Who is Jack? Biography and Career of Male Singer Ben Tre

Jack là ai? Tiểu sử và sự nghiệp chàng ca sĩ Jack mới nhất

Jack: a name that resonates with music lovers around the world. This male singer has taken the industry by storm, with every song he releases becoming an instant hit. But who is Jack? What sets him apart from other artists? Join us as we delve into the unique biography of this incredible talent.

Jack: The Rising Star

Jack first made waves in the music scene as part of the group G5R. However, it was his solo debut with the song “Hong Nhan” that truly propelled him into the limelight. Combining his distinct voice with catchy melodies, Jack’s music quickly captured the hearts of listeners everywhere. His subsequent releases were met with equal enthusiasm, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with.

The Man Behind the Name

Despite his extraordinary talent, Jack remains humble and down-to-earth. Fans are drawn to his genuine personality and Western charm, making him even more endearing. It’s no wonder that Jack’s biography has become a topic of interest, as people are curious to learn more about the man behind the music.

Biography of Jack – western singer

Biographical Highlights

Let’s delve into some key details about Jack’s life:

What is Jack’s real name?

Jack’s real name is Trinh Tran Phuong Tuan. Interestingly, he adopted the stage name Jack because he idolized none other than the legendary Jackie Chan. However, he later changed his stage name to J97.

When was Jack born?

Jack may have achieved immense success at a young age, but he is only 25 years old, having been born in 1997. His youthful appearance often surprises fans, but it’s a testament to his talent and dedication.

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Jack’s Hometown

The talented singer hails from Mo Cay Nam, Ben Tre province. Growing up in a challenging environment due to his parents’ early divorce, Jack has overcome obstacles to pursue his artistic dreams. He currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City, where he is able to further his career.

How tall is Jack?

Standing at a modest height of 1.70m, Jack may not be the tallest artist out there. Nevertheless, he continues to shine on stage and in music videos, working creatively to ensure the best visual representation of his songs.

Jack’s Education

Driven by his love for music, Jack pursued vocal studies at the Faculty of Culture, Arts, and Tourism of Ben Tre College. This laid the foundation for his career as he went on to join his own band, gaining recognition in the underground music scene before achieving widespread success.

Journey Towards Success

Jack’s path to stardom has been marked with both triumphs and challenges. Let’s trace his career progression:

2018 – Underground Rising Star

Jack’s musical talent was evident from a young age, and after completing high school, he enrolled in Ben Tre College to major in singing. Following his graduation, he briefly worked as a singing teacher before joining the Western Group – G5R. It was during his time with the group that he composed several songs that gained attention from the underground music community.

Jack rose to fame after the MV Hong Nhan

2019 – Success with K-ICM

Jack’s breakthrough came with the release of the MV “Hong Nhan.” This song not only captivated the public but also skyrocketed him to fame. Subsequently, Jack parted ways with G5R and joined the ICM company. Teaming up with K-ICM, Jack continued to dominate the music scene, consistently delivering hit songs.

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2020 to Present

In March 2020, Jack signed a contract with Nomad MGMT Vietnam, allowing him to release music under his own label. Since then, he has released multiple successful songs, such as “Firefly” in collaboration with ViruSS and the remix of “Begonias” by producer DTAP. These releases have garnered millions of views and received critical acclaim, solidifying Jack’s position as a renowned artist.

Couple Jack and K-ICM are famous after a string of hits

Recognitions and Awards

Jack’s unwavering dedication to his craft has garnered him numerous accolades throughout his career. Some of the notable awards he has received include:

  • “Excellent New Face” at the Green Wave Awards ceremony in 2019
  • “Favorite Male Singer” at the Zing Music Awards in 2019
  • “Best New Vietnamese Artist” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2019
  • “Favorite Male Singer” at the Golden Plum Award in 2020
  • “Best Southeast Asian Artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2020
  • “Male Music Star” at the Star of the Year Awards Ceremony in 2020

These awards, alongside many others, serve as a testament to Jack’s immense talent and the impact he has made in the music industry.

Jack has received many music awards after many years of operation

A Scandal that Shook the Public

Jack’s private life has not been without its controversies. Recently, rumors emerged on social media regarding his alleged relationship with Thien An and the birth of their child. Despite the turmoil, Jack took responsibility for his actions and made a public apology. This incident ultimately led to him temporarily suspending his artistic activities, including his participation in the reality show Running Man Vietnam season 2.

Jack has a child with his supposed girlfriend Thien An

Discover the Extraordinary Journey of Jack

The biography and career of Jack, the talented male singer from Ben Tre, is a testament to his incredible passion and dedication to music. From his early days in the underground music scene to his meteoric rise to fame, Jack has left an indelible mark on the Vietnamese music industry. Despite the obstacles he has faced, Jack’s undeniable talent continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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