Kenny Rogers Funeral Songs

Whether you lose a loved one unexpectedly or after a long-fought battle, you can be in shock for weeks. Planning the playlist for a funeral may leave you overwhelmed and struggling to make decisions.

Throughout his career, Kenny Rogers tackled intense topics. His songs can bring solace to grieving loved ones.

Here are the best Kenny Rogers funeral songs ever.

“Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1981

“Through the Years” is a heart-wrenching, remarkable tribute to love. Kenny Rogers highlights special moments in a partnership and how we lean on each other.

Listening to this song evokes yearning and appreciation for their time spent together. Reflect on the good times and bad while remembering that your loved one always had your back.

Songs like these put the loss into perspective. Although it cannot bring a loved one back, it reminds us that we will always have priceless memories.

“Goodbye” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 2009

Kenny Rogers’ last recorded song before his passing was “Goodbye.” This song is a moving tribute to loss and memories and will suit your loved one well.

Rogers discusses the pain and confusion left behind after saying goodbye. He leans into frustration over a story that ended too soon. In the end, however, he is glad he had time to spend with this loved one.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1978

“The Gambler” is a beautiful take on life and opportunities. If your loved one was a calculated risk-taker, you will hear their voice as this song plays.

This song reminds us all to make decisions carefully. We must learn to hold onto opportunities and each other but let go when the time comes.

“The Gambler” is also the perfect selection for old-school country fans because it is one of the most famous. Include your loved one’s passion in the service with this song.

“Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Song year: 1983

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers collaborated on this song about the intimacy between two people. When they are together, they are free of pain. They are dedicated to each other and spend all of their days together.

“Islands in the Stream” reminds us of the way love should be. It is pure, timeless, and unstoppable. After losing a loved one, many people choose this song to honor the intense love they had.

“Grace” by Kenny Rogers

“Grace” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 2011

After reminiscing on the times you have shared with your departed loved one, shift the focus to their new life. Words cannot describe the pain of seeing the body of someone you love, but songs like “Grace” will remind you their soul is not stuck on Earth.

This song centers around the immense love God has for us. He gets us through the bad days and helps us soar on the good days. At the funeral, remember that the departed is free forever in Heaven.

“I Will Remember You” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1994

This soothing masterpiece feels like a hug from Heaven. The person swears to remember the ones they left behind and hopes they will remember him, too. However, he urges them to continue with their lives. This message is a reminder those attending a funeral will need.

Kenny Rogers also paints a picture of pain, where we have strong feelings that we cannot voice. Sometimes, it helps to feel understood with meaningful lines like these.

“I’ll Fly Away” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 2011

When it is time to lighten the mood, play Kenny Rogers’ “I’ll Fly Away.” It is more upbeat and folksy while still honoring the memory of the departed. This song shifts the focus to our loved ones and where they are now.

Kenny Rogers sings about the glory of leaving this life and meeting God. He describes death as breaking free of prison and leaving behind weariness. The departed will trade the pain for flight and a home in Heaven.

“You Can’t Make Old Friends” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Song year: 2013

“You Can’t Make Old Friends” is your chance to honor the friendship your loved one shared with those attending the funeral. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton lament losing old friends because new friends can never replace old ones.

The duo acknowledges the need to go on but describes feeling lost and alone. This song gets to the heart of the meaning of true friendship and how it lasts forever.

“For You Alone” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1999

Kenny Rogers captures the essence of longing in “For You Alone.” Give the funeral guests a moment to reflect on the things they never did with the departed.

We all need time to process our grief and let the weight of the situation settle over us. Give in to the pain for a moment with this powerful ballad.

“Amazing Grace” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 2011

This traditional funeral song promises peace and salvation after death. People have included “Amazing Grace” in funerals for ages because loved ones should have faith in a better life for the departed.

Kenny Rogers keeps his rendition respectful and powerful. He doesn’t add unnecessary vocal acrobatics, maintaining the purity of this timeless song.

“Love the World Away” by Kenny Rogers

Song year: 1980

“Love the World Away” is a much-needed reminder that true love is everlasting. Despite any distance between two people, love will always be there.

Kenny Rogers urges the listener to forget worldly stress and focus on love. The hearts of loved ones will always be free, and the magic between the two will never fade.

Best Kenny Rogers Funeral Songs, Final Thoughts

Funerals can seem impossible to plan, but they allow loved ones to find closure. Your song choices should speak to the guests, making them feel understood and comforted. Kenny Rogers has a soothing, caring tone, and his timeless lyrics will speak to everyone.

Planning a funeral should not be stressful. Choose any of the songs above to help yourself and others heal in this difficult time.

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