Best Football Comics to Dive into Today!

Top +8 Best Football Comics Today

Are you a football enthusiast who also loves comics? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 8 football comics in the world for you to enjoy on your free days. Join us as we explore these captivating series that will surely keep you engaged and entertained.


One of the most beloved football comic series in Vietnam is Jindo. It tells gripping sports stories while incorporating plenty of humor to keep readers enthralled with every turn of the page.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Jindo, a mischievous and rebellious character, stumbles upon football by accident, but soon falls in love with the sport and becomes one of its outstanding players. Alongside his friends, Jindo creates many dramatic and hilarious situations on the pitch.


Fantasista is a well-known football manga in Japan and Vietnam, symbolizing the burning passion for football and the dream of reaching the top in this sport.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

The series revolves around Fantasista, a boy who catches the attention of the talent scouts at the Milanese club. His journey towards success is filled with numerous trials and tribulations.

Giant Killing

Although a recently released manga series, Giant Killing has quickly gained popularity among young people. Many consider it more attractive than other anime series of the same genre.

The series delves into football, portraying every detail with great precision. All the emotions of difficulty, boredom, passion, or disappointment are fully expressed in Giant Killing.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Captain Tsubasa

The ever-engaging Captain Tsubasa features the Japanese football prodigy, Tsubasa. After rigorous training, Tsubasa becomes the captain of the youth team and later progresses to the national team.

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8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Originally printed in 1981, Captain Tsubasa continues to captivate readers with its enthralling football stories.


If you are in search of a great football comic, look no further than Whistle. It tells the journey of Kazamatsuri Sho, a football enthusiast.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Despite Kazamatsuri’s small stature hindering him from achieving his dream, his unwavering passion for football shines through. Witness the intensity of his desire by diving into this series.


Days revolves around the intense aspirations of Jin and Tsukushi, both striving to become professional footballers. However, their talent and influence in football are complete opposites.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Jin, a genius football player, and Tsukushi, who is considered incompetent by his teammates, find themselves caught up in engaging football matches. Tsukushi’s tireless efforts in the face of adversity will surely amaze everyone.

Juuichi Bun no Ichi

Originally passionate about soccer, Sora gave up the sport due to a feeling of helplessness. However, everything changes when he meets Wakamiya.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

The two become companions who share their passions and dreams. With Wakamiya’s help, Sora accomplishes extraordinary feats, letting go of the pain that haunted him in the past. Witness his transformation into an excellent player.

Area without Kishi

From a young age, Kakeru felt that he was not suited for football. However, spending time on the football field with his brother Suguru’s fans makes him reconsider.

8 Best Football Comics - HTSPORT.VN

Unfortunately, an accident occurs, completely changing Suguru’s life. With strange thoughts in his mind, Suguru attempts to erase the pain of his past. Discover the story of these intriguing characters and their journey through football.

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Now that you have discovered these 8 best football comics, it’s time to dive into the world of football through captivating stories. Join us for more interesting news about soccer and football at Zenith City News. Zenith City News is your go-to source for all things football!