Songs About Being 50 Years Old

Wow, half a century; there’s no denying that turning 50 is a huge milestone.

But what’s life like at this age? How do others see you? This is what we explore with our best songs about being 50 years old.

“Café on the Corner” by Mac McAnally

Song Year: 1992

“Café on the Corner” is an inspiring and uplifting song released on August 1992 by Mac McAnally. It was the first and among the most popular singles from the group. After its release, the hit reached position two on the Canadian RPM Country Chart and was on Billboard Hot Country Singles.

The single talks about a family moving everything from the farmhouse after a bank repossess the farm. The father (who is 50 years) works in a café and struggles to provide for his family. When still in the café, he identifies a few bank officers with auction signs, signaling they want to sell the farm for auction.

“Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey” by Tom T. Hall

Song Year: 1979

“Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey” is an electrifying song by Tom T. Hall, released in 1979. The song talks about a man standing outside a hotel in Houston. A stranger asks him where he is up to, and he responds that he is going to Nashville, his hometown.

He explains that he almost fell from his steed, but the stranger sarcastically claims that while whiskey is dangerous, greed kills many.

The fifty-year-old man tells a story of a person who made millions by selling crude oil but is now buried in a Texas grave. The writer finally leaves the man in the West Texas sun and crawls into the taxi.

“The Night Flight From Houston” by Laurie Anderson

Song Year: 1995

The song tells a story about a night flight from Houston, where you could see the lights from all the little towns. She is sitting next to a fifty-year-old lady who has never been on a plane before.

The lady had received a flight ticket from her son as an appreciation for raising ten kids. She sits in a window seat and keeps on pointing. Suddenly, the lady realizes the plane is in outer space because she can easily spot the stars.

“Legacy” by Dane Cook

Song Year: 2005

The singer is positive because he learned several crucial things in the past. He is amused to share these lessons because he believes everyone wants to leave a legacy. He adds that we all want people to remember us when we are long gone.

The singer narrates how he smashed an ice cream cone on a boy. He believes the boy will remember him smashing the ice cream on his face in his fifties. The main theme of this song is to make a lasting impact on other people’s lives if given a chance.

“Starting Over Again” by Reba McEntire

Song Year: 2009

The timeless classic “Starting Over Again” tells a story of a couple separating after 30 years of marriage. They sell their house and split the money before departing.

The songwriter wonders what should happen in such an instance since you’re starting all over again, and your dreams are almost shattered. After the divorce, the lady moves in with her sisters, but she has stress about what the neighbors will think of a fifty-year-old being homeless.

“Daddy’s Gone” by Glasvegas

Song Year: 2008

The Scottish rock band wrote the vibrant song in 2008. “Daddy’s Gone” has received numerous reviews because of its infectious chorus and memorable lyrics, showcasing Glasvegas musicianship and creativity. The singer remembers how his mother would carry him on her shoulders. He is worried about how life will be when her mother leaves.

He talks about how lonely life will be when he is fifty and his mother isn’t around. His father will also be gone, but he wishes to know how the future will affect him.

“Fifty-Year-Old Man” by The Fall

Song Year: 2008

The legendary “The Fall” groundbreaking song features more surreal and abstract lyrics. The track talks about a fifty-year-old man whose computer isn’t working but has a warranty. He travels to a Manchester town but faces difficulties navigating through the streets. The narrator has insecurities because he doesn’t know anyone in the city.

“Powder Blue” by Ween

Song Year: 1996

The song was released in 1996 by one of the most successful American experimental rock bands, Ween. The narrator claims that he is one of the most prominent people in the game and that no one can defeat him until he is fifty.

While everyone thinks he is an underdog, he still believes in his power. The chorus boasts soaring and memorable harmonies, perfect for anyone turning fifty.

“Legend of the South” by Upchurch

Song Year: 2019

The songwriter narrates about a road he has been using, and at this specific time, he has heartache, but nobody is around for assistance. He imagines where he will be when the Hollywood lights are off. The narrator says he might be a ghost tonight as he overlooks the vast plains.

When he finally sings, everyone will identify him with the voice of a legend in the South. He will perform rock music in his fifties until the neighbors call the police. Finding his albums in any Walmart store will also be challenging because he uses nasty words in his recordings.

“Goat” by Marqus Turner

Song Year: 2018

In the first lines, the singer tells his critics he is the greatest of all time. He says nobody will defeat him until he is 50 years old. Then, he claims to knock out Joe Frazier and later asks how he felt after the fight.

Because the singer rose from pain and struggle, many regard him as Mohammed Ali. The singer finishes the song by praising Mohammed Ali as the greatest fighter ever.

