MC Mustard: The Versatile and Talented Host of VTV

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Those who follow showbiz artists are surely familiar with MC Mustard. She has captured the audience’s attention with her undeniable talent and beauty. But who exactly is MC Mustard? Let’s dive into her biography and discover more about this popular MC.

Who is MC Mustard?

Who is MC Mustard?

MC Mustard is a well-known veteran MC of the Happy Lunch show and has also appeared on various other programs on VTV6. With her cheerful, lively, and extremely humorous hosting style, she has won the hearts of the public.

What sets her apart is not only her dynamic and youthful personality, but also her stunning appearance and ability to create highlights in every show she hosts. MC Mustard is not only famous for her outstanding MC skills, but also for her acting prowess and smooth voice, making her a multi-talented artist.

MC Mustard’s Biography

MC Mustard’s real name is Nguyen Huyen Trang, born on June 26, 1993, in Vinh Phuc. The nickname “Mustard” is associated with her name due to her participation in the show “Happy Lunch,” where she adopted this spice as her stage name. Since then, the name “Mustard” has stuck with her, and whenever people hear her real name, they often don’t recognize it until she reintroduces herself as Mustard.

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Behind the scenes, MC Mustard has garnered significant attention from the public. She has a fan page with numerous followers and a large audience on VTV6.

Films in MC Mustard’s Career

Apart from her successful career as an MC, MC Mustard has also made her mark in the acting industry. She has appeared in many successful films, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Let’s take a look at some of her notable film roles:

Yen Chi’s role in 5S Online

Yen Chi's role in 5S Online

MC Mustard portrayed Princess Yen Chi in the sitcom “5S Online,” a film that revolves around the amusing situations of five office colleagues. Despite initial concerns from fans about her ability to play the role, MC Mustard proved herself with her charming and natural acting.

Van’s role in Color of Beauty

Van's role in Color of Beauty

In the sitcom “Colorful Women,” MC Mustard took on the role of Van, a mature and sometimes pugnacious woman. Her interactions with Thuy Duong and Trang Moon in the sitcom brought laughter to the audience and garnered many views.

Dong Ngoc Lan’s role in the movie Maze

Mustard in the movie Maze

MC Mustard played Dong Ngoc Lan, a character with a knot in the movie “Maze,” a crime drama that received significant attention. Despite her young appearance, MC Mustard delivered a convincing performance as Ngoc Lan, a pampered girl with an unruly and sassy personality.

Ha Vy’s role in the movie Happy Mask

Ha Vy's role in Happy Mask

MC Mustard challenged herself with the lead role of Ha Vy in the film “Happy Mask,” which explored family psychology. This was her first lead role, and she showcased her full potential, embodying the playful and unruly character of Ha Vy.

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Despite initial doubts about her acting abilities, MC Mustard has proven herself through each role she takes on. In the Vietnamese movie community, her unique and well-received characters have earned her many accolades.

MC Mustard’s Personal Life

With fame comes privacy scrutiny, and MC Mustard is no stranger to that. She has been involved in various scandals due to her beauty and talent. Some notable incidents include:

The rumor of dating Dat G

Mustard and Dat G are close sisters

Recently, netizens speculated about a romantic relationship between MC Mustard and Dat G, sparked by their close interactions. However, MC Mustard clarified that they are just close friends and nothing more.

Debuting on national television with a wealthy partner

She's been involved in giant couple rumors before

When MC Mustard first entered the TV industry, there were rumors and whispers about her having influential support. However, she remains focused on proving her true abilities and has worked hard to achieve success on her own merits.

Inviting others to dine for a hefty price

MC Mustard caused a buzz among netizens when she jokingly posted an invitation to dine together for $18,000. With her stunning looks and talent, she has received numerous inappropriate messages. Initially annoyed, she now takes them in stride and even teases them for fun.

MC Mustard’s Love Story

Two very close friends

Their love is so sweet

MC Mustard has experienced her fair share of romantic adventures. She has been in a relationship with Thanh Son, an ex-lover, which garnered attention and even received backlash from the public. Despite the criticism, MC Mustard remains focused on her career and considers the attention a sign of success.

A Close-up of MC Mustard’s Life

With all the information shared above, it is clear that MC Mustard is not only smart and beautiful but also dedicated to her career. She can be rightfully called VTV6’s most versatile female MC. Stay tuned to Zenith City News to continue following and supporting MC Huyen Trang Mustard.

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