7 Engineering YouTubers That Will Blow Your Mind

Video who is the guy on tech ingredients

Are you tired of endless cat videos and want to dive into something more intellectually stimulating on YouTube? Look no further! With its vast array of high-quality content, YouTube has become a treasure trove of knowledge, including a wealth of engineering-related channels. If you haven’t explored this fascinating world yet, here are seven remarkable engineering YouTubers that will leave you in awe.

Stuff Made Here

Imagine a moving basketball backboard that won’t let you miss, a robot that can solve a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle, or an attempt to break the world home-run record with a .50 caliber explosive baseball bat. These are just a few examples of what you’ll find on the Stuff Made Here channel. With remarkable engineering prowess and fabrication sophistication, this channel takes on ambitious projects, showcasing the design, testing, and refinement process along the way. The brainchild of US mechanical engineer and programmer Shane Wighton, Stuff Made Here aims to expose as many people as possible to the joys of engineering.

Where to start: I made a 100MPH flying hoop

Smarter Every Day

If you could personify enthusiasm for engineering, physics, and mechanical forces, it would probably look a lot like Destin Sandlin, the face of Smarter Every Day. Sandlin, a mechanical and aerospace engineer with a background in missile flight testing, explores everyday phenomena in great depth. From spaghetti snapping to the mysteries of Prince Rupert’s Drop, Sandlin breaks down the forces at work and why things are engineered the way they are. Prepare to be captivated by his incredibly detailed explanations, complemented by mesmerizing slow-motion videos.

Where to start: Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000fps

Cutting Edge Engineering

If you have a passion for machining and fabrication, the Cutting Edge Engineering channel is a must-watch. Centered around a Gold Coast workshop, this channel focuses on earth-moving, mining, and civil construction industries. Get ready for captivating videos documenting major repairs, manual machining, and heavy fabrication. You’ll be treated to close-up shots of lathe machining and line boring, while also getting a chance to meet the chief safety officer.

Where to start: Replacing BROKEN Eye on A-frame for CAT 745 Articulated Truck | Machining, Welding, Milling


Engineering is a field that could use more female representation, and that’s where RiverTechJess comes in. Jessica Droujko, an aerospace engineer turned conversation engineer and geomorphologist, shares her knowledge and experiences on this rare gem of a channel. From simple how-tos to career advice and guidance through a PhD program, RiverTechJess covers a wide range of topics, showing that engineering is for everyone.

Where to start: How Engineers Can Help the World | Why am I Building a Turbidity Sensor?

Engineer Guy

One of the oldest channels on this list, Engineer Guy was created by Bill Hammack, a long-standing US engineering educator. With a background in chemical engineering, Hammack focuses on explaining the engineering behind everyday objects, like inkjet printers and popular toys. While the channel is no longer active, there is nearly a decade’s worth of content to catch up on for those thirsty for knowledge.

Where to start: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

Applied Science

Ben Krasnow, a senior staff hardware engineer at Verily (part of Google Life Sciences) and a backyard tinkerer extraordinaire, is the face behind the Applied Science channel. With extensive experience in designing and constructing electromechanical prototypes, Krasnow showcases his impressive projects, ranging from waterjet cutters to electron scanning microscopes. Prepare to be amazed by his broad interests in fields like chemistry, optics, and even gastronomy.

Where to start: Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining

Tech Ingredients

While not much is known about the host of Tech Ingredients, one thing is for sure: this person knows their stuff! With a talent for explaining complex topics, this channel covers a vast range of interests, from DIY rocketry to innovative air conditioning and advanced acoustics. No matter the subject, Tech Ingredients delivers precise and detailed explanations that will make many engineers wish this individual had been their professor.

Where to start: The Turbojet!

Don’t forget to check out these honorable mentions as well: The Efficient Engineer for simplified explanations of basic engineering concepts, Mark Rober for NASA-engineer-turned-YouTube-personality and his famous elaborate prank devices, and colinfurze for a mad British lorry mechanic building dangerous things in his shed.

Got a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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