Den Vau: The Energetic Singer Redefining Rap Music

Đen Vâu là ai? Tiểu sử và sự nghiệp của ca sĩ Đen Vâu mới nhất

Who is BlackVau? Biography and career of the energetic singer

Probably the most beloved male rapper today is Den Vau, known as BlackVau. His cool and poetic rap, devoid of harsh or obscene lyrics, has created a new modern trend in music. With each release, BlackVau’s songs gain immense popularity and go viral, leaving people wanting to know more about the artist himself. In this article, we’ll delve into BlackVau’s biography, uncovering the man behind the music.

Who is BlackVau?

The Vietnamese music market has witnessed a significant shift in recent years, with rap and electronic music gaining prominence over emotional ballads. Among the emerging artists, Den Vau stands out with his unique musical style, combining liveliness and depth. BlackVau’s rap songs, far from being harsh or sour, captivate listeners with their infectious energy and unforgettable melodies.

Before his breakthrough, BlackVau had been active in the underground music scene for quite some time. However, it was his release of the song “Take Each Other to Hide” that brought him widespread recognition within the music-loving community. In 2018, BlackVau took the public by storm with his song “I Only Need You.” From then on, his music became a refreshing breeze in the music market, garnering immense popularity. His subsequent releases all became instant hits, solidifying his place in the industry.

Despite not conforming to conventional standards of appearance, BlackVau has captured the hearts of many. His big face and slim, casual style make him relatable and endearing. Whether on or off the stage, the male rapper remains true to himself, avoiding extravagant attire. This authenticity has piqued the curiosity of an ever-growing fanbase eager to learn more about Den Vau. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the key details of his biography.

Biographical Information about Den Vau

  • Real name: Nguyen Duc Cuong
  • Year of birth: 5/13/1989
  • Zodiac: Bull
  • Height: 1m8
  • Hometown: An Thi, Hung Yen
  • Occupation: Rapper, musician
  • Notable songs: “Take Each Other to Hide,” “Wandering Day,” “Visit,” “I Don’t Need Much But You,” “It’s Very Cloudy Today,” “Hide and Seek,” “Bring Money Home,” and more.
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What is BlackVau’s Real Name?

BlackVau, despite his current fame, remains a mysterious figure. Many are unaware of his real name as the moniker Den Vau has become so ingrained in the public consciousness. However, his full name is Nguyen Duc Cuong. The choice of stage name stems from his youth, when people in his neighborhood would affectionately refer to him as “Black” due to his thin frame and rough skin. BlackVau also candidly admitted to having slightly crooked teeth, which further fueled his decision to embrace the name Den Vau as a reflection of his unique identity.

In What Year was Den Vau Born?

Den Vau embarked on his artistic journey in 2009 and has since dedicated 13 years to the music industry. Based on his experience and appearance, audiences can estimate that he was born in 1989, making him 32 years old this year.

The Birthplace of the Male Artist

Den Vau hails from Quang Ninh but has been actively involved in the Hanoi music scene for a significant period. Over time, he expanded his reach, opening up new avenues for his career. Some reports suggest that his original hometown is An Thi, Hung Yen.

How Tall is BlackVau?

BlackVau stands tall at 1m8, making an impression with his notable height. Despite his slim frame, he carries himself with confidence and charisma. However, some may perceive him as slightly weak due to his slender physique.

The Education Level of the Male Rapper

Discovering Den Vau’s background sheds light on his journey. Overcoming hardships, he had to drop out of school due to his family’s financial struggles. For seven years, he worked as a sanitation worker, following which he pursued his passion for music by composing and engaging in manual labor.

Clear musical personality

The Admirable Musical Career of Den Vau

From humble beginnings to becoming a beloved artist, Den Vau’s musical journey has always been fueled by his passion for creating songs that resonate with people’s hearts. He epitomizes the spirit of daring to dream and daring to act.

Stepping into the Professional Music Lane

In May 2016, Den Vau and some friends embarked on a journey across Vietnam, performing at six different venues. The purpose behind these early gigs was to satisfy their shared passion for music and bring people together. Just two weeks later, the song “Wandering Day” paved the way for Den Vau, leading to more invitations for performances.

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The first steps in the profession

After this initial breakthrough, Den Vau participated in the composition of the soundtrack for the love songwriting competition, contributing two songs: “Old Day” and “What Are You Looking For.” These compositions showcased his realistic lyrics and honest portrayal of life, introducing him to a wider audience.

Owning Many Hit Songs

In late 2018, Den Vau rose to prominence with the release of the hit song “I Don’t Need Anything But You,” which climbed to the top of numerous charts. This song is considered to be a reflection of the artist’s life, skillfully blending simple yet profound lyrics and creating a captivating musical climax. The achievements of an underground artist in attaining such success are truly remarkable.

Den Vau has also collaborated with various artists on notable projects, including “Do You Know What I’m Thinking” with JustaTee, “Ten Years” with Lynk Lee, and “This Song is Chill” with Min. These collaborations have created a ripple effect, further solidifying Den Vau’s position in the music industry.

Back with an Explosive Individual Live Show

After a decade of dedication to music, Den Vau announced his first-ever live show, titled “Black Show,” on October 16, 2019. Held at the gymnasium in Military Zone 7, the show witnessed Den Vau performing over 20 of his hit songs, captivating thousands of spectators.

The show’s popularity exceeded all expectations, with tickets selling out rapidly, surprising the entire team. Den Vau delivered a memorable performance, showcasing a fresh new look that kept the audience engaged throughout the event. The presence of Miss H’Hen Niê added an extra charm to the atmosphere. Following the show, Den Vau’s name became even more prominent within the Vietnamese music industry.

Black's Show attracts many viewers

The Unknown Private Life of Den Vau

As a rapper who avoids scandals, Den Vau’s private life remains a subject of great curiosity. Fans are intrigued by his personal life, family background, and romantic relationships, especially considering that he is now in his thirties. While details about his private life are scarce, we do know that Den Vau comes from a humble background, having had to work as a cleaner for seven years due to financial constraints. Additionally, he also helped his relatives run a café, which unfortunately faced difficulties and eventually closed down, leaving him with significant debts.

Things that impress young artists

Den Vau’s love life remains shrouded in mystery. Although he maintains close relationships with several female artists, there have been no confirmations or rumors of any romantic involvements – a testament to his ability to manage his public image effectively.

In conclusion, Den Vau’s success story is the product of his unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft. Through this article, we hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of who Den Vau is, his admirable career, and the impact of his music. Let’s eagerly await more captivating musical creations from this talented artist. For further updates and news, visit Zenith City News.