Songs About Being 60 Years Old

At first glance, you might think there are few songs about being 60 years old—but think again.

From Lukas Graham to Elton John, the artists on this list have released some of the best songs about being a sexagenarian.

Use this guide to find the perfect songs about being 60 years old and make the perfect playlist for your loved one.

1. “7 Years,” by Lukas Graham

Song Year: 2015

Lukas Graham is a prolific Danish pop band whose song, 7 Years Old, rose to the top of the Billboard charts in 2015. The band comprises lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, bassist Magnus Larsson, and drummer Mark Falgren.

Their hit song details the narrator’s life—from seven to 60 years old—and chronicles the advice he’s received from friends and family members. He maintains that he will soon be 60 years old and look back on his life joyfully. As many of us do, he wonders if others will love him.

This song tugs at the heartstrings and offers the perfect backdrop for a sentimental birthday party—it’s the ideal addition to your playlist. This song could even give a sprightly teen nostalgia for their not-yet-lived adult life.

2. “60 Years On” by Elton John

Song Year: 1970

This list wouldn’t be complete without Elton John.

Elton John is a British singer, pianist, and composer—and one of the most successful best-selling artists of all time. According to the Billboard charts, he is one of the most successful solo artists and has sold over 300 million albums.

Elton John’s song, Sixty Years On, is about the singer growing older and giving up his fight. He wonders who will care for him in his old age, and he laments the loss of a woman he loved in his you.

In quintessential Elton John fashion, this song is as deep as it is beautiful and the perfect addition to any birthday playlist.

3. “Underrated,” by Offset

Song Year: 2019

From hit rap artist Offset comes a song about respecting your elders. It’s an unusual departure from his usual lyrics, and the song received considerable acclaim when released in 2019.

Offset is a famous American rapper originally from the group Migos. He is married to artist Cardi B.

This song describes the reverence that young people have for their elders. The artist maintains that if 60-year-olds ask for his autograph and picture, he must do the right thing.

This song is a beautiful tribute to those who came before, and it’s the perfect song to send to your favorite 60-year-old.

4. “Free the Madness,” by Steve Aoki

Song Year: 2014

This is the seventh track on EDM sensation Steve Aoki’s Neon Future I album. The song features rap/ hip-hop artist Machine Gun Kelly and discusses the nature of growing older and reflecting on one’s life.

The protagonist discusses his mental health issues but ultimately maintains that when he is 60, he will know that he has lived and achieved many things in his life.

Steve Aoki is the highest-grossing American DJ in North America and has been active on the scene since 1996. This song—and the rest of the album—represent the best of his abilities as an artist. 

5. “Ain’t My Day,” by Wall of Voodoo

Song Year: 1987

Wall of Voodoo was an incredible rock band from Los Angeles, California. While they were mainly an underground band for most of their music careers, the band members earned significant attention when one of their singles landed on the radio in 1982.

This band is responsible for the song Ain’t My Day, which has a bluegrass feel and a slow tempo. The piece discusses a man who is sixty years old and reflects on the good old days. He claims that time doesn’t pass as it used to, and he regrets the past.

6. “Real Life,” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2016

This song is about being young and broke—and making tons of money when you get older.

Young Dolph was an American rapper known for his debut album, King of Memphis, which reached number 49 on the Billboard 200. Otherwise known as Adolph Thornton, the artist grew up in a difficult situation in the suburbs of Memphis.

This song discusses his hardships and his ultimate fame and success. He reflects on how he will likely be 60 years old and have more cash than he knows what to do with. Hopefully, you’ll have the same.

7. “She Only Meant to Use Him,” by Conway Twitty

Song Year: 1982

Harold Lloyd Jenkins, also known as Conway Twitter, was a 1950s rockabilly singer. He was known for his duets with Loretta Llyn.

Conway Twitty’s hit song is about a 60-year-old man who marries a young woman. He is in love with her, but the woman is greedy and takes advantage of him for his money. She considers killing him, but she ends up dying before she can.

This song is a testament to the wisdom of age and the strange turns a life can take. It’s an excellent addition to any playlist.

8. “Eternal Light,” by Teenage Fanclub

Song Year: 2019

This dreamy indie-rock tune comes from the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub, a poetic and uplifting dream-pop and Brit-pop band known for their harmonies. The band released Eternal Light only a year after their debut in 1989 with A Catholic Education.

This song is about growing older and accepting the problematic aspects of life. Although the protagonist has regrets and finds himself alone, he has learned to embrace companionship in nature.

It offers the band’s quintessential harmonies, a beautiful tune, and poetic lyrics.

9. “I Am Alone,” by Jim Carroll

Song Year: 1995

This song touches on the more challenging aspects of life: a sick child.

The song is about a man’s friend who succumbs to leukemia at sixteen. Although a child, he appears 60 because the illness has aged him.

It’s a beautiful, haunting song with lingering melodies and a theme we can all relate to the inevitability of death. It will hold up inside you long after the final chords drift away.

Jim Carroll was an author, singer, and poet known for his hit series The Basketball Diaries, which later became a major film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Caroll died in 2009.

