The Fascinating World of Nose Chiefs: Explained!

Mũi trưởng có chức vụ là gì

Have you ever wondered what exactly a “nose tip” is? It’s a question that many people are curious about. Lately, the TV show “Stars to Enroll” has been gaining immense popularity due to its witty humor and the talented cast. One term that caught our attention during the show is the mention of “Nose Chiefs” by the participating artists. But what does that really mean? Let’s dive in and explore the captivating world of nose chiefs!

Unveiling the Position of Nose Chiefs

To understand the role of a nose chief, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the military hierarchy in the army. According to the official document released by the People’s Army of Vietnam, the military ranks are listed as follows:

  • Section
  • Division
  • Business
  • Battalion
  • Regiment
  • Division

In this ranking system, the equivalent of a platoon commander is the “nose head.” Each platoon consists of three different platoons, each containing nine individuals, making a total of 27 men. The platoon leader holds the rank from lieutenant to lieutenant colonel, and the “Nose Squad” in “Stars to Enroll” currently holds the esteemed position of platoon leader.

Captain: A Title of Importance

In special forces, the title of captain is extensively used. These forces are an elite commando unit directly managed and commanded by the General Staff of the People’s Army of Vietnam. Renowned for their agility, courage, and unconventional approaches to warfare, they excel in conducting raids and executing missions in enemy territory.

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The special forces primarily focus on research and advising the Ministry of National Defense to build and develop a lean and high-quality special forces army. Their strategies include infiltrating enemy formations, organizing operations in remote and hazardous areas, and targeting dangerous objectives.

The Enigmatic Captain Long

When we mention the term “Captain,” one name immediately comes to mind: Captain Nguyen Viet Long. He is one of the most beloved and followed stars of the show. The evidence of his popularity is reflected in the skyrocketing number of subscribers on his personal page, now exceeding 62,000. His photos have garnered over 75,000 likes and have become the talk of the town. Captain Long is adored by a multitude of female fans, and his charm knows no bounds.

In the show, Captain Long serves as a mentor to six talented female artists from the Vietnamese entertainment industry. While maintaining a serious demeanor, he always displays an approachable side. He has even captured the heart of the renowned music diva, Hau Hoang.

Captain Long was born in 1994 and attended Lien Son High School from 2009 to 2012. After graduation, he successfully passed the entrance exam to the Commando Officers School, embarking on his extraordinary journey.

The Long Nose Phenomenon: Decoding the Reasons Behind the Hype

Now let’s explore the reasons behind the immense attention and love that Captain Long, with his intriguing long nose, has received. Here are four key points to consider:

1. The Difference Between Seriousness and Smiles

At first glance, Captain Long’s resolute and stern expression captures everyone’s attention. He assigns tasks with a determined face, barely showcasing any movement in his facial muscles. However, the surprise comes when he breaks into a warm smile, capable of melting even the coldest of hearts. His smile radiates a captivating light, making everyone instantly drawn to him.

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2. Enthusiastic Interactions with Fellow Artists

Captain Long’s extraordinary sense of humor and active engagement with the participants of the show have contributed significantly to his fame. Whenever he is teased by his fellow artists on social media, his responses are charmingly witty, leaving everyone in awe.

3. Youthful Charm and Coolness

At just 26 years old, Captain Long holds a position of great responsibility as a platoon leader. Compared to previous commanders, his advantage lies in his youthful energy and proactive approach to his duties. Not to mention, he possesses a well-built, masculine physique, making him undeniably handsome and attractive. The undeniable chemistry between him and the Empress has captivated the audience, leading to endless support and hopes for their blossoming relationship.

4. A Series of Chemical Reactions with Thuy Hau

Captain Long’s heartwarming moments with Thuy Hau, a fellow artist on the show, have melted the hearts of many. Their interactions have sparked excitement among colleagues and fans, pushing for their relationship to flourish. The anticipation for their future together is tangible.

In Conclusion

So, what exactly is a nose tip? We have delved into the captivating world of nose chiefs, uncovering the intriguing role they play in the military hierarchy. Through the enigmatic charm and personality of Captain Long, we have explored the reasons why he has garnered such immense attention and love. We hope this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of the fascinating world of nose chiefs.

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