Who is Mr. Cao Thang? Biography and Career of Dong Nhi’s Husband

Ông Cao Thắng là ai? Tiểu sử & sự nghiệp của Ông Cao Thắng chi tiết

Who is Mr. Cao Thang? Detailed biography and career of Mr. Cao Thang

Mr. Cao Thang, a former famous singer from the 9x and early 10x generations, still retains his charisma even though he is no longer on the stage. With his talent, wealth, and dreamlike love affair with Dong Nhi, a top singer today, more and more people are curious to know about him.

Who is Mr. Cao Thang?

Mr. Cao Thang was a male singer who captivated the hearts of the early 9x and 2x generations with his warm voice and handsome face. Apart from singing, he was also successful in various other fields such as hosting and modeling. However, he decided to retire from the spotlight and dedicate himself to supporting Dong Nhi’s artistic pursuits. His wholehearted support and enthusiasm make him an ideal boyfriend figure that many aspire to. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Mr. Cao Thang built his career solely on his own, earning respect and admiration from both the audience and his colleagues. Though his musical activities have been largely forgotten today, his name still sparks great interest, and many young people search for information about his biography on social networks.

Biography of Singer Ong Cao Thang

  • Real name: Mr. Cao Thang
  • Year of birth: 01/13/1986
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Height: 1m70
  • Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job: Singer, MC, photo model
  • Featured songs: “There the hill of love,” “When trust was lost,” “La la la,” “I didn’t wait for anything,” “Trying to keep my sanity,”…

When was Mr. Cao Thang born?

Currently, singer Cao Thang is 35 years old.

Currently, singer Cao Thang is 35 years old. Although he was born in 1986, he has already achieved remarkable success and leads a fulfilling life compared to his male colleagues from the same generation. Despite not being young anymore, he still captures the hearts of the 2k generation.

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How tall is Mr. Cao Thang?

The male singer stands at a height of 1m70. When he stands next to his wife, singer Dong Nhi, their combined presence exudes extraordinary handsomeness. From their height to facial features, they make a truly stunning couple. On stage, Ong Cao Thang’s towering stature leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

The career of handsome male Ong Cao Thang

Cao Thang's current job is commercial

Cao Thang has had a favorable career, finding success as an MC and singer. His musical programs and products have always received support from the public.

Famous Songs of Male Singer Cao Thang

The unique hits of male singer Ong Cao Thang from the 8x and 9x generations remain unforgettable. He has released many remarkable songs both as a solo artist and in collaboration with his wife, Dong Nhi. Some of his popular songs include:

  • “I want to be your love” (duet with Dong Nhi)
  • “Lifeline again? Lifeline” (duet with Dong Nhi and Bui Cong Nam)
  • “Hold my hand” (duet with Dong Nhi)
  • “Try to keep the spirit”
  • “There is the hill of love”
  • “When trust is lost”
  • “Hidden memories” (duet with Dong Nhi)
  • “Please give it a chance”
  • “We should stop”
  • “Afternoon and fragments”
  • “La la la”
  • “Dreaming of happiness” (duet with Dong Nhi)
  • “I love you forever” (duet with Dong Nhi)
  • “Love and you”
  • “Dreaming of me alone”
  • “The memory of the grass ring”
  • “Sun believes in love”
  • “Believe in yourself” (duet with Ung Dai Ve)
  • “He waited in vain”
  • “You still have to go”
  • “Lake” (duet with Dong Nhi)

Program Mr. Cao Thang participated as MC

From 2008 to 2009, Cao Thang served as the MC for Vpop World, which was broadcasted on the BTV2 channel. Many fans still fondly remember his confident hosting style and charming smile. However, he no longer appears as an MC.

The career of handsome male Ong Cao Thang

Become the manager of entertainment company 6th Sense Entertainment JSC

Currently, Ong Cao Thang focuses more on his commercial career, resulting in fewer outstanding songs. His most significant success to date is heading the Sixth Sense Entertainment Joint Stock Company, which he founded together with his wife, Dong Nhi. This company has become a nurturing ground for the musical development of many young singers.

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Private life of singer Ong Cao Thang

Mr. Cao Thang has many musical products associated with Dong Nhi

Mr. Cao Thang exemplifies a typical Vietnamese showbiz artist — one who is talented, handsome, and avoids scandals for fame. Coming from a prestigious family, he knows how to treat people, lives by his own ideals and goals, and, most importantly, is very loyal in love. The strong and close bond between him and Dong Nhi is evident in their long-lasting relationship.

The family of male singer Ong Cao Thang

Many people may be surprised to learn that Ong Cao Thang comes from a family with a prominent presence in the business world in Ho Chi Minh City. As the son of the boss of Tan Hiep Hung Plastic Group, a well-known company, one might wonder why he chose to be an MC and singer instead of relying on his family’s wealth. However, he wanted to forge his own path and not depend on his family’s success. During his time as a student, he excelled academically and graduated with honors from the University of Economics in 2010.

Cao Thang’s love affair with Dong Nhi wins many fans

Thang - Nhi's love is so beautiful

The love story of Dong Nhi and Cao Thang is a rarity in Vietnamese showbiz, as they have managed to keep their love passionate for over 10 years. The couple officially moved in together after Cao Thang proposed to Dong Nhi during a trip to New York. This famous couple received congratulations from friends, fellow artists, and a large number of fans.

Their relationship faced opposition and public scrutiny when rumors of their romance emerged in 2010 after Cao Thang’s unexpected appearance in Dong Nhi’s music video for “Nightmare in the dream.” However, they officially announced their relationship in September 2011. Despite the challenges they faced, they continued to release music together. In 2014, Cao Thang decided to retire from singing and fully support Dong Nhi’s career. Fans have often witnessed his caring nature towards her before performances. Although he no longer releases hit songs regularly, his popularity remains strong, thanks to his current successful career. Ong Cao Thang will forever hold a special place in the hearts of his fans.

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