10. “Rock n Roll is Dead Long Live Rock n Roll,” by BlackRain

“Rock n Roll is Dead Long Live Rock n Roll,” by BlackRain

Song Year: 2008

Blackrain is a glam metal and hard metal band with Columbia Records. The band was formed in 2001 and is from France. It comprises Axel Charpentier, Frank Fusetta, Matthieu de la Roche, and Swan Hellion.

This song is one of their best. Released in 2008—a great year for music—it chronicles the life of an aging rocker celebrating his 60th birthday.

The protagonist has borne the brunt of his time as a superstar, and he reflects on the decisions that led him there. Ultimately, he continues to party despite his older age—and continues to bear the effects of the rock n roll lifestyle.

11. “Drinking Alone,” by The Dirty Fools

Song Year: 2016

This song is about a newly divorced man dealing with his fair share of problems. He is alone, has had to quit his job, and has lost most of his friends. To cope with the pain, he drinks.

Although it’s a somewhat depressing song, it boasts haunting vocals and a mournful melody that creates the perfect sound.

The Dirty Fools are a small rock band from Catalonia in Europe. Although they are relatively new, they’ve amassed a considerable following.

12. “Why Oh Why,” by Warren G

Song Year: 1999

Warren Griffin III, or Warren G, is a famous rapper known for his collaboration and close friendship with Snoop Dog. He was one-third of the hip-hop trio 213, which consisted of their neighborhood’s zip code.

His song, Why Oh Why, touches on a man’s complex situation in prison. The protagonist has committed a crime, and though he is not yet 30 years old, he won’t be released until he is 60. The man laments his decision and reflects on the aspects of his life that led him there. This song is a powerful statement on the pain of near-permanent decisions.

13. “You Can’t Make the Grade,” by Washboard Sam

Song Year: 1947

If you love blues, this might be the perfect song for you—mournful and gorgeous all at once.

This song is about a young man speaking to a 60-year-old about his relationship. The older man’s wife wants to sleep with him, but he is uninterested. The singer warns him that he will soon lose his wife because he cannot please her.

Washboard Sam, or Robert Clifford Brown, was a renowned American blues singer and songwriter. He was known for his debut album, Big Bill Broonzy, and he died in 1966.

14. “I’m 90 Years Old at a Rap Concert,” by Brian Murdock

Song Year: 2021

This beautiful song touches on the timelessness of music—and our ability to enjoy it at all ages.

The song introduces the protagonist at 20 years old, enjoying a rap concert. Soon, he grows older and questions the nature of the lifestyle, criticizing the fakeness of others in his industry and questioning their greed. As he grows older, he continues to rap, but he doesn’t know why he remains in the industry.

Brian Murdock is a new hip/hop artist known for his following on SoundCloud.

15. “We Made Hip-Hop History,” by DJ Ron Nelson

Song Year: 2022

This song is from the perspective of a rapper and chronicles his growth over the years. Now 60 years old, he reflects on his evolving style and all of the friends he lost along the way. He celebrates having made history with his music and passes the torch to the next generation.

DJ Ron Nelson is a Toronto-based DJ, producer, and mixmaster. He is known for popularizing reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall in Canada, and he has been highly influential in the Canadian hip-hop scene.

16. “Tasty Doll,” by Medical Negligence

Song Year: 2020

This heavy metal song is about a 60-year-old painter who reminisces about a dinner he had long ago with someone he loved. The protagonist invites a small child to his home, revealing himself as a monster.

Although dark, the song has melodic tunes and a hard-core beat to boot.

Medical Negligence is a Mexican hard rock and metal band from Jalisco. They’ve been active since 2016 and make music about sickness and pathologies.

17. “21.9 Thousand Dayze,” by Annie & King

Song Year: 2020

This song celebrates a life well lived.

Twenty-one thousand nine hundred days are the number of days a 60-year-old has been alive. This song celebrates those days when the protagonist has had a chance to travel the world and see everything it offers. She laments the swift passage of time and reflects on her youth.

Annie & King is a small acoustic duo from Scarborough.

18. “Super/Connected” by Please Save My Earth

Song Year: 2019

This song features an upbeat rhythm and a celebratory tune—perfect for any birthday celebrant.

The song celebrates the joy of getting older while the protagonist reminisces about his time well spent.

It’s a joyful song with plenty of instrumentals and an indie/rock and folk sound.

Please Save My Earth is a small independent emo band from Lafayette, California, and this is just one of their many songs.

19. “Hero,” by The Dreaming Insomniacs

Song Year: 2016

This is one of the best songs of 2016.

This song is about a father speaking to his son.

The singer discusses his age as something that has brought him much wisdom. He has plenty of stories to tell, and he shares them with his son. His son, however, has moved away, and he laments its loss, telling him that time is passing too quickly.

The Dreaming Insomniacs is a small, Psychedelic, Indie-folk Pop Rock trio from Boston, Massachusetts.

Top Songs About Being 60 Years Old, Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer blues or rock, there’s something in this guide for you.

From Brian Murdock to Steve Aoki, the musical acts on this list offer some of the best songs about being 60 of all time—and plenty for you to choose from. There really is a song for every occasion.

Consider making a playlist for you or your favorite 60-year old with the songs from this list.

Happy listening!

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