Who is the Albino? The Biography of the Former Leader of the Hanoi Gypsies

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Are you intrigued by the life story of the enigmatic and captivating former leader of the “albino” Gypsy gang? Look no further! In this article, we will delve into the life of this legendary gangster leader and explore where he is now.

Biography of Tran Quoc Son, the Albino

Tran Quoc Son, popularly known as the “albino,” was born in 1962 in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. He grew up as the youngest child in a wealthy family. From an early age, Son displayed a rebellious and disruptive nature. At the tender age of 15, he was already involved in robbery and pickpocketing, leading to his first encounter with the Hoan Kiem District police. As Son grew older, his criminal record continued to grow.

Famed for his cold-blooded demeanor, Son engaged in numerous fights and altercations. It was this very personality that garnered him respect and popularity among the younger generation of gangsters across the North and South. Surprisingly, despite his ruthless reputation, Son refrained from swearing, using drugs, or mistreating his subordinates. He handled his juniors with skill and composure, earning their admiration.

Whenever Son embarked on a mission, he displayed unwavering dedication and determination. His seriousness and decisiveness were evident in all his endeavors. Furthermore, in the treacherous world of the underworld, Son “albino” had a knack for avoiding bloodshed. However, he never turned a blind eye to anyone aiming to dominate the criminal hierarchy.

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Biography of the last boss of the Gypsy Son "albinos" and now?

The Albino Towered over Hanoi’s Gypsies

Son’s way of life and commanding presence earned him the respect of his subordinates, ultimately propelling him to the pinnacle of power in Ha Thanh’s underworld. The name Son “albino” struck fear into the hearts of even the greatest gangsters, including Cu Ne, Cu Ly, and Lam Gia.

The car market in Phung Hung and the sprawling casinos of Hanoi served as the primary battlegrounds for Son “albino.” He steadily expanded his territory and enlisted more followers, further enhancing his prestige. While Son “albino” maintained a cordial relationship with the elder statesmen of the Gypsy world, there was one exception – Minh “chit” harbored dissatisfaction towards Son.

Son “albino” and Minh “chit” clashed on multiple occasions, sparking incessant battles between their factions. As both dealt in the same trade, conflicts became inevitable. Moreover, Minh’s own sister was a notorious gangster in Dat Cang, compelling Son “albino” to tread cautiously. There were moments when Son “albino,” Dung Ha, and the formidable Thang reached the peak of their power, resulting in bloodshed. Despite this, Son “albino” was not one to be trifled with, even earning warnings from Thanh Chan, Dung Ha’s younger brother, advising against crossing Son’s path. However, Dung Ha chose to disregard the advice and followed his own desires.

Eventually, Son “albino” made the decision to relocate to Saigon, following in the footsteps of many established North Vietnamese gangsters. This move aimed to challenge and suppress the formidable figures who had “cooked” up trouble and struck fear into the hearts of the people.

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Biography of the last boss of the Gypsy Son "albinos" and now?

Painted Albino – The Mighty Arm of Gangster Nam Cam

In Saigon, Son “albino” had a fateful encounter with the notorious tycoon Nam Cam, who recognized Son’s value due to his personality and approach. Nam Cam held Son “albino” in high regard for his quick-thinking and decisive actions. Engaging in battles with dozens of southern thugs solidified Son’s reputation in Saigon’s underworld, leaving the criminal landscape trembling in fear of his ruthless hand that spared no one.

Nam Cam once famously stated to Dung Ha, “If you want to shoot Son, shoot first.” This remark showcased the immense importance Nam Cam placed on Son “albino.”

Biography of the last boss of the Gypsy Son "albinos" and now?

Son “albino’s” biography continues to captivate people, generating curiosity and fascination. He always displayed unwavering determination, demanding respect from his subordinates. In every battle, Son held nothing back, fearlessly confronting anyone who challenged him. Additionally, he enjoyed the protection and high respect of tycoon Nam Cam while operating in Saigon.

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