“Bless The Mic” by Gang Starr

"Bless The Mic" by Gang Starr

Song Year: 2019

The uncompromising song showcases the energy of Gang Starr, the legendary hip-hop duo. The track discusses the following things:

Ways technology is transforming the world

How rap music is changing

The singer thinks it will be hard to identify a 50-year-old rapper in 50 years. His sound is unique from other musicians, who he considers half rappers. The band’s energetic performance has always cemented the track’s status as a classic piece.

“Wither” by Seth Quinn

Song Year: 2021

The singer claims he will be fifty years old in several hours. He remembers when he was seventeen when he had everything at hand. It wears him out because he doesn’t know how things will be in his fifties. The singer is also hopeful that soon he will turn eighty, but he might be in a nursing home, passing the time.

“Enjoy It While You Can” by Coffee Please

Song Year: 2023

The song “Enjoy It While You Can” advises listeners to enjoy every moment of their lives. Young people have nothing to accomplish except pass the time with dumb concepts. He adds that you might regret it in your fifties when your hair is greyer.

The track is a gentle reminder to people who wish for things but fail to try. The singer cautions people who listen to friends because they might be like them.

“Day Job” by Chameleonize

Song Year: 2020

The hard-hitting release by Chameleonize combines vocal melodies with rock tunes. “Day Job” lyrics narrate what young people face in a world of uncertainty and expectations. The singer criticizes the set-out rules that dictate how people should grow up.

The group released the song when most band members went through tough times and needed advice from conflicting sides. The song’s storyline is relatable to those in their early fifties. It reminds us that we should always strive to pursue happiness above all.

“Get a Job” by Slick Rick

Song Year: 1994

Slick Rick addresses the contentious issue of unemployment and how it affects society. The lyrics mainly focus on people struggling to provide for their families. The song entails a young couple arguing about how the man lacks the motivation to find a job. While the man is lazy, he is discontented with depending on someone else’s income.

Most verses tell stories of people struggling to make ends meet after missing employment opportunities. As a result, they engage in robbery while others expect their unemployed partners to provide.

The song also talks about racial discrimination and economic inequality, where employees decline to work for specific groups of people. Those who find jobs in such places end up isolating themselves and often experience existential dissatisfaction.

He urges people to be responsible and stop relying on their partners. Slick Rick concludes by saying that unemployment resorts to poverty and that people should seek job opportunities.

“Get Real” by David Bowie

Song Year: 1995

The pop song’s bouncy rhythm takes the listener to the singer’s 1980s output. The song advises us to enjoy ourselves until we are in our fifties because stopping meaningful teenage cries is impossible. He is scared because he can’t walk in the street with no morning sun. The majority of this song’s lines talk about regaining strength and glory.

“Cheese” By Sammy Pharaoh

Song Year: 2017

The song by Sammy Pharaoh tells the mistakes people make when they are in their fifties. The singer claims nobody knew he would become famous, including relatives. He even had a girl who doubted whether he would achieve his goals because he was just a rookie.

Sammy Pharaoh thinks that it’s almost impossible to stay confident and humble. However, he quickly adapts since that’s his talent. The next lines tell how the singer’s mother worked to provide for them when their father was far away.

At one point, the writer tells how he often broke the rules in middle school. For example, he always ended up in detention because of engaging in a food fight.

“Clown” by Louiev T

Song Year: 2019

The singer currently lives in Los Angeles but wants to leave for Malibu. He believes he is one of the most famous people in the United States, which he feels is the capital. The song demonstrates the pain and excitement people go through in their fifties. One must be rich to secure the woman of their dreams.

The singer shows how quickly life changes and becomes difficult if you don’t know how to live. In your fifties, you’ll not be in clubs and bars enjoying the neon lights like in your twenties. You can’t do some things anymore because you’re a grownup.

“The Night That The Band Got The Wine” by Al Stewart

Song Year: 2000

The song “The Night That The Band Got The Wine” is about a birthday party that fails to go as planned. It features an American billionaire who decides to celebrate his 50th birthday on the 17th floor of a fancy hotel. Al Stewart orders trimmings and a band to entertain him, but there is an earthquake and a low turn-up.

The band entertains the billionaire until eight o’clock. He keeps on dancing before leaving for the ballroom floor. The businessman thinks the guests aren’t worth his attention, so he boards a plane to a lonely island.  

Best Songs About Being 50 Years Old, Final Thoughts

Being in your 50s can be a challenging time in life. It’s a time when many people reflect on their past and look towards the future. It’s also a time when people may face new challenges and uncertainties. Fortunately, music can be a powerful tool to help you navigate this phase of life.

We hope this article has been helpful in introducing you to some great music about being 50 years old. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Do you have a favorite song about being 50 that’s not on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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