroying it after the contract ends. Also, specify that both parties will not share third-party confidential information without permission.

Limitation of Liability

Neither party should be held liable for unforeseen damages that could not have been reasonably anticipated at the contract’s inception.


Both parties should indemnify each other from any liabilities, losses, or expenses related to third-party claims arising from their actions or breaches of the contract.


Include provisions regarding the assignment of rights, arbitration, modification, notices, severability, e-signatures, governing law, and the entire contract clause.

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