Smartsheet Unveils New AI-Powered Features to Revolutionize Enterprise Work Management

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Bellevue, Wash., July 26, 2023 – Smartsheet, the leading enterprise work management platform, has announced the launch of a suite of new capabilities that leverage generative AI (GenAI) to help enterprises streamline their mission-critical work. These innovative features, currently available to select customers in private beta, enable businesses to work more strategically and efficiently.

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Transforming Enterprise Work Management

Smartsheet is integrating its new GenAI features throughout its platform, revolutionizing how enterprises plan, execute, and scale their work. By leveraging large language models (LLMs) and securely connecting them to customers’ private business data, Smartsheet delivers valuable insights, data visualizations, and project management solutions in response to simple natural language questions.

Smartsheet understands the importance of security and governance for its enterprise customers. With the application of GenAI, Smartsheet ensures that customer data remains private and confidential. The information is never shared with other customers or used as training data. As Smartsheet continues to harness the power of AI, it will prioritize clear explanations and actionable insights, allowing customers to confidently make decisions without any additional effort.

Mark Mader, Smartsheet CEO, explained, “We believe GenAI will dramatically impact how work gets done, from planning to execution to scaling. Our platform is flexible and adaptable to our customers’ needs. As we bring powerful GenAI capabilities to the Smartsheet platform, we prioritize maintaining customer trust through accurate and actionable insights and recommendations.”

Empowering Enterprises with AI-Powered Solutions

The new GenAI features provide enterprises with a wide range of benefits, from quick and actionable insights to personalized assistance and enhanced productivity:

Actionable Insights in Seconds

Smartsheet’s AI-powered insights feature connects LLMs with customer data to deliver sheet-level insights and data visualizations within seconds. Using simple conversational prompts, such as “Which programs were over budget last month by department?” customers can access valuable insights and visual charts. Initially, customers can gain insights from individual sheets, with future plans to unlock portfolio-level insights from thousands of active projects and data stores. Smartsheet’s platform allows customers to leverage large external datasets from other platforms, empowering them with a more connected and insightful work environment.

Get Answers Fast – In The Context of Your Work

With the new AI-powered help assistant, Smartsheet customers can receive customized responses based on their specific work context. Over time, the help assistant will become familiar with users’ needs and provide on-point guidance, drawing from the platform’s help, online community, and supplemental materials. Whether customers need assistance in building, configuring, or extending a solution, the AI-powered help assistant will be there every step of the way, ensuring that users can take their Smartsheet experience to the next level.

Accelerate Productivity

Smartsheet empowers enterprises to transform how work is done across their organizations. With GenAI, customers can quickly build sophisticated solutions tailored to their unique needs. The new AI solution builder helps users find and personalize the right template, allowing them to kickstart their projects in seconds. Additionally, the AI help assistant generates formulas based on simple descriptions, enabling users to automate processes and drive productivity at scale. Smartsheet introduces effortless image manipulation and video caption generation, streamlining content management in Brandfolder by Smartsheet.

According to Wayne Kurtzman, Research VP for social and collaboration at IDC, “Smartsheet’s generative AI capabilities align with the market need to use generative AI with a wide array of business data to create new forms of efficiencies, productivity, and alignment across an enterprise that were previously not possible.”

Joshua Schnack, VP of Program Management and Business Initiatives at Vertiv, expressed his excitement about the new AI features, stating, “Based on what I’ve seen so far, these new AI features are powerful and could provide unique value to my Smartsheet experience. I expect that these upleveled capabilities would give me and my whole organization more confidence and insights that will help us make better decisions, more quickly.”

Committed to Responsible AI Development

Smartsheet prioritizes the responsible development of AI and ensures that GenAI capabilities are people-centric, fair, trustworthy, and understandable. Customer data remains secure and is not commingled or included in third-party AI model training data. Smartsheet partners only with AI model providers that adhere to comprehensive data privacy and security standards. To further enhance transparency, Smartsheet is committed to enabling customers to understand the reasoning behind AI recommendations and insights.

To learn more about how Smartsheet is incorporating GenAI throughout its platform, register to watch “Putting AI to Work: What’s Next for Smartsheet” at 10am PT today, July 26th. Additionally, you can register to attend Smartsheet’s annual ENGAGE conference, taking place from September 19-21, for the latest updates on AI at Smartsheet and live demos.

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