Best Christian Songs About Prayer

While prayer can be quite a personal thing, sometimes it’s good to hear how others pray. You could always go to your church for guidance, but another option it to listen to Christian songs about prayer. Here are the best.

1. Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United

Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United

Song Year: 2007

This song is addressed to Jesus Christ. It features a soft, peaceful melody, and in this song, the protagonist bids the Lord to quiet her soul and lead her to redemption. It is a song of courage and surrender in which we appeal to God to remove our sins and allow us to experience freedom from material concerns.

Hillsong United is a worship collective formed in 1998. It features singer Ingrid Kennedy, guitarist Matt Crocker, and guitarist Brooke Frasier.

2. My Faith Looks Up to Thee by Ray Palmer and Lowell Mason

Song Year: 1830

My Faith Looks Up to Thee is a hymn written by Ray Palmer. Palmer wrote the song when he was an undergraduate student at Yale and undergoing a difficult time. He later met Lowell Mason, who put the poem to a catchy tune.

This hymn is about appealing to God during difficult and trying moments. The singer requests absolution from sin and freedom from the worldly concerns that weigh him down. At the song’s end, he asks for a peaceful death and a safe transport to heaven.

This song is a powerful testament to the presence of God in hard times.

3. Fresh Wind by Hillsong Worship

Song Year: 2021

This song blends traditional themes with a contemporary sound. The lyrics touch on prayer as an invitation to God’s presence. The singer calls upon the Holy Spirit to draw them closer to the Lord and call for repentance and freedom from sin. Doing so deepens our faith and strengthens our relationship with God.

Hillsong Worship is a praise collective from Sydney, Australia, and Orange County, CA. They began making music in 1983 and have been prolific ever since.

4. Take My Life by Chris Tomlin

Song Year: 2011

Chris Tomlin is a contemporary Christian songwriter and singer. He began his career in Texas in the late 20th century and continues to make my day. Tomlin has sold over 7 million records, and Take My Life is among his most famous songs.

The song is about dedicating oneself to God and reflecting on Him in all one does. It touches on the essential religious theme of surrender and deflecting God’s will over one’s own. It’s among the best hymns to use in prayer and meditation/

5. The Beautiful Garden of Prayer by Abigail Miller

The Beautiful Garden of Prayer by Abigail Miller

Song Year: 2018

George Beverly Shea originally wrote this hymn in the early 1920s, but singer-songwriter Abigail Miller produced and performed the best-known version.

The song is an extended metaphor comparing the realm of prayer to a beautiful garden in which intentions grow. In reaching prayer to a physical location, the singer stresses that the worshipper is never alone in the company of God.

Abigail Miller is the leader of Miller Family Ministries. She is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader known for her compelling melodies and profound lyrics.

6. The Lord’s Prayer by Hillsong Worship

Song Year: 2018

A modern twist on the timeless classic comes from Sydney-based worship group Hillsong Worship. The Lord’s Prayer is a famous prayer that appears in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible. It is a model prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to say as a group, providing the foundation for many more prayers and hymns.

This version pairs the famous prayer with a beautiful, upbeat melody that perfectly accompanies the lyrics. The song is a reminder of the universality of God and the Passion of Christ. It calls upon God to remove our sins and keep us in His grace.

7. Make My Life a Prayer to You by Melody & Keith Green

Song Year: 1978

Melody Green is the President and CEO of Last Days Ministry, an interactive virtual ministry that focuses on contemporary issues related to modern life. Green is also a singer and songwriter, and her song, Make My Life a Prayer to You, combines prayer with music to yield one of the best hymns to date.

The song is about dedicating oneself to God and living in His grace. The singer thanks the Lord’s gifts and asks for spiritual guidance. In making oneself a prayer, we spread the gospel of the Lord and testify to His power and strength.

8. Thank You Lord by Paul Baloche and Don Moen

Song Year: 2006

Thank You Lord is a modern Christian rock/pop song that touches on the central theme of prayer in moments of gratitude. The singer thanks the Lord for His many gifts and guidance in moments of fear and uncertainty. He also thanks God for forgiving sin and guiding the singer through his prayers and meditations.

The tune features an upbeat tune and a catchy rhythm. Its lyrics make it an appropriate motivational song for work. Paul Baloche’s rich vocals perfectly complement its profound lyrics and powerful message, making this one of the best Christian songs on this list.

9. Holy Water by We The Kingdom

Song Year: 2020

We The Kingdom is a contemporary Christian rock band. It comprises multiple generations of siblings and relatives, including Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Frannie Rae Cash, and Andrew Bergthold. The band has won numerous awards, including the GMA Dove Award for New Artist of the Year.

Their song, Holy Water, describes the protagonist in a moment of prayer. He maintains that he needs God’s grace now more than ever and requests freedom from sin in his prayers. This song is excellent to listen to in moments of hardship since it provides hope and renews faith.

10. Lord, I Need You by Passion Conferences and Chris Tomlin

Lord, I Need You by Passion Conferences and Chris Tomlin

Song Year: 2011

Passion Conferences are a yearly series of conferences and worship-related events that take place each year at the famous Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The conferences have produced a band by the same name, and Chris Tomlin is a member of this musical group.

Lord, I Need You is a song written and performed by Chris Tomlin with Passion Conferences. The song is about finding God in moments of strife and hardship. It is a direct appeal to God for peace and well-being.

