County Songs About Growing Up

Country music has a vast array of songs about growing up and watching children grow up before your eyes. This genre makes it easy to use lyrics to incorporate the emotions you would feel in every situation.

Here are some top country songs about growing up to add to your playlist.

1. Letter To Me By Brad Paisley


This iconic song from Brad Paisley talks about his struggles growing up as a teenager. From breaking up with his girlfriend to fighting with his dad, the lyrics explore the intense emotions that a youngster feels while still learning to navigate life.

Brad Paisley sings about sending a letter to his younger self so he can provide the reassurance that things work out in the end and the best part of life is yet to come.

2. Remember You Young By Thomas Rhett


Thomas Rhett explores his memories from days gone by with his song, Remember You Young. The lyrics touch on how the adults he sees now are not the people he remembers from years ago when they were young and foolish.

His song also describes how he will remember his babies as youngsters even when they grow up and move away. Finally, it finishes with the hope that everyone will remain forever young, even after they go to heaven.

3. He Gets That From Me By Reba McEntire


Reba McEntire tugs at your heartstrings with her song, He Gets That From Me. This melody describes her child in every aspect and how he has her attitude and freckled skin but his father’s crooked smile and sense of humor.

This popular song details how this young boy is growing up without a father but possesses many of his qualities. From playing his dad’s old guitar to praying before bed, it tells how a young boy matures with only his mother by his side.

4. The Best Day By Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift paints a picture of her childhood and life growing up experiencing the best day with her mom. Her lyrics talk about being five years old and running through the pumpkin patch with no worries, and she progresses to her teenage years, facing troubles with friends at school.

As she grows up through the song, Taylor Swift ensures that her mom knows that any of the days together ended up being the best day of her childhood.

5. You’re Gonna Miss This By Trace Atkins


The song, You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Atkins is a testament to watching a child grow up and experience the many stages of life. From a young kid who is impatiently waiting to turn 18 to a blushing bride, the lyrics move through the years with the same message about missing these moments once they are gone.

Trace Atkins gives insight into how good times are all around, but you may not see or understand until after you are grown and they are gone.

6. There Goes My Life By Kenny Chesney


Kenny Chesney moves you through the life of having a daughter at a young age. The subject in this song felt that his life was ending because a new baby was interfering with all the possibilities that lie ahead for him.

However, each verse details a growing little girl and how she has shaped his entire world. Finally, this musical number ends with a much older father sending his now-grown daughter off on her own into the world.

7. Landslide By The Chicks


Although the song Landslide has been around since 1975, The Chicks remade it with a country music twist in 2002, making it popular again in a new genre. This song describes the trials one faces while making choices throughout their life in hopes of following a dream.

The lyrics talk about the child inside the person and how to handle changes in life as they grow older. This song outlines how children grow older, see changes, and grow bolder as they mature and take chances. 

8. All American Girl By Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood released a touching melody with All American Girl that describes the journey of a new father and his new baby girl. Although the song starts with the man wishing for a son, it quickly outlines how she becomes his life as she grows up.

As the song ends, the girl gets married and has a man who wishes for a baby girl just like her. Again, listeners can recognize how familiar the scene is growing up as an All-American Girl.

9. Baby Girl By Sugarland

Baby Girl By Sugarland


Sugarland explores the touching story of a girl who grows up and leaves her parents to pursue a childhood dream of being a star. Throughout the tune, the artist continually refers to herself as her parents’ baby girl, even in her adult years.

The lyrics describe her being young with ribbons in her curly hair and how she makes all their dreams come true once she is a star.

10. Don’t Blink By Kenny Chesney


Kenny Chesney is a familiar artist with several country songs about growing up, including Don’t Blink. This tune begins with an elderly man on television talking about the secret to a long life.

He reiterates that from the moment you are a child, time passes so quickly, so don’t blink. Without realizing it, you can go from a six-year-old to getting married and watching your kids grow up before your eyes.

11. The Best Day By George Strait


George Strait gives listeners a glimpse at a boy’s life as he grows up with his father by his side. During each memorable event, the boy exclaims that it is the best day in his life with his dad.

From going fishing at age seven to turning 15 and then getting married, this song follows him as he grows through the years. Eventually, every day the boy spends with his dad is the best day.

12. Then They Do By Trace Atkins


Trace Atkins is another artist with multiple country songs about growing up. Then They Do is a melody that outlines the life of a busy parent trying to get the kids ready and out the door to school, all while wishing they would grow up, so life can settle down.

He talks about looking at their baby pictures while his youngest is starting college, and they go off and do everything they want in life. Although parents wish for their kids to grow up, they do, then there is a stillness where they used to be.

13. My Little Girl By Tim McGraw


Tim McGraw amplifies how a father cherishes his child in his tune, My Little Girl. He describes his sweet baby wrapped in a pink blanket and his love for her.

As the lyrics progress, he touches on points throughout her life where he still considers her his little girl even though she is older and almost grown. The song encourages his daughter to chase her dreams but knows his love for his little girl will prevail.

14. The House That Built Me By Miranda Lambert


The House That Built Me is a song that reminisces a grown woman’s childhood through her memories of her home. She returns to her old house to look for memories that can calm her restless soul.

The lyrics include details about her bedroom, where she did her homework and played guitar, to her beloved dog buried under a tree in the yard.

15. Boy By Lee Brice


Lee Brice’s song, Boy is characteristic of a father with a son who carries many of the same traits. This tune acknowledges that the boy will probably wreck a car or two, kiss some girls, and break hearts.

Boy goes on through each stage of a son’s life as he grows and experiences similar circumstances his father had previously. Even as the father recognizes his youngster in the present, he knows that someday his son will be a man and have his own life.

16. Tough Little Boys By Gary Allan


In the song, Tough Little Boys, Gary Allan tells of how young boys act tough when facing challenges but break down once they have their own kids. He talks of how tough little boys don’t cry when they take a punch or watch a sad movie.

However, these same boys will turn into babies when they grow up and take their kids to school or watch them get married as adults. So not only does this song follow the artist as he grows, but his child’s life growing up and how he accepts it. 

17. Check Yes Or No By George Strait


George Strait is no stranger to meaningful country songs about growing up. His iconic tune, Check Yes Or No, follows the life of two kids who met in elementary school and how they built a life together.

This song starts with a boy smitten with a girl in grade 3. He gives her a note asking her to be his friend. With that small gesture, the two kids grew up, got married, and enjoy many years together as a couple.

Best County Songs About Growing Up, Final Thoughts

Country music includes a diverse spectrum of lyrics and topics familiar to listeners, including getting older and maturing. Moreover, this music genre enjoys great popularity, as there are new 2020s country songs popping up every year.

We hope this list has introduced you to some iconic songs to add to your playlist or perhaps reminded you of some old favorites. What is your favorite country song about growing up? Let us know in the comments.

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