Best Songs About December

For some, December is a month of family gatherings. For others, December is all about festivities, wrapped gifts, snowy peaks, and other holiday trinkets.

The main thing that stands out about December though is Christmas. If you want an escape from the repetitive Christmas playlists, we got you covered. Here’s our top songs about December.

“December 4th” by Jay-Z

Song Year: 2003

This is the first track on Hov’s eighth studio album, The Black Album.

If you’re a Jay-Z diehard, you already know the rap superstar’s love for the number 4. It’s his birth date, and on “December 4th” the rapper recounts his journey so far.

Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, reminisces about her famed son throughout the track, complementing Jay’s introspective bars. The rapper reflects on different phases of his life, from hustling in the streets to breaking into the music limelight.

“A Long December” by Counting Crows

Song Year: 1996

Unlike most songs in our compilation that embrace December’s holiday spirit, “A Long December” by Counting Crows takes a bittersweet perspective with soul-searching honesty. It’s a standout ballad in the band’s second studio album, Recovering the Satellites.

The track was inspired by hospital visits to Adam Duritz’s friend involved in a car accident. Despite the somber mood in “A Long December,” it gives hope for the future. It’s about reflecting on your past and looking forward to a better next year.

“December” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2015

“December” is the second single on Ariana Grande’s Christmas-themed holiday EP, Christmas & Chill. The song takes an adult yet not explicit twist from the rest of the album, evident in the opening synths and Ariana’s suggestive lyrics.

Ariana sings about how her unnamed partner will utilize Christmas as an aphrodisiac. She emphasizes that she’s the gift that keeps giving, with her unselfish desire to keep her partner warm in the winter and make memories in the summer.

“Back to December” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2010

Taylor Swift takes an atypical approach to relationships in her hit song, “Back to December.” Taylor blames herself entirely, in contrast to her signature conversational musical themes with old flames. This track is the second single on her full-country album, Speak Now.

“Back To December” is about regretting a break-up with a selfless partner. The narrator tells how she feels remorseful about her relationship ending, wishing she could return to December and make amends with her ex-lover.

“Rose in December” by Halestorm

Song Year: 2001

Hard rock music and December sounds off, but Halestorm made it happen in its “Rose in December” single from the band’s self-released album Breaking the Silence. The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Lizzy Hale, penned this power ballad when she was 17, evocating the sound of the iconic balladeers of the ‘80s.

While the song is a heavy metal piece, it carries a heartfelt message. The narrator sings about her long and hopeful wait for her lover. She promises to keep waiting despite tough times as the rose withstands December’s winter until spring.

“Permanent December” by Miley Cyrus

Song Year: 2010

Miley Cyrus partnered with John Shanks and Claude Kelly to pen “Permanent December,” a standout track from Miley’s third studio album, Can’t Be Tamed. It’s an Electro Pop track with Disco elements and a Euro disco breakdown at the bridge, mirroring the disco and funk sound of the 80s.

The song is about a girlfriend realizing she was wrong to leave her ex-lover. She turns down approaches from other guys and only wants to be with her ex-partner, the true love of her life.

“My December” by Linkin Park

Song Year: 2000

Written by guitarist-singer Mike Shinoda, “My December” is a poignant ode to the month still smashing the airwaves decades after its release. The band abandoned its electro-metal sound for a calming, piano-based ballad on “My December.”

The song is about being lonely and despairing in the winter months. It expresses how difficult it is to be alone and how the narrator longs for a home and a person to come home to. While the tune is melancholy, it’s also encouraging as it pushes listeners to attempt to find a way out despite their loneliness.

“White December” by Kylie Minogue

Song Year: 2015

“White December” is a seasonal smash from Kylie’s thirteenth studio album, Kylie’s Christmas. This infectious anthem blends vintage jazz sound with a touch of contemporary production and pop elements.

In the song, the narrator talks about her desire to spend the Christmas weather with her lover. She recounts how the two lovebirds had a good time on Christmas day and how she yearns to reunite with her lover and share the same experience again.

“December” by Norah Jones

Song Year: 2009

Norah Jones is a staple name for Christmas songs, and she rose to greater heights in the festivities theme in her “December” song. The track stands out in her fourth studio album, The Fall, for its mellow piano-based approach.

In “December,” the narrator sings about how she misses the month and wants it to come. However, she could be metaphorically using the word “December” to represent a person in her life.

“December” by Collective Soul

Song Year: 1995

“December” is the second single from the Collective Soul’s self-titled second studio album. This grunge-inspired song beautifully showcases the band’s ability to pen unique yet radio-appealing songs. The intro and verse guitars are finger-picked, while the vocals harmonize throughout the verses.

Despite its title, “December” isn’t a festive song. The top-ranking hit expresses the feeling of being used by others and not appreciated enough. It was inspired by how Ed Ronald, the band’s lead vocalist, felt toward the band’s management.

“Summer in December” by G-Eazy

Song Year: 2007

A standout song from G-Eazy’s fifth studio album, Summer in December, is a must-have track on your best song about December playlist. The piano-driven hip-hop track delivers a different aspect of under G’s rap arsenal; a reflective and thoughtful piece laid on a soulful and vintage jazzy production.

