Ana Obregón’s 10 Heartfelt Messages to Her Granddaughter: Fulfilling Aless’s Last Wish

The 10 bombs with which Ana Obregón gave her granddaughter: "It was Aless's last wish"

Life can take unexpected turns, and for Ana Obregón, the arrival of her granddaughter, Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón, has completely transformed her world. After losing her son, Aless, to cancer in March 2020, Ana Obregón found solace and joy in the arms of her new grandchild. In a heartfelt interview with Hello magazine, she shared the ten touching messages she wanted to convey through this special moment.

The Pain of Loss and the Joy of a New Life

Losing a child is an unimaginable sorrow, and the death of Aless Lequio left Ana Obregón in profound grief. However, with the birth of her granddaughter, Ana Sandra, her pain has given way to renewed strength and happiness. In the interview, Ana Obregón expressed that holding her granddaughter fills her heart with joy and leaves no room for tears.

The Controversial Technique

The arrival of Ana Sandra sparked speculation about the identity of her biological parents and the method used for her birth. Surrogacy, a technique illegal in Spain but permitted in other cities like Miami, became a topic of intense scrutiny. While Ana Obregón’s former husband Alessandro Lequio chose to remain silent, Ana Obregón herself shared ten bomb messages to shed light on the truth.

The 10 bombs with which Ana Obregón gave her granddaughter

Ana Obregón is not alone: Celebrities who chose surrogacy

Surrogacy has been a route to parenthood for many celebrities, and Ana Obregón is not the only one who has embraced this option. In an accompanying article, Zenith City News features other famous personalities who have experienced the joys of surrogacy.

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Ana Obregón’s Instagram Return

After the interview, Ana Obregón reappeared on Instagram to share her thoughts and emotions. In a heartfelt letter dedicated to Aless, she expressed her indescribable feelings when holding her granddaughter. The promise she made to Aless to give birth to his daughter has now been fulfilled, bringing immense love and a sense of connection.

In addition to raising her granddaughter, Ana Obregón announced the upcoming publication of a book that Aless had started writing. Her involvement in completing the book aims to contribute to childhood cancer research, a cause close to her heart.

The Identity of the Surrogate Mother

The magazine Lecturas revealed the identity of the surrogate mother as YEVP. She is of Cuban origin, lives in a modest apartment in Florida, and has a partner and two biological children. Ana Obregón reportedly paid 35,000 euros of the total surrogacy cost of 170,000 euros.

Ana Obregón’s Touching Messages

Ana Obregón’s ten heartfelt messages reveal her deep love and devotion to her granddaughter, Aless’s daughter. She expressed her desire to tell her granddaughter about her heroic father and the pride she should feel. Ana Obregón also shared the difficulties she faced during the pregnancy and the long road that led to the birth of her granddaughter, emphasizing that this journey kept her going.

Ana Obregón with her granddaughter

Rising from the Depths of Grief

Ana Obregón revealed that her granddaughter would sleep in Aless’s room, as a way to cherish his memory. She affirmed that no one could diminish her happiness of bringing Aless’s daughter into the world. In the face of criticism, she stood strong, stating that anyone who tried to dampen her joy lacked empathy.

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Ana Obregón’s journey has not been easy, but through it all, she has found a renewed sense of purpose and a second chance at life. Her frank and heartfelt messages reflect her unwavering love for her son and her endless devotion to her granddaughter.

Ana Obregón with her granddaughter

The Blessing of Pregnancy

Ana Obregón acknowledges the blessing that pregnancy is and emphasizes the beauty it brings into a person’s life. She feels incredibly grateful to have experienced this miracle and cherishes the gift of her granddaughter.

Throughout her journey, Ana Obregón’s love for her son and granddaughter shines bright. The messages she shared are a testament to her resilience, strength, and unwavering commitment to fulfilling Aless’s last wish.

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