Who is Gin Tuan Kiet? Biography Career of a Charming Male Singer

Gin Tuấn Kiệt là ai ? Tiểu sử và sự nghiệp của Gin Tuấn Kiệt mới nhất

Gin Tuan Kiet, the heartthrob of showbiz, has captured the attention of countless women. With his charm, talent, and great personality, Gin Tuan Kiet’s biography has become one of the most sought-after pieces of information today. His appearances on entertainment shows and in films have only fueled the public’s fascination with him. Read on to discover more about this charismatic artist who has stolen the hearts of so many.

Who is Gin Tuan Kiet?  Biography and career of the last Gin Tuan Kiet

Who is Gin Tuan Kiet?

Gin Tuan Kiet is a multi-talented artist involved in various fields such as singing, acting, and modeling. He quickly captivated the audience with his remarkable stage presence and warm voice. In particular, his role as Man in the sitcom “Family is No. 1” further endeared him to his fans.

Taking advantage of his popularity, Gin Tuan Kiet consistently releases high-quality music. He has also participated in numerous film projects and game shows, showcasing his dedication and winning the hearts of the public. Now, more and more people are eager to learn about the man behind the name, Gin Tuan Kiet.

Learn about Gin Tuan Kiet’s Biography

Here are some key details about Gin Tuan Kiet:

  • Real name: Nguyen Tuan Kiet
  • Year of birth: 06/09/1994
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Height: 1m74
  • Hometown: Tint
  • Occupation: Singer, actor, model
  • Featured movies: “Family is number 1,” “100 days with you”
  • Notable songs: “I can’t love anyone anymore,” “lucky it’s been so long,” “why haven’t I forgotten”

When was Gin Tuan Kiet born and when did he work in the field of art?

What year was Gin Tuan Kiet born?

The main question that arises when people discover Gin Tuan Kiet is his age. Despite being involved in the arts for many years, he has managed to maintain a youthful appearance, often playing the role of a captivating high schooler. Therefore, people are curious about his actual age.

Gin Tuan Kiet was born in 1994, making him 28 years old this year. However, in real life, he looks much younger, giving off a student-like vibe. This is why both older and younger audiences are drawn to him, feeling a sense of closeness and connection.

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Height and weight of the singer

Gin Tuan Kiet stands at a height of 1m74. While this may not be exceptionally tall, his perfectly proportioned physique makes him appear taller and exudes charisma on screen. This advantage has also paved the way for a successful modeling career and collaborations with renowned fashion boutiques.

Where does Gin Tuan Kiet come from?

Gin Tuan Kiet hails from Thua Thien Hue. After pursuing his studies and artistic endeavors, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City, where he currently resides and works.

The singer’s educational journey

Despite having no artists in his family, Gin Tuan Kiet has been passionate about singing since childhood. To pursue his dream, he enrolled in the vocal department at the College of Culture and Arts. Here, he honed his skills and expanded his repertoire, delving into modeling and acting.

Gin Tuan Kiet impresses with his warm and inspiring voice. Born in Hue, this talented artist possesses good looks and a charming voice. Kiet’s abilities extend beyond singing to dancing, acting, rapping, and beatboxing.

The career of Tuan Kiet

Although Gin Tuan Kiet’s career may not be widely known, it is stable and warmly received by the public. This talented male singer is sure to reach even greater heights in the future.

Passionate about music since childhood

Gin Tuan Kiet gained attention for his handsome face and good humor as early as middle school. He even won first prize in the Pink Faces of Red Riding Hood competition.

During high school, Kiet actively participated in group programs and singing contests. His talent shone through, and in 2011, he made it to the top 10 in the Hot VTteen 2011 research program, organized by a Ho Chi Minh City educational newspaper.

After completing high school, Gin Tuan Kiet decided to pursue a career in music. He passed the entrance examination to the vocal department at the City College of Culture and Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, where he fully embraced his passion for singing.

Biography and career information Gin Tuan Kiet

Films marking the career of Gin Tuan Kiet

Although Gin Tuan Kiet had made some progress in the field of education and music, it was his role as “Duke Man” in the movie “Family is Number 1” that truly brought him into the spotlight in 2017. He quickly gained fame as the Vietnamese version of the “male school god,” portraying a mischievous and stubborn high school student involved in timeless love affairs with Professor Dieu Hien.

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Following the success of “Family is Number 1,” director Vu Ngoc Phuong cast Gin Tuan Kiet in the film “100 days with you” to further showcase his acting skills. Kiet played the role of “Minh Son,” a lovable and emotional character, alongside co-star Tam Trieu Dang. Together, they brought humor and cuteness to the movie.

With each successful project, Gin Tuan Kiet’s career gained momentum. In 2018, he was invited to join the family sitcom “Sobit” as “the uncle.” That same year, he played the role of the “youngest lost brother” in the family-themed show called “The Potato Star.”

Affirming success as an actor

Since 2017, Gin Tuan Kiet has been more active as an actor, particularly in family-themed sitcoms. However, many still recognize him as the handsome “male school god.”

Nevertheless, Kiet feels that his talent is somewhat overshadowed and wishes to express himself through different roles. In 2021, he had the opportunity to do just that in the family sitcom “Find a Husband for My Mother,” where he played the leading male role of “Thanh Tung.” He fully showcased his acting abilities and captured the hearts of viewers.

Thanh Tung is a handsome and warm young doctor, a dream model and ideal for many girls. Raised and loved by three of his mother’s close friends after being orphaned at a young age, Thanh Tung finds himself in the middle of a verbal battle between his wife and the three mothers.

As the movie unfolds, viewers are treated to touching and comedic moments. Although the film is still in release, it has already left a lasting impression. For those who adore handsome young men and enjoy “finding a husband for mom,” watching this movie will reveal how Gin Tuan Kiet shines in his role.

Biography of Gin Tuan Kiet and how to become a famous actor

The singer’s private life

Gin Tuan Kiet’s private life has always been a topic of interest among fans. His ambiguous relationship with Puka has piqued the curiosity of many. Their intimate gestures towards each other, coupled with teasing from Tran Thanh and Truong Giang on a TV show, have sparked suspicion.

Recently, fans noticed that Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka have been seen wearing matching outfits. Small details revealed in a TikTok clip have only fueled speculation. While they claim to be close friends, their fans suspect that there may be more to their relationship.

Gin Tuan Kiet is a multi-talented artist with immense potential in the Vietnamese showbiz scene. With his consistent performances, many viewers eagerly anticipate his upcoming music and film projects. Hopefully, the information shared in this article has provided valuable insights into Gin Tuan Kiet’s life and career.

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