Track Outgoing Emails in Gmail with Snovio Email Tracker

How To Track Outgoing Emails In Gmail With Snovio Email Tracker
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In sales, monitoring email performance is vital to the success of your offers. It’s crucial to know who opens your email and is interested enough to click the link. This information helps identify the most effective subject lines, CTAs, designs, and offers for your leads.

At Zenith City News, we have developed our own email tracker, Snovio Email Tracker, which not only keeps you up to date but also protects your wallet and reputation. Curious to know how it works? Let’s dive in and discover how you can track emails in Gmail with the Email Tracker extension.

Email Tracking: Monitoring Lead’s Interaction

Email trackers were created to monitor the status of your outgoing emails. Each email you send is tracked, and the data is displayed directly in Gmail. This real-time data allows you to analyze the performance of your emails. You can save high-performing email copies as templates or make changes to underperforming ones, such as the subject line or body. The specificity of this data for each individual email is what makes email tracking valuable for professionals in sales and marketing. Email Tracker Extension Features’s Gmail tracker adds an invisible pixel to track email opens and tags links to track clicks. It’s a completely free and perfectly designed mailtracker extension for Gmail. It marks every email with a status label, displaying the number of opens and link clicks right next to the subject line. With, there’s no need to switch between platforms or deal with external windows – everything is integrated directly into Gmail.

Here are some key features and benefits of the Email Tracker extension:

  • Unlimited email tracking
  • No signatures, labels, or logos in your emails
  • Full Gmail integration with an unlimited number of accounts
  • Easy tracking preferences switch
  • Real-time push notifications for email opens and link clicks
  • Send later (scheduling) feature
  • Email tracking reminder notifications
  • Daily and weekly reports on email performance

Other email monitoring extensions often require logo placement in the email body for their free plans. Email Tracker, however, is designed to improve users’ lives rather than generate profit.

How to Track an Email with Email Tracker

Tracking an email with the Email Tracker extension is easy and free. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1. Sign up at (optional)

To unlock free daily or weekly reports, create and log into your account. You can sign up with Google to save time. Once registered, you can set up reports to be sent to your email and view reports for specific dates within the app.

Step 2. Install the Email Tracker

Find the “Unlimited Email Tracker” in the Chrome Web Store and install the extension. A new tab will open in your Gmail or G Suite account. Activate the tracker to start tracking emails from the suggested email address.

Step 3. Change Email Tracking Preferences

Customize the email address tracker extension according to your needs and preferences. Choose which email accounts you want to enable tracking for and set link tracking preferences. You can also enable or disable notifications for email opens, link clicks, scheduled emails, and reminders.

Step 4. Compose and Send Your Email

With the Email Tracker activated, compose your email as usual in Gmail. At the bottom of the email window, next to the Send button, you’ll find three icons. These icons allow you to send your email at a specific time, set a reminder, or disable email tracking for that specific email.

Email Statuses and Reports

When a tracked email is opened, you’ll receive live push notifications about email opens and link clicks. In Gmail, every email will be marked with a respective tracker’s icon. The icons indicate whether an email is tracked, unopened, or has been opened multiple times. You can view the full email tracking history, including dates and times, in a sidebar within the email. Detailed reports on sent emails are also available in the web app.

Track It Right!

An email address tracker is an essential tool for every professional. It simplifies marketing and sales processes, allowing you to stay informed about your leads’ readiness for follow-up emails. With Email Tracker, you can track outgoing emails in Gmail effortlessly and for free. Start using it today and enjoy the benefits of email tracking!

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