Technical Documentation and Information Management

Creating, controlling, and managing professional publications and graphics is crucial in reflecting the quality and credibility of your information. At Zenith City News, we excel in providing cutting-edge solutions that ensure your content stands out. Join us for our free webinars to learn how to manage information and engineering systems in the digital age.

Create Outstanding Products

With our technical expertise and creativity, we utilize the latest resources to create exceptional products for our customers. Using state-of-the-art software, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective graphics and multimedia in various formats. Our services include:

  • Simplified process flow, electrical, and instrumentation diagrams
  • Layouts and plans
  • Computer-based graphics design
  • Complete marketing and promotional packages
  • Technical illustration and 3D modeling

Our Technical Authoring, Editorial, and Electronic Publishing group possesses a wide range of knowledge and experience, allowing us to advise and recommend the best methods to meet client needs and expectations. Our publishing capabilities can be combined with other services to provide a comprehensive package.

Industry-Specific Support

We understand the ever-changing and challenging demands faced by oil and gas operators. Our teams, with practical experience gained from working at oil and gas facilities worldwide, specialize in the development of facility and equipment-specific manuals, system operating and procedure manuals, overall start-up and shutdown procedures, and document mapping.

Control for Safety and Efficiency

Through our comprehensive information management and document control service, we bring safety, compliance, and efficiency benefits to businesses. We ensure that accurate, user-friendly information is readily available for all business areas. Our Information Management and Document Control (IMDC) team offers a unique cost-effective outsourcing option. Services include the development of information management and document control procedures, documentation structure and management, library management, metadata management, data cleansing, and the operation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).

Manage with Efficiency

With our wealth of experience in different document and database systems, we can specify, develop, and support a wide range of solutions. Our Integrated Maintenance Database (IMD) provides real-time, quality data that adds significant value to maintenance management processes. It optimizes maintenance management processes, delivers quality data, reduces errors, and analyzes, validates, and cleanses data to meet company or best practice standards.

Join our Webinars

Zenith City News is excited to invite you to our free webinars. In our four-part series on intelligent information management fundamentals, we will examine the fundamental components of intelligent information management. Join us to learn how to classify your information based on what it is, use lifecycle automation to reduce labor-intensive processes and errors, bring light to your dark data, and evaluate the right toolset combined with the right guidance to deliver intelligence to your information. Register now for this illuminating series.

Additionally, we offer a webinar on planning and implementing a digital engineering ecosystem. Learn how to establish key steps on the path to digital delivery, implement best practice solutions for connected design, build, and operations, and avoid common pitfalls of data-driven engineering projects. This webinar is relevant to managers, engineers, and consultants with an interest in digital engineering delivery, information management, and operations.

Don’t miss out on these valuable insights and the opportunity to enhance your knowledge. Register for our webinars and embark on a journey towards efficient information management and digital excellence.

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