This single vividly reminisces G’s life and struggles in Los Angeles. Although LA is known for its sunny skies and everybody hustles, even in winter, G feels he needs some cold weather to breathe and reflect on his sad emotions.

“December” by Sara Bareilles

“December” by Sara Bareilles

Song Year: 2013

“December” is the 12th single on Sara Bareilles’ fourth album, The Blessed Unrest. The song is the final track on the album, finalizing the album’s recurring theme; Sara’s moving to New York from Los Angeles.

The song is about embracing change, with Bareilles relating the end of the year to the transitioning phase of adapting to New York. “December” reflects on the positive and bad things during the moving period, concluding that you must let go of the past to start a new phase.

“Remember December” by Demi Lovato

Song Year: 2009

Demi Lovato combined with talented songwriters John Fields and Anne Preven to write “Remember December.” The song became a fan-favorite smash, especially among her female following, from her second studio album, Here We Go Again.

The song is about a dying love between the narrator and her unnamed partner. She reckons that even if she knows her relationship with the lover is deteriorating, she hopes they can recall happier moments, such as in December.

“Cold December Night” by Michael Bublé

Song Year: 2011

Holiday albums always bring a new dimension to an artist’s catalog, and Michael Bublé understood the assignment in his seventh studio album, Christmas. The standout track on the Canadian singer’s best-selling album is “Cold December Night,” a soothing ballad that he penned with his longtime co-writer, Alan Chang.

The song is about wanting true love instead of material things on Christmas. The narrator wants something that’ll last forever and not just a passing cloud. Despite the cold outside, a kiss from a cherished partner will offer the comfort he desires.

“December” by Weezer

Song Year: 2002

“December” is the closing track on Weezer’s fourth studio album, Maladroit. River Cuomo’s rock heroes, “The Who,” inspired the song, remastering its “Love Reign O’er Me” masterpiece into a beefed-up 50s prom theme orchestration.

In this song, the band reflects on how faith and love are genuine concerns that help individuals get through life. “December” encourages listeners to overcome all life’s tribulations with love, hope, and trust.

“December Day” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1968

Willie Nelson is the master of the country ballad, and he brought his prowess to “December Day,” a single from his thirteenth studio album, Yesterday’s Wine. The song’s laid-back vibe gives Willie the room to showcase his rich vocal range, complemented by a harmonica backing.

The song uses seasons and months metaphorically to express the evolution of something coming to an end. “December” depicts the narrator’s progression in life, the ups and downs leading to the inevitable end.

“December Love” by New Kids on the Block

Song Year: 2017

“December Love” is the third festivity-themed song by New Kids on the Block on their 2017 EP, Thankful. This upbeat track exudes the smooth RnB vibe for which the American boy band is best known.

The group sings about their relationships with their lovers and understands how much they adore them. It emphasizes how true love can defy all odds, holding together even in stormy weather. The narrator urges the lover to ignore December’s cold weather because he’ll always be there for her.

“Her December” by Van Hunt

Song Year: 2004

Van Hunt dropped his debut self-titled studio album, putting the RnB singer on the map. The album’s highlight is “Her December,” the ninth track featuring an inviting blend of RnB croons on a soul-inspired production.

This song describes how December can be the shift in pace for people stuck between its cold weather and emotional changes. It’s about the vulnerability of being left alone in the cold but still hoping for a brighter future.

“December” by IDK

Song Year: 2019

American rapper IDK collaborated with the African Giant Burna Boy in “December,” a track that saw IDK push for mainstream recognition. This summery vibe track is a single on the rapper’s major-label debut studio album, Is He Real?

The song is a cocktail of music genres, sampling dancehall and funk elements in a rap and afro track. “December” is the closest thing to a love song on the album, with IDK elaboration on how much he appreciates his partner. Burna Boy adds an Afropop groove to the music in his verse, making it a feel-good danceable hit.

“Something About December” by Christina Perri

Song Year: 2013

“Something About December” is the only original track by Christina Perri on her 2013 EP, A Very Merry Christmas. She combined with her musician brother, Nick Perri, to pen this soulful Christmas ballad.

The song was inspired by Christina’s lonely experience while on tour in Singapore in 2012. She kept herself going by listening to her favorite Christmas tunes, prompting her to write her composition. It’s about enjoying Christmas even when you’re away from family, as the spirit lives in your heart.   

“December Back 2 June” by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2022

Despite her lengthy successful music career, Alicia Keys took over two decades in the mainstream to release a holiday-themed album. But it was worth the wait; “Santa Baby” is an inventive musical work, with “December Back 2 June” highlighting everything good about the album.

This lead soulful and jazzy single is about the smite that comes with true love. The narrator stresses that she doesn’t require presents over Christmas, provided she can spend time with her lover.

Best Songs About December, Final Thoughts

December isn’t always about Christmas, and it’s evident in our best songs about December compilation. There’s no better way to capture this wonderful month’s various aspects and feelings than music.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide, found your go-to December tune, or discovered something new to add to your playlist. What’s your favorite track about December? Let us know.

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