Songs About Being 27 Years Old

Being 27 years marks a good time in most people’s lives. It’s an age of solidifying one’s interests and maturing into their identity.

That said, many musicians focus on the not so positive things about being 27. For example, the ‘forever 27s’, or ‘27 Club’ as it’s also known.

Here are the best songs about being 27 years old.

1. “27” by Passenger

Song Year: 2014

The track is about being 27, and the confusion between enjoying life as a youth and the adulthood pressure to become successful. It captures the widespread belief that someone should enjoy life to the fullest in their teen years or risk being labeled a social misfit.

The song informs listeners that life is a journey full of ups and downs, requiring you to believe in yourself and trust the process. It details the artist’s journey thus far, including the frustration of the music industry and messy breakups.

The artist concludes that attaining success frequently necessitates compromise. He compares the compromise to the devil stealing one’s life, meaning it may be expensive.

2. “Wonderful Life” by Bring Me The Horizon

Song Year: 2018

The song talks about mental health and how it affects a person’s life. The track’s protagonist learns that at age 27, brain function begins to decline, prompting him to consider how best to stimulate his brain. It conveys a sense of dullness and the need to fade away to forget about life’s struggles.

The protagonist feels lonely and complains that nobody cares about his death or existence. Nevertheless, despite all the negative experiences, he concludes that life is lovely. He still finds pleasure in the monotonous and depressing aspects of everyday life.

3. “27 Club” by Juice WRLD

Song Year: 2017

The track is about the sad topic of “27 Club,” a group of prominent singers who met their deaths at the age of 27. The protagonist raises concerns about what it takes to become famous and the worth individuals can afford an artist following their death.

The lyrics show the singer predicting his own death. The song’s message is that we shouldn’t wait for an artist’s death to begin celebrating their work.

4. “27 Club” by The Night Terrors

Song Year: 2020

The song reflects death, fame, and the repercussions of living recklessly. It’s an evocative tribute to the many musicians taken from us far too soon. The track references the infamous “27 Club” members who met their deaths at the age of 27, including:

  •  Amy Winehouse
  •  Kurt Cobain
  •  Jim Morrison

The song examines the concept of untapped potential and the importance of enjoying one’s life responsibly. The protagonist appreciates that life is not a straight line and that everyone struggles with sadness and depression. Nevertheless, the song also stresses the significance of living in the present and maximizing each opportunity.

5. “Georgia Blues” by Jimi Hendrix

Song Year: 1969

The rock-blues track is about a man reflecting on his life’s struggles at the age of 27 years. The narrator sobs while describing the suffering he’s experiencing and appeals for assistance to get him through this trying moment.

The song is an introspective look at the mental and emotional toll that chasing success in the music industry might have on a person. It serves as a gentle reminder that challenges in life are a must and that everyone needs a shoulder to lean on during difficult times.

6. “27 Club” by Trophy Eyes

Song Year: 2021

The song is all about mental illness and suicidal thoughts. The protagonist expresses utter despair and thinks about joining the legendary “27 Club,” a group of artists who passed away when they were 27 years old. The protagonist professes their wish to vanish from the face of the earth and be at peace.

 He feels his life is meaningless and would love to escape that feeling. It reflects a chaotic life and figuring out where you fit in it. If you’re an Emo music fan, you can’t help but fall in love with the emotionally intense song.

7. “Ravine” by Jetty Bones

Song Year: 2021

The heartfelt tune paints a clear picture of the youths’ challenges. The lyrics express the difficulty of trying to be somebody that other people want to be around while still feeling lonely and distant from oneself.

The protagonist is only 27 years old, cynical, and wondering what became of her once-firm morals. Despite the dark subject, the song serves as a reminder that even though the road to self-discovery might be difficult, it’s always worthwhile.

8. “Caleb” by Ozello

Song Year: 2019

The lovely acoustic song lets the singer’s emotionally charged vocals shine. The instrumentation, featuring light percussion and a finger-picked guitar, perfectly complements the song’s profound emotional content.

Lyrically, the track is about a guy called Caleb who doesn’t have a sense of direction and is struggling to uncover his purpose in life. The reflective track’s predominant themes include isolation, discovering oneself, and the need for human relationships.

9. “27” by Title Fight

Song Year: 2011

The track’s protagonist is mourning his father’s death and adopts a superstitious perspective. He starts wondering whether it would be possible to revive his father by calling out his name 27 times, considering his preoccupation with the number.

The song addresses different coping techniques we employ when mourning, including superstitious beliefs. It also portrays the anguish and helplessness of losing a loved one.

10. “FEAR. “ by Kendrick Lamar

Song Year: 2017

The song talks about the fear that most individuals experience when attempting to better their situations. The lyrics cover a wide range of terrifying topics, from the fear of failing to succeed to the anxiety that comes with realizing that one might lose everything when they’re 27.

Lamar uses himself as inspiration, writing about his terrifying experiences at ages 7, 17, and 27. The opening verse demonstrates the artist’s childhood relationship with his mother.

He was always bold, but his mother understood that fear was essential for survival. She hopes to instill that in her son so that he can grow up to be a powerful man if he doesn’t succumb to the evils of this word.

The second verse recounts the different occasions that Lamar would’ve lost his life at the age of 17 years. The last verse details his dread of losing everything he’s worked for and returning to a life of struggle.

11. “27 Club” by CEYX

Song Year: 2022

Lyrically, the track is about the narrator describing their daily struggle to make ends meet in the scary world of drug trafficking, painting a picture of the brutal reality of life on the streets.

