The 8 Most Flattering Types Of Blonde Highlights And Take This 2023

The 8 Most Flattering Types Of Blonde Highlights And Take This 2023

Blonde hair is always a go-to choice when it comes to coloring. Each year, it evolves with new shades and tones that allow us to transform our hair with a fresh new look. One of the best techniques to achieve natural and integrated finishes is through highlights. In the world of blonde highlights, new trends are emerging that add a modern twist to the timeless techniques we all know and love. Let’s dive into the top blonde highlight trends for 2023.

Natural Highlights

Natural blondes are taking center stage in 2023. The key to achieving this look is to let your hair shine in all its natural glory. Baby lights, for example, are fine highlights that add a subtle illumination to the hair, creating a natural and effortless effect. Another technique, known as the sweep, allows for two-tone blondes with highlights that seamlessly blend into the natural mane and roots. The merger and shatush techniques involve mixing different highlighting methods to create a gradient effect with varying intensities. The beauty of these natural highlights lies in their ability to seamlessly blend with your hair, making it difficult to distinguish where the highlight begins and ends.

Dark Highlights

While highlights are usually associated with adding light to the hair, sometimes it’s necessary to introduce dark tones to create depth and dimension. Dark blonde highlights are ideal for adding contrast to a blonde shade, creating a multi-dimensional and non-flat appearance. When it comes to adding blonde highlights to brown hair, caramel, honey, or hazelnut tones work best. These darker blonde shades blend naturally with the base color, resulting in subtle lightening with lighter highlights.

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Scanning Highlights

The scanning technique, which originated in France, has been a popular highlight trend for years. It involves a gradual lightening of the hair from a few centimeters below the roots to the tips, creating a soft and natural effect. Scanning highlights avoid the harsh contrast of traditional highlights, making them ideal for lightening dark hair. This technique works best for long hair, allowing for a more progressive blending of colors.


Babylights are another timeless highlighting technique that continues to soar in popularity. These highlights aim to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look by applying bleach in very fine strands. Unlike scanning highlights, which start below the roots, babylights are applied from the root, resulting in a more subtle and blended effect. The root regrowth is much more disguised, making this technique perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance style.

Limp Hair Highlights

Limp hair highlights are ideal for dark hair, providing a gentle and gradual lightening effect. This technique involves applying bleach freehand, creating a darker tone at the roots and gradually lightening towards the tips, resulting in a perfect color gradient. Limp hair highlights work best on long or mid-length hair, as it allows for better appreciation of the gradual lightening effect.

Blonde and Brown Highlights

In addition to natural-looking highlights, high-contrast options are also on-trend. Chunky highlights, inspired by the 90s, add great dimension to the hair and can instantly rejuvenate your look. These highlights are applied in well-lit thick locks, creating a striking contrast with either dark highlights or the base color of the hair.

Money Piece

Contrasting highlights, such as the money piece, are an ideal solution for brightening dark brown hair without the need to bleach the entire head. This technique focuses on illuminating only the front locks that frame the face, creating a luminous effect that enhances facial features. The money piece technique also works wonders for blonde highlights on blonde hair, adding extra intensity to the locks around the face.

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Platinadas are highlights that feature cold tones such as ash, pearly, or beige. These highlights create a blonde tone that is less illuminated compared to warm gold shades. While they offer a less rejuvenating effect, platinadas are perfect for those who prefer a cooler and more edgy blonde look.

These are the top blonde highlight trends to consider for 2023. Whether you prefer a natural or contrasting look, there’s a highlight technique to suit your style. Embrace the beauty of blonde highlights and give your hair a fresh and trendy update this year.

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