Best Songs About South Carolina

Love a bit of South Carolina? Whether you’re a local or a curious traveler, these songs will transport you to the sandy shores and lush forests that make this state a gem. Here are the best songs about South Carolina and the stories they tell.

1. “South Carolina Low Country” by Josh Turner

Song Date: 2019

In this song, Josh Turner talks about his childhood in South Carolina, where he learned the best country and bluegrass songs. He credits South Carolina for helping him to become a professional singer.

This beautiful song will make you think of the palmetto trees and a beautiful night sky full of stars. It’s upbeat but sentimental, making it the perfect piece to drive to.

Josh Turner is one of America’s most popular country and gospel sincere, and he earned considerable acclaim for his first song, Long Black Train. 

2. “Carolina Girls” by General Johnson & The Chairmen of the Board

Song Year: 2006

This song was written when J.D. Shropshire Jr. visited South Carolina for the first time and decided that the girls there were the most beautiful.

The song was recorded and performed by the band General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board in 1980, and it has earned considerable popularity since then.

General Johnson was a famous R&B singer and record producer in the late 20th century, and his legacy lives on in this beautiful song.

The song is about the beauty of the women in the Palmetto State. It’s true nowhere else can compare.

3. “Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina” by Martin

Song Year: 1955

In this song, Crooner Dean Martin composed one of their best songs, and it is about South Carolina.

This tune sounds like quintessential 50s music, complete with a brass band, and its lyrics touch on the protagonist’s tender feelings about South Carolina. He wants to return to his favorite place to see the woman he loves waiting for him when he arrives.

Dean Martin was one of the most famous actors and comedians of the 20th century, and his legacy endures in his beautiful song about the best state.

4. “Beers and Sunshine” by Darius Rucker

Song Year: 2022

Darius Rucker was the lead singer for the popular band Hootie & The Blowfish, though he currently performs solo under his given name. Although he once performed rock and folk music, he has now turned to country.

His song, Beers and Sunshine, is about sitting on the porch in South Carolina, enjoying the peace of his favorite place while the world rages on outside. He claims that as long as he has beer and sunshine, he’s pleased as anyone would be in the best state.

5. “Dancin’, Shaggin on The Boulevard” by Alabama

Song Year: 1997

This song is a beautiful, upbeat tune that mentions the best bars and restaurants in Myrtle Beach. The singer describes a crowded bar on a Saturday night while everyone around him dances along the beach boulevard.

It’s a country music song with an upbeat sound, and it peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Charts.

Alabama is a country band that was initially formed in 1969. Its members consist of Teddy Gentry, Owen Gentry, and Jeff Cook.

6. “Summer County Friday Night” by Lee Brice

Song Year: 2010

This song is the perfect blend of country and rock.

The song describes a Friday night in South Carolina as two boys prepare to fight before a football game. The boys fight and then watch the game, and they are later reunