Best Christian Songs About Peace

Worship music is often peaceful. But if you’re after a song talking specifically about peace, you normally need to look a bit harder.

We’ve made the job easier for you however, as below you can find the best Christian songs about peace. From Christian rock to more traditional worship music, we have it all.

1. “Perfect Peace” by Laura Story

Song Year: 2008

Check out “Perfect Peace,” a Christian song about peace by Laura Story. The Georgia-based artist has a Grammy Award and has been making waves in the Christian music industry since the 1990s.

Story released “Perfect Peace” in 2008, a stripped-back piano track with the singer’s warm, smooth vocals. She wrote the song from the perspective of God, who tells the listener to take refuge in the peaceful presence of the Lord.

“Perfect Peace” by Laura Story

2. “Give Me Your Peace” by Gateway Worship

Song Year: 2019

Find peaceful feelings when you turn on this gentle track by Gateway Worship. The music group hails from Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas, where they lead a megachurch and write original music.

“Give Me Your Peace” is a 2019 track by Gateway Worship, which they released as a standalone single. It’s about asking God to remove your troubles and give you peace.

3. “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” by Chris Rice

Song Year: 2014

If you’ve ever been to a church with traditional music, you might have heard “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Originally an American Methodist tune from the 1920s, the song is now a comforting message of peace for people of all denominations.

A popular modern version of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” is the recording by Chris Rice, a contemporary Christian artist from Maryland. Rice sings about the steadfastness of God, and how that can bring peace into our lives.

4. “You’re Gonna Be Ok” by Bethel Music

Song Year: 2017

If you need a peaceful reassurance that the future is bright, consider listening to “You’re Gonna Be Ok” by Bethel Music. It’s the first track from Peace Vol II, their 2021 album that deals with themes of peace.

“You’re Gonna Be Ok” is an encouraging song about the tiredness we feel when we’re worn thin. However, Bethel Music reminds us we can always find peace in the moment, and look forward to brighter days.

5. “Peace” by Anna Golden

Song Year: 2020

Anna Golden looks to nature to find peace in this 2020 Christian song. Golden is a worship leader in Missouri, where she writes music and plays guitar, and she’s famous for her smooth, slow-beat tracks with electronic production.

“Peace” is a calming song about noticing peace around you, from the rivers to the mountains. In her signature ethereal voice, Golden says she finds moments of peace in God’s creation, even in times of struggle.

“Peace” by Anna Golden

6. “Rest in Me” by Todd Vaters

Song Year: 2015

“Rest in Me” is about times when we need peace in our lives, the difficult times when we’re desperate for rest.

The track has a country-Christian sound, with an upbeat drum line, guitar, and bright, open vocals from Vaters. In the lyrics, he quotes from Matthew 10, saying that God knows everything about him and brings him peace.

7. “Peace” by Bethel Music feat. We The Kingdom

Song Year: 2020

Contemporary Christian music group Bethel Music crafted this song to bring peace to their listeners. It’s the closing track from their 2020 album, Peace, and is about the peaceful feelings God provides when they feel broken.

In the acoustic track with soft female vocals, Bethel Music reminds its listeners to breathe and take in the silence, basking in a quiet moment with the Lord.

8. “Where I Find God” by Larry Fleet

Song Year: 2020

Larry Fleet sings about peace on his hit track, “Where I Find God.” Fleet is a Christian country artist from Chattanooga, Tennesee, and he released the song in the fall of 2020, as part of his studio album, Stack of Records.

The twangy country tune interpolates electric and acoustic guitars with soft gospel-like background vocals. In his Southern-accented voice, Fleet sings about finding God in unlikely places and feeling peace in his lowest moments.

9. “The Peace of Christ” by Tommy Walker

Song Year: 2016

In many denominations, it’s common practice to “pass the peace of Christ” near the end of the service. The congregation greets each other and shares a kind word for the day ahead.

California-based worship leader Tommy Walker passes on the peace of Christ to his listeners in this 2016 song, alongside Samantha Chaffin on cello and Chelsea Moon on vocals.

