Everything You Need to Know About Airtable Pricing Plans

Airtable has become a go-to app for workplace collaboration across various industries worldwide. Companies like WeWork and Tesla rely on Airtable to track customer feedback and manage vehicle inventory. Even renowned magazines such as Time, Money, and Fortune find it useful for organizing their production schedules. The popularity of Airtable is evident, as the company successfully raised $52 million in funding in 2018, followed by an astounding $185 million investment in September 2020.

The Core Features

Airtable combines the familiar elements of spreadsheets with the power of databases, allowing users to create fully customizable solutions to meet their business needs. Upon signing up and creating an account, users gain access to a range of templates for managing different aspects of their organizations. Whether it’s task management, product roadmaps, content calendars, asset databases, or event planning, Airtable offers a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates all these functionalities.

With Airtable, users can view bases (which are essentially databases) in various formats, including checklists, calendars, galleries, and Kanban boards. Unlike traditional cells in spreadsheets, Airtable cells can contain extensive information. Expanded cell views enable users to attach files, leave comments, and even link to other cells or databases. Moreover, Airtable offers powerful automation features, allowing teams to streamline tasks such as notifications and repetitive actions.

Airtable Pricing

Airtable offers a basic plan that comes free of charge. Additional advanced features and usage are available through paid plans, starting at $6 per user, per month when billed annually. Let’s explore the available options:

Free Plan

Unlike other platforms that offer limited-time trials, Airtable provides essential features for free. With the free plan, users can create unlimited databases and share them with as many users as needed. However, each database has a limit of 1,200 records (rows) and offers only 2 GB of storage space. While this plan might not be ideal for asset management, it serves as an excellent starting point for small businesses. It’s worth noting that the free plan allows 100 automations per month and retains a revision history of up to two weeks.

Cost: Free

Plus Plan

For larger teams, the Plus plan offers an excellent solution. In addition to boosting the original free plan features, such as 5 GB of storage space instead of 2 GB, the Plus plan introduces custom-branded forms and automatic syncing. With the Plus plan, teams can enhance their workflows and enjoy six months of revision and snapshot history, in-product support, an unlimited number of users, and up to 5,000 automation runs per month.

Cost: $10 per user, per month, billed annually

Pro Plan

Airtable’s Pro plan caters to major enterprises. Databases in this plan can hold up to 50,000 records, with each base providing up to 20 GB of storage. Moreover, the Pro plan offers a revision history dating back up to one year. Additionally, users can install apps from the Airtable marketplace, customize and brand forms, manage editing and access permissions, and create personal views. These features enable a more professional and tailored experience.

Cost: $20 per user, per month, billed annually

Enterprise Plan

For organizations with specific requirements, Airtable offers a customizable Enterprise plan. This plan raises the storage cap per base to a massive 1,000 GB and allows users to access revisions dating back up to three years. Additionally, the Enterprise plan supports up to 500,000 automations per month. VIP perks accompany this plan, including a dedicated account manager, individualized training, and onboarding to assist with complex needs and intricate bases.

Cost: Contact Airtable for more information. Special offers are available for nonprofits and educational institutions.

For more details on Airtable’s pricing, visit their pricing page.

To integrate Jotform with Airtable databases, check out this short guide that explains the setup process in a few simple steps.

With Airtable’s versatile features and pricing options, businesses can find the perfect plan to meet their needs and enhance their collaboration experience. So, why wait? Explore Airtable today and revolutionize the way you manage your organization!