What to do after a brainstorming session

What to do after a brainstorming session

Brainstorming sessions are a vital part of the creative process. They allow teams to generate a plethora of ideas and solutions to tackle complex problems. However, the real work begins after the brainstorming session is over. In this article, we will explore the crucial steps to take after a brainstorming session to turn ideas into actionable plans.

Allow people the opportunity to justify their ideas

During a brainstorming session, each team member comes up with their own unique concepts and solutions. It is essential to provide a platform for individuals to explain their ideas to the team. This allows for a better understanding of the problem at hand and how each proposed solution addresses it. By justifying their ideas, team members can outline how their concept will improve the company’s standing or market share.

Creating an open and inclusive environment where team members can express their thoughts and counter objections leads to better collaboration and idea refinement. It is important to value each team member’s perspective and expertise, as they bring their own knowledge and insights to the table.


Organize the ideas you’ve brainstormed

After the brainstorming session, it’s time to organize and sort the ideas that have been generated. Start by grouping the concepts based on their level of interest and impact. Identify the ideas that immediately capture attention and those that might require further review.

Sometimes, you will notice that certain ideas have similarities. Take a closer look at these similarities and consider how they can complement each other. Combining the best parts of similar concepts can lead to breakthrough solutions.

Create a matrix or grid to categorize the ideas into love, like, or lukewarm categories. Remember to evaluate each idea based on the criteria established during the brainstorming session. Consider factors such as resources, risk, cost, and value. This evaluation will help determine which ideas are most viable and align with the problem you are trying to solve.

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Vote on ideas and make a decision

At this stage, the ideas have been streamlined and organized. It’s time to involve the team in the decision-making process. Encourage everyone to vote for the concept that makes the most sense for the organization. Look for patterns between the ideas that are most loved versus those that are simply liked. Consider if any ideas initially categorized as lukewarm were overlooked.

To make the voting process more democratic, rank each remaining idea in descending order. This approach helps prioritize the two best ideas and makes it easier to choose between them. Remember to set emotions and personal biases aside and focus on what will truly turn a brainstorm into workable ideas.

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Create a plan the team can act on

With a decision made, it’s time to create a plan of action. Depending on the purpose of the brainstorming session, next steps can take various forms. Consider options such as a product roadmap, a project timeline, a Kanban board, a Scrum board, or a basic checklist. The key is to outline a plan that is clear and makes sense to all team members.

Commit to specific dates and times for each step of the plan. Ensure that everyone agrees on a final deadline. It’s crucial to maintain momentum and keep the team engaged throughout the implementation process.

Give assignments to each team member

Assign tasks to each team member and clarify their roles in the project. Prioritize the critical tasks that need to be completed first. Clear communication and coordination between team members and departments are essential. Regularly follow up with stakeholders to keep everyone informed and involved.

By following these steps after a brainstorming session, you can transform ideas into tangible solutions. Remember, the real value lies in the execution of those ideas. Embrace the collaborative spirit of brainstorming and turn your team’s creativity into impactful results.

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