“The Peace of Christ” by Tommy Walker

10. “Peace” by Danny Gokey

Song Year: 2021

Danny Gokey is perhaps best known for his Christian pop hits like “Stay Strong” and “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” but a track that often goes under the radar is “Peace,” a beautiful and melodic song with a gospel feel.

“Peace” came out on the 2021 album Jesus People, the eighth studio album from the prolific singer. The track finds Gokey in a tricky place, full of heartache and pain. However, he finds hope in the peace of his God.

11. “Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)” by Kari Jobe

Song Year: 2013

Check out “Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)” by Kari Jobe. It came out in the spring of 2013 and quickly gained millions of streams on YouTube, even getting a cover by fellow Christian artist Archuleta.

In the song, Jobe reminds listeners there’s a light at the end of the darkest hour. She describes finding rest in the presence of God, letting go of worries and cares.

12. “Peace Be Still” by Hope Darst

Song Year: 2020

Hope Darst wrote “Peace Be Still” in 2020, a track about letting go of fear and inviting peace. Darst clears her busy mind and focuses on God, believing that God is here to help her through difficulties no matter how hard.

The song has a moderate pace and a piano track. Darst’s powerful vocals make the song an uplifting anthem for anyone needing peace.

13. “Whatever Your Plan Is” by Josie Buchanan

Song Year: 2020

It’s hard to find peace when you don’t know what the future looks like. However, Josie Buchanan encourages listeners to let go and give God the wheel.

The song is ideal for singing at a worship service or listening to during devotional time. It’s a longer song and runs at over seven minutes with a violin, drums, and piano ensemble.

14. “Child of Peace” by Sandi Patty

Song Year: 1992

“Child of Peace” is a Christmas song by Christian worship singer Sandi Patty. Patty released the song in 1992 on the compilation album, Celebrate Christmas.

In the song, Patty sings about the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian religion. She also calls for peace on the earth during the Christmas season.

15. “Ceasefire” by FOR KING & COUNTRY

Song Year: 2016

FOR KING & COUNTRY is a Christian pop duo from Australia. Consisting of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, the group sings about peace in this 2016 track.

“Ceasefire” is about the fighting we engage in as humans. The singers ask us to make peace with our friends and stand side by side.

16. “Comforter” by CeCe Winans

Song Year: 1999

“Comforter” by CeCe Winans is about the steadfastness of God over time. Winans sings about the comfort she receives from her religion, saying the peace she feels is beyond understanding.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, the singer moved to Tennessee to get involved with the Christian music scene.

“Comforter” is just one of her hit gospel songs. Many consider her the best-selling female gospel artist.

“Comforter” by CeCe Winans

17. “Prince of Peace” by Hillsong UNITED

Song Year: 2015

Hillsong is a megachurch based in Sydney, Australia. They have a contemporary band called Hillsong UNITED, led by singer Joel Houston.

The band released this song about peace in 2015 with their album Empires. They also re-recorded an acoustic version in 2016.

18. “Fighting For Me” by Riley Clemmons

Song Year: 2021

Give “Fighting For Me” a listen. It’s by Riley Clemmons, a Christian pop artist famous for her radio hits in the 2010s.

The song is a drum-heavy pop track with an inspirational feel, and Clemmons pours out her heart singing, about her difficulties.

Clemmons made waves with her debut album, following it up with a second record, Godsend, in 2021. On Godsend, you can listen to “Fighting For Me,” in which she sings about finding peace in the darkness.

19. “Anchor of Peace” by North Point Worship

Song Year: 2019

North Point Worship released this hit Christian track in 2019, the third track on their Abundantly More EP. It’s an emotional track with a slower beat, and the lyrics are about peace.

The band has over ten members, and you can hear the layered instruments and vocals in “Anchor of Peace.” Multiple voices wax poetic about the faithfulness and kindness of their savior, saying he can help you through the storms of life.

“Anchor of Peace” by North Point Worship

Top Christian Songs About Peace, Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going through a time of hardship or looking for peaceful tunes to make your day more bearable, these top Christian songs are for you.

So, add some tranquility to your life with these best Christian songs. You can listen to a calming Bethel Music track, feel encouraged with FOR KING & COUNTRY, or sing along to artists like Chris Rice covering centuries-old Christian songs about peace.

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