What is VPF? Understanding the Organization and Its Role

What is VPF?  How VPF works

Recently, many of you have been curious about VPF – but what exactly is it? How does it function, and why does Vietnamese football need it? Are VPF and VFF the same? Today, we’ll answer all your burning questions.

What is VPF?

VPF stands for Vietnam Professional Football, a specialized organization responsible for managing and operating professional football matches in Vietnam. Specifically, VPF oversees the V.League – the championship for football clubs in Vietnam.

What is VPF? Maybe you don't know VPF

To break it down further, VFF (Vietnam Football Federation) contributes 35.4% as the founding share in VPF. Additionally, 15 football clubs competing in the V-League each hold 3.9% founding shares, while teams in the first division own 1% of the shares. The remaining 3.1% of shares are available for sale.

The Hanoi Planning and Investment Department granted VPF its operating license on December 7, 2011. Shortly after, on December 14, 2011, the company’s board of directors appointed Mr. Pham Ngoc Vien as the Chief Executive Officer.

What is VFF?

VFF stands for Vietnam Football Federation, also known as the Vietnam Football Federation. Many people often confuse VPF and VFF, but they serve distinct roles. VFF is the national football federation, responsible for leading and overseeing football in Vietnam.

What is VPF? Maybe you don't know VPF

VFF is a member of various football federations, including the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and the World Football Federation (FIFA). It was established in 1960, with its predecessor being the Vietnam Football Association.

Early leaders of the Vietnam Football Association included Mr. Ha Dang An as President (a former football player and General Manager of Vietnam Railways) and Mr. Truong Tan Buu as Vice President.

The Organizational Structure of VPF

VPF has a clear yet controversial organizational structure. Surrounding it are countless issues that require attention. The first set of managers, elected at the 1st General Meeting of shareholders on December 14, 2011, included:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Vo Quoc Thang
  • Vice Presidents: Mr. Le Hung Dung, Nguyen Duc Kien, and Doan Nguyen Duc
  • Managing Director: Mr. Pham Ngoc Vien
  • Deputy General Managers: Mr. Luu Quang Lam and Pham Phu Hoa

The overall VPF system comprises a Board of Directors, a Control Board, and a Tournament Organizing Committee. Despite some complications, VPF strives to improve efficiency and address unresolved scandals.

The Role of VPF

What is VPF? What role does VPF play in Vietnamese football?

As a business organization, VPF is responsible for organizing, managing, and operating professional football tournaments in Vietnam. It operates independently, adhering to VFF’s laws and regulations. VPF ensures the smooth organization of tournaments and safeguards the interests of participating teams. From scheduling matches to selecting playing fields, VPF’s mission is to promote the professionalization of Vietnamese football and its integration with the global football community.

So, now you have a deeper understanding of VPF and its significance. Stay tuned for more global sports news and live soccer schedules at Zenith City News.