Songs With King In The Title

Looking for songs that mention kings? Well you’re in luck, as we’ve plenty for you here today.

Some relate to actual kings, others relate to kings of certain things. Either way, here are the best songs with king in the title.

“God Save The King” by Unknown

Song Year: Unknown

First on our list is “God Save The King”, the UK’s national anthem. While it’s unknown when this song was written or who by, we do know that it was created hundreds of years ago.

Typically sung by a choir, it can also be sung by a solo singer. It can also be called “God Save The Queen” when there’s a queen in power.

“It’s Good to Be King” by Tom Petty

Song Year: 1994

American rock legend Tom Petty’s “It’s Good to Be King” is believed by many to be the best song on his album Wildflowers.

The song highlights a genuinely impressive Petty-esque guitar solo and a fabulous uncomplicated piano track underneath the lyrics.

“It’s Good to Be King” theme is that no matter what life tosses at you or how hard life gets, you can invariably find a little spot tucked away in your mind where everything is ok.

Reaching number six on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, “It’s Good to Be King” by Tom Petty is as kingly as they come.

“King Creole” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1958

The title song to the musical drama movie “King Creole,” sung by Elvis Presley, gets its inspiration from a Cajun guitar player from New Orleans, who was dubbed King Creole.

The film stars fifties superstars Elvis Presley, Walter Matthau, and Dolores Hart, with Presley playing the lead character. Presley’s character gets scrambled up with bandits.

The soundtrack album “King Creole” peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart.

The song “King Creole” delivers an incredible reggae rock vibe with a pulsing drum beat backing it.

“Kings and Queens” by Aerosmith

Song Year: 1977

Starting off our list of the nine best songs with the word king is the title is the hit “Kings and Queens” by Aerosmith.

The song features references to kings, maidens, and guillotines.

The song “Kings and Queens” is crammed full of barbaric brutality references; however, since the song’s central concept is lead singer Steven Tyler visualizing living during the medieval age during a past life, the vicious violence fits well and makes perfect sense.

“King of Wishful Thinking” by Go West

Song Year: 1990

British pop music duo Go West released “King of Wishful Thinking” in 1990, and it has been popping up in pop culture ever since.

The “King of Wishful Thinking” official music video is known for displaying eclectic components alongside the pop duo as they perform in an all-white setting.

The video includes ballet dancers working together and even a circus elephant. “King of Wishful Thinking” was hilariously parodied in 2018 by comedians Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd when they created a shot-for-shot remake of the video.

“King of Wishful Thinking” rose to prominence in the music scene after being featured on the 1990 movie Pretty Woman soundtrack, pushing the song to peak at number eight on the Billboard charts.

“King of Groove” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Song Year: 1990

Earth, Wind, and Fire have been grooving since 1969, mixing soul, funk, disco, and pop in the albums and songs.

And their song “King of Groove” fits precisely in that genre. Featured on the band’s fifteenth studio album, Heritage, “King of Groove” is a tune with a disco lift and a sweeping dose of energy.

“King of Groove” is now making a comeback on TikTok as a sound background to all things dancing and grooving. Check out some of those dances here.

“King of the Mountain” by George Strait

Song Year: 1996

First recorded in 1991 by country music legend George Jones and then covered by George Strait in 1996, “King of the Mountain” is a country music masterpiece.

“King of the Mountain” debuted at number forty-eight on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and topped out at number nineteen.

The song tells the saga of anguished regret and overwhelming guilt. “King of the Mountain” brings a tear to the eye of every king (or peasant) that listens to it.

“A Farewell to Kings” by Rush

Song Year: 1977

Who doesn’t love a song with a nod to great literature? “A Farewell to Kings” by the Canadian superstar band Rush seizes its title from Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.

Representing the themes in the novel, the song “A Farewell to Kings” is about struggling to accept and deal with hypocrisy.

With the sound of birds twittering and an acoustic guitar strumming recorded outside, “A Farewell to Kings” ranks among the top of Rush’s finest songs ever.

“King of Pain” by The Police

Song Year: 1983

Written by the lead singer of The Police, Sting, “King of Pain” is a very personal and emotional song.

“King of Pain” was penned when Sting was going through a mess of upheaval, separating from his wife and not getting along with the other band members; Sting channeled those feelings into the song’s lyrics. In the song,

Sting uses symbolism for his despair and crowns himself the “King Of Pain.”

Reaching number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in October 1983, spotlighting a xylophone played by drummer Stewart Copeland and a catchy repetitive piano melody, “King of Pain” seemed to communicate emotions to more people than just Sting.

You can check out more power rock ballads like “King of Pain” here.

“The King Must Die” by Elton John

Song Year: 1970

Another tune on our list that gets its inspiration from literature is “The King Must Die” by Elton John.

Paying homage to the William Shakespeare classic play, Macbeth, with mentions of murder and stained hands, the song features regal orchestral instruments such as brass, strings, and horns.

“The King Must Die” by Elton John is bewitching to listen to as the music builds and quiets in delicious waves that sweep you away.

Best Songs With King In The Title, Final Thoughts

"It's Good to Be King" by Tom Petty

Well, there you have it, our list of amazing songs with the word king in the title. You can also see our songs about queens and other royalty.

So next time you are in the mood for some lavishly regal songs and perhaps live like a king, you now have some great tunes to choose from.

Did we miss any kingly songs that would be on your list?

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