2023’s Top 10 Tech Newsletters: A Byte-Sized Tech Update

2023's Top 10 Tech Newsletters: A Byte-Sized Tech Update

The TLDR newsletter has become a staple for tech enthusiasts, providing a quick and informative dose of the latest news in the tech industry. But if you’re craving more byte-sized updates, you’re in luck. Paved has curated a list of 10 similar tech newsletters that will keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the tech, startup, and programming world. So, let’s dive in and explore these tech-savvy newsletters!

The Top 10 Tech Newsletters

1. The Information

Screenshot of The Weekend tech newsletter by The Information
Founded in 2013, The Information is known for its deep coverage of the tech industry. With seven newsletters covering a variety of topics, from blockchain to venture capital, The Information caters to a wide range of tech enthusiasts. Its readership includes C-suite executives, founders, and professionals from the tech industry.
Audience Profile:

2. New Atlas

New Atlas technology newsletter
New Atlas is an online magazine that celebrates human ingenuity across science, technology, design, and more. Its daily email newsletter shares incredible news with a large readership that includes scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, futurists, and decision-makers.
Audience Profile:

3. Fully Charged by Bloomberg

Fully Charged tech newsletter
Fully Charged is a must-read news digest from Bloomberg that brings you the latest updates in technology from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond. With a focus on startups and tech companies, Fully Charged attracts an affluent professional audience.
Audience Profile:


Blueprint tech newsletter
Brought to you by Interesting Engineering, THE BLUEPRINT is an in-depth news roundup that helps its audience stay up to date on the daily events of science and technology. Its high-income readers enjoy topics like science, technology, and engineering.
Audience Profile:

5. Short Squeez

Short Squeez tech newsletter
Short Squeez is not your ordinary business and tech newsletter. With a humorous twist and a sprinkle of memes, Short Squeez delivers valuable insights, stock picks, curated articles, and recommendations. Its affluent subscriber base consists of the next generation of business leaders.
Audience Profile:
Short Squeez’s audience includes:

6. Techlicious

Techlicious tech newsletter
The Techlicious Newsletter is your go-to tech-savvy friend, sharing hacks and tricks to make the most out of technology. Whether you want to save time, discover new interests, or keep up with the latest tech trends, Techlicious has got you covered. Its audience includes subscribers from tech companies, PR firms, and digital marketing firms.
Audience Profile:

7. The Report

the report technology newsletter
The Report is a free newsletter that covers the latest business, money, and technology topics in a concise and interesting manner. With insights shared in 5 minutes or less, The Report caters to media, tech, finance, and SaaS professionals.
Audience Profile:

8. Programming Digest

The Tedium technology newsletter
Programming Digest is a highly targeted weekly newsletter for software programmers, freelancers, consultants, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs. By keeping its tech-savvy readers up to date with the latest news in the niche technology segment, Programming Digest ensures its readers never miss a beat.
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9. Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet

2023's Top 10 Tech Newsletters like TLDR
Tedium is not your ordinary tech newsletter. It focuses on the history of things that aren’t usually written about. With deep dives into obscure and offbeat topics, Tedium appeals to technophiles, researchers, and engineers who enjoy in-depth analysis of how things work.
Audience Profile:

10. Bizarro Devs

Subscribe to Bizarro Devs
Bizarro Devs is a curated newsletter for anyone looking to explore the weird and wonderful web. With a weekly focus on technology and the internet, Bizarro Devs features design, development, science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
Audience Profile:

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