Songs About Being 37 Years Old

Turning 37 can be a time of reflection, of looking back at what you’ve accomplished and what the future has in store for you. Many musicians feel the same, and there are a number of songs that reflect on this age. Here are some top songs about being 37 years old.

1. “Blonde Boyz” by Cyndago

Song Year: 2015

“Blonde Boyz” is a funny and exaggerated depiction of a group of blonde men and their lifestyle. It describes how they enjoy lifting weights, going on dates, and partying at night. The song also references Jerome, a 37-year-old member who enjoys spending time with the younger blonde males in the group.

2. “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” by Marianne Faithfull

Song Year: 1979

The track is about a housewife who’s suffering from depression. She has given all her life to her husband, only to realize she’s now 37 years old and can’t achieve the things she always thought would happen. Her husband and children don’t need her anymore, and she can’t go back to being a young girl having fun. She wants to harm herself because of this realization.

3. “You Gotta Love It” by Cam’ron

Song Year: 2006

Music has always been an outlet for expression. Cam’ron encapsulates that through this track. He disses Jay-Z for not keeping up with current rap music trends and staying relevant. He says every time he turns on the daily news, Jay-Z is rocking sandals with jeans despite being 37 years old.

Although he feels Jay- Z needs to do more to stay relevant in today’s music scene, he admires the rapper’s accomplishments during his peak.

4. “Seven Figure Habits” by Pouya & Fat Nick

Song Year: 2022

The song describes Pouya and Fat Nick’s luxurious lives, complete with firearms, drugs, and women. The lyrics emphasize their extravagant lifestyle and willingness to use violence to protect it.

In the second verse, Pouya discusses his ambitions and dreams, which he hopes to fulfill before age 37. He emphasizes the significance of setting objectives and working toward them, despite the distractions and temptations of living a lavish lifestyle.

5. “Red Flame” by Azealia Banks ft. Lady Gaga

Song year: 2012

The track is about having good fashion taste and a confident, unwavering attitude. The lyrics also describe dealing with distractors and not caring what others say. Rather than focusing on revenge against their haters, it encourages listeners to boss up and enjoy life.

 Although the song doesn’t explicitly refer to the singer’s age of 37, including the age in the shoe description may imply a feeling of maturity and refinement in the singer’s fashion choices.

6. “Twin Rocks, Oregon” by Shawn Mullins

“Twin Rocks, Oregon” by Shawn Mullins

Song Year: 1998

The track tells the story of a chance encounter with a man on the cliffs of Twin Rocks, Oregon. The man, who appears much older than his actual age of 37, tells the singer about his life and how he’s been traveling and surviving off the land for 15 years.

Mullins empathizes with the man, recounting his experiences traveling from town to town and performing music for money.

7. “Tell Me” by Matisyahu

Song Year: 2017

The uplifting song encourages people to listen to their inner voices. It explores spiritual struggle, resilience, and faith as the singer seeks a closer relationship with God.

The lyrics imply a search for meaning in one’s life. He references being 37-years-old at the time of writing the song, and reflecting on his life’s mysteries. He asserts that we can overcome whatever comes our way if we trust ourselves.

8. “Kitchen Floor” by Rania Saxena

Song Year: 2023

“Kitchen Floor” is a melancholy ballad about sharing beautiful moments with a loved one. The track beautifully explores the idea of love. The lyrics describe sitting on the kitchen floor after a painting session, listening to calm music, and feeling a solid connection to the person.

The narrator considers their similarities and differences but eventually expresses a desire for them to stay together in the future, even if they’re 37 years old. The song exudes longing and optimism for a future together.

9. “I Can Be the Hot Dog and You Can Be the Bun” by Ivor Biggun

Song Year: 1981

The lighthearted song is about a 37-year-old man who lives with his mother and is looking for a mate. He expresses his dissatisfaction with being unable to find a spouse and not understanding why ladies don’t like him. The artist seeks to communicate the challenges of dating and finding a long-term relationship.

10. “For The Ones” by Kosha Dillz ft. Matisyahu

Song Year: 2020

Turning 37 brings maturity and insight into our lives, which can lead us to understand what lies beyond the present moment. The song is about aging and discovering oneself at the age of 37. The lyrics reflect a longing to return to a simpler time when there were no lies or imposters, only the truth.

The artist expresses gratitude for his life’s progress, including having children and a roof over his head. He also acknowledges his difficulties in the music industry, such as feeling lonely and neglected. He wishes to sit like he used to, free of the pressures of others’ expectations or the continual chase of success.

The song implies that as we age, we may struggle to find our place in the world and want a simpler, more honest life.

11. “The Dangerous Ones” by Kasey Anderson

Song Year: 2018

When describing the excitement and danger of entering your late thirties, there’s no better anthem than “The Dangerous Ones.” The upbeat rock track pairs emotional storytelling with driving instrumentals and captivating vocal performance.

The song serves as a reminder that while getting older comes with its share of challenges, it can open up new opportunities if we choose to take them. The protagonist acknowledges that staying out of trouble can’t help him because he’s 37 years old and has bills to pay. He’s willing to do anything to survive.

12. “Home Again in My Heart” by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Song Year: 1985

The song’s protagonist hasn’t been home for many years, but he’s now set to return. The track reflects homesickness and the happiness of reuniting with one’s origin. The protagonist longs for his home’s streets, people, and the warmth of being around his family. He still holds memories of his father working on the railroad track for 37 years.

13. “Under the Boards” by Saves the Day

Song Year: 2007

Saves the Day tells a story of a man who hates his life and doesn’t want to live. He’s been struggling for 37 years and wants to hide from this troubled world until everything dies. He feels as small as the leeches that crawl under the boards and that he might as well be dead.

Best Songs About Being 37 Years Old, Final Thoughts

Turning 37 is often seen as a significant milestone in a person’s life, inspiring reflection on their accomplishments and failures. It’s a time when individuals discover that they can’t be good at everything and embrace life as it is.

Furthermore, you don’t have your twenties innocence, and society expects you to carry yourself in a given way. We hope you had fun reading our list of the best songs about being 37 years old.

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