Listeners gain insight into the narrator’s life at age 27, when survival is a constant challenge and loyalty is crucial in difficult circumstances. He fears meeting his end like the well-known “27 Club” members.

12. “Breathless on DVD” by Antarctigo Vespucci

“Breathless on DVD” by Antarctigo Vespucci

Song Year: 2018

The emotional track is about an unstable relationship that couldn’t withstand the test of time as per the partners’ wishes. The singer references his ex-lover’s behavior of getting mad at him when she was 27 to demonstrate how people cling to memories, preventing them from moving forward.

The track’s message is that regardless of how badly you want something to work out, there’s always room for disappointment.

13. “27” by Kon Psychedelic

Song Year: 2020

The reflective tune is a celebration of the singer’s 27th birthday. The singer uses metaphor to symbolize the sensation of achieving a significant milestone in life. He acknowledges the impact of the famous “27 Club” members but desires a long-lasting career.

Furthermore, the track talks about the challenges of chasing one’s ambitions and the pressure one has to endure to become successful. It remains one of the most iconic songs about being 27.

14. “27 Club” by Letlive

Song Year: 2013

Being famous comes with a price, which the rock band communicates in this track. The song addresses the issue of adopting a disastrous lifestyle to succeed and leave a lasting legacy. The lyrics demonstrate a yearning for glory and fame, even if it means sacrificing one’s life.

 It emphasizes that most emerging artists focus intensely on short-term popularity rather than long-term success and well-being. The track challenges listeners to respect the gift of life and work towards securing their future instead of chasing temporary glory.

15. “27” by Machine Gun Kelly

Song Year: 2017

The song is an introspective look at the pressure of being a celebrity. As he nears age 27, the artist recounts all the tribulations he has been through thus far in his life and career. He is honest about what he has given up to become successful and the physical and emotional toll that popularity has had on him.

He admits that he may not have a long lifespan but desires to go down in history as a legendary figure. He urges listeners to continue spreading his music’s positive energy long after his death. The track celebrates the significance of self-care and staying true to oneself even in the face of adversity.

16. “If I Die” by Sleep Talk

Song Year: 2019

The reflective and melancholy metal tune is about the dread of passing away too soon. The lyrics exude fear and unpredictability that comes with the realization that one’s life could end at any moment.

The narrator admits to having selfish motivations for staying alive, but they also want to make a difference in the world. They wish to leave a lasting legacy and make their life count for something.

The song depicts the universal inclination to question the purpose of one’s existence and challenges listeners to find meaning in the issues they’re battling.

17. “Paradise in Nirvana” by Azure the Paradox

Song Year: 2019

The song delves deep into the darker side of being a celebrity, with lyrics heavily referencing the “27 Club. “ The track’s predominant themes include substance abuse, temptation, and the ever-present need to succeed. The song is a gentle reminder that while success demands many sacrifices, finding a healthy balance is essential to living a happy life.

18. “Turn 27” by Niccokick

Song Year: 2003

The rock tune is about not wanting to grow up and always being young. The singer compares reaching 27 with entering “rock ‘n’ roll heaven” and living the carefree life of a rock star. Although time is running out, he’s still struggling with disorientation and uncertainty about his role in the world.

The singer acknowledges that there’s always more to learn and explore in life, no matter how old one might be. The song urges listeners to maintain a youthful attitude and enjoy life regardless of age.

19. “Older Than I Am” by Lennon Stella

Song Year: 2020

At 27, most people feel like they don’t have enough time. Overthinking about the future makes them think they’re missing out on the fun of being in their twenties. They’re always fighting the fear of not being as successful as they want to be.

The song is about self-acceptance and appreciating oneself for whom you are instead of striving to become someone you’re not. Lennon Stella suffers from low self-esteem and constant worries that she isn’t good enough to satisfy the high standards set by others.

Nevertheless, she realizes that her age and experience are strengths and sources of wisdom rather than constraints. She’s happy about finding her true identity and standing up for herself, irrespective of other people’s opinions.

The song encourages listeners to accept themselves and understand that their value isn’t dependent on their age, looks, or what other people think of them.

20. “27” by Fall Out Boy

Song Year: 2008

The song accurately portrays the difficulties that come with being a successful celebrity. It’s a metaphor for the loneliness and isolation that fame may bring about.

The track’s lyrics portray the band members battling the pressures of fame and the fear of going down in history as just another member of the “27 Club. “ The song focuses on things like death, leaving behind a legacy, and the need to make an indelible mark on the world.

21. “Homebody” By Valley

Song Year: 2020

The internal torment resulting from the expectation that you must “do” your twenties properly is real. Being a young adult comes with various feelings that can be difficult to express. The song’s protagonist enjoys his home comfort and is more at ease when alone or with a small group of close friends.

The track demonstrates some introverts’ struggle when expected to behave like extroverts in social situations. The narrator has embraced their solitary personality after struggling with the notion that partying isn’t his thing.

Best Songs About Being 27 Years Old, Final Thoughts

The number 27 holds a special place in many people’s lives. Consequently, numerous musicians have written songs examining this particular age’s topics and occurrences. That includes tracks about the famous “27 Club” and existential fear.

Whereas all these songs have different protagonists and settings, they have a universal theme of mixed emotions that come with being a year older. Whether you’re 27 or are simply curious about what the age symbolizes, you’ll find these songs about being 27 quite relatable.

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