The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Product Training Template for Your Team

Product training is like climbing a mountain. It’s challenging, requires commitment, and can throw unexpected hurdles your way. Without a structured plan, it can be a disaster, leaving your users and employees confused and underperforming. That’s where a product training template comes in.

A product training template serves as a handy guide to navigate the twists and turns of product training. It provides a standardized framework to create consistent and user-friendly training documentation for both your customers and employees. In this article, we’ll explore what a product training template is, why you need one, and how to create it in 5 easy steps. Plus, we’ll share a ready-to-use template made with Scribe to jumpstart your training efforts.

What is a product training template?

A product training template sets the groundwork for teaching internal and external stakeholders about every aspect of your product. It offers a consistent layout to explain the functions and components of your product. This template can be customized for different audiences and goals. For example, your product training documentation will vary based on user personas and whether it’s for internal or external use.

Why do you need a product training template?

At first, you might consider a product training template as unnecessary paperwork. But in reality, it pays dividends in many ways. Here are five crucial reasons why a product training template is essential for your team’s success:

Standardize employee training efforts

Creating a streamlined training process for new hires can be challenging. A product training template brings consistency to your content and reduces chaos and confusion. It also minimizes misinformation among new employees, ensuring they start off on the right foot.

Scale your training efforts at any time

A standard training template allows you to meet increasing demand effortlessly. It minimizes the time required for every project, enabling you to accommodate a higher need for training resources.

Easily customize training for different teams

Different teams have different perspectives and goals when it comes to your product. With a product training template, tailoring your resources for each team becomes effortless. You can create customized templates that cater to the varying objectives and perspectives of individual teams or roles. This ensures that every employee can perform their role more effectively. Moreover, you can also customize your training template for prospects and users, providing valuable insights based on their needs.

Save time and maximize efficiency for trainers

A pre-built template takes the stress off your trainers. They no longer need to spend excessive time searching for the right resources to create customized training materials. A template speeds up the process and helps trainers create content more efficiently. It’s also easy to maintain, allowing for easy content updates whenever there are changes to your product.

How to create a product training template in 5 easy steps

Now that you understand the benefits of a product training template, let’s help you create an airtight template for your team and customers. Follow this five-step framework:

Step 1: Identify the intended audience

Start by understanding who you are creating the template for. Product companies need training materials for various audiences. Your template should create a common ground for all these audiences, simplifying your training efforts. The most common audiences include internal teams, external teams, and end-users. By researching and understanding your audience, you can create meaningful content tailored to their needs.

Step 2: Outline your training objectives

Set clear objectives for your training program. Different teams and user personas approach your product from distinct perspectives. Your training content should align with their intent and provide relevant information. For example, sales teams may require training on product functionality and customer objections, while customer service teams need training on quick and accurate resolutions. Outlining objectives ensures that your training materials are laser-focused and effective.

Step 3: Create and test a layout for your template

Design a well-defined structure that supports your training efforts and organizes information efficiently. Think about common sections to include for every team/user and create additional sections for specific audiences. Testing the layout internally ensures it meets everyone’s needs. Regular updates ensure critical information is never missed.

Step 4: Choose the right tool to share the template

Scribe, your documentation pal, is the perfect tool to bring your template design to life. Scribe allows you to convert any process or task into a step-by-step guide within seconds. With its intuitive interface, you can create customizable templates with ease. Add individual Scribes, rich media, and text to design your training content seamlessly. Scribe is a complete package that reduces your documentation time and offers effortless sharing.

Step 5: Simplify training for your team with our product training template

Empower your customers and teams to get the best out of your product with our free product training template. It’s designed to streamline and accelerate your training efforts while taking the pressure off your trainers. Start using the template today and watch your team excel.

So, if you want to conquer the product training mountain, start by creating a product training template. With this guide and the Scribe product training template, you’ll be well-equipped to provide consistent, effective, and user-friendly training for your team and customers. Start streamlining your training efforts today with Zenith City News and Scribe!

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