11. Honey in the Rock by Brooke Ligertwood and Brandon Lake

Song Year: 2022

This song is about praying for a miracle. It touches on the theme of God’s mercy in moments of difficulty. In this song, the protagonist learns that the Lord brings light even in the darkest moments. Moments of tremendous difficulty are often our most profound learning experiences.

The song’s title refers to Psalms 81:16, in which God says he fills us with honey from the rock.

Brooke Ligertwood is a New Zealand-based singer and songwriter known for her hit single, Something in the Water. Brandon Lake is a pastor and singer from Dallas, Texas.

12. I Need Thee Every Hour by Annie Hawks and Robert Lowry

Song Year: 1872

Although written in 1872 by songwriter Annie Hawks, Robert Lowry’s modern cover is the most popular version of this timeless hymn.

The song is about our reliance upon God and our daily need for His grace and salvation. The protagonist appeals to the Lord for respite from hardship and temptation, and he thanks God for his blessing.

It is a testament to the importance of religion and prayer in our daily lives—no matter what else we have going on.

13. Same God by Elevation Worship

Song Year: 2022

This song is a prayer in and of itself. It consists of a call to God to provide faith and resilience in need. In the music, the protagonist maintains that God is all-powerful and capable of delivering him from struggle and strife. He speaks to God’s faith in His people by referencing Moses and Jacob.

Elevation Worship is a contemporary Christian group. They come from Charlotte, North Carolina. The group has performed their music in various churches and venues across the United States.

14. Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective

Song Year: 2012

Rend Collective is a Northern Irish Catholic folk rock band from Bangor, Northern Ireland. The band members include Gareth Gilkeson, Patrick Thompson, Ali Gilkeson, Steve Mitchell, and Chris Llewellyn.

Their song, Build Your Kingdom Here, appeals to God to establish faith in every man and woman. The song mentions the power of prayer and its direct line to God. The singer seeks to establish a meaningful life in communion with the Lord to serve his fellow human beings.

15. Jesus Be the Center by Israel & New Breed

Song Year: 2012

Jesus Christ is at the heart of every observant Christian’s life.  This song celebrates the Lord’s centrality in all our lives, bidding Jesus to appear in all we do.

The protagonist directly asks God to ensure that his will is kept in line with His. It’s a powerful song that touches on critical Christian themes.

Israel and New Breed, also known as Israel Houghton, is an American Christian singer and songwriter who produces worship albums and hymns for all.

16. Hear Our Prayer by Tanya Riches

Song Year: 2011

Tanya Riches is the Fuller Theological Seminary Senior Lecturer at Hillsong College in Australia. She has published various books, articles, and op-eds and occasionally writes songs for the public.

Riches wrote and produced Hear Our Prayer, a song discussing prayer’s power. The protagonist prostrates herself on the floor, praying to God to recognize her and fill her heart with His grace. It is a song that touches on the centrality of God in all that we do and one that makes for powerful prayer.

17. Our Father by Bethel Music

Song Year: 2012

The timeless Lord’s Prayer inspires this song. The Lord’s Prayer appears in the Bible several times, attributed to a writer referred to as “Q.” The prayer calls upon God to descend into our lives and allow us to enact His will.

This song consists of an appeal to God to align our will with His and direct our actions. Bethel Music, an American music label and worship group from Redding, California, wrote and produced the song. The group has been active and making music since 2001.

18. The Blessing by Kari Jobe

The Blessing by Kari Jobe

Song Year:  2020

Kari Brooke Jobe is a contemporary Christian rock and pop artist who debuted in early 2009. She has since received two Grammy Award nominations and ten Dove Award nominations.

One of Jobe’s most famous songs, The Blessing, is among the best songs on this list. The Blessing is about the great gift of life. In this song, Jobe thanks for the many blessings in her life and delivers a prayer to protect and guide all human beings. The song is a testament to the goodwill of the Christian people and God’s power over our lives.

19. Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham

Song Year:

Phil Wickham’s newest single is a powerful Christian rock anthem that pairs classic themes with a modern sound.

The song is about gaining perspective in moments of hardship. The singer maintains that although he may not always know God’s plan, it benefits him.

In this song, Wickham asks God to show him the way to spiritual fulfillment and inner peace. He wants to know God’s plan so he can fulfill it.

Phil Wickham I a worship leader and singer-songwriter from San Diego, California.

20. Thank God I Do by Lauren Daigle

Song Year: 2023

This song is a contemporary Christian rock and country ballad with a prayer of thanks. The lyrics discuss the singer’s gratitude for her place in God’s heart. She maintains that without the grace of her Lord, her life would look very different. The song is a beautiful prayer of gratitude and thanks for the many gifts bestowed by one’s Higher Power.

Lauren Daigle is a recent addition to the Christina music scene. Her music blends ancient themes with contemporary sounds for a unique twist that is all her own.

21. Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Song Year: 2020

Michael Brandon Lake is an American Christian worship singer and songwriter. He is a Maverick City Music Collective member in South Carolina and has partnered with such artists as Chris Brown.

Lake’s song, Gratitude, is a prayer of thanks to God. Lake continuously expresses his joy and thanksgiving for the life he has been given.

This is a great song to listen to in moments of difficulty, as it reminds us of all the good in this world.

Top Christian Songs About Prayer, Final Thoughts

This list of the top Christian songs about prayer contains the very best of what contemporary Christian music has to offer.

From Lauren Daigle to Brandon Lake, the artists on this list continue to make inspiring songs about prayer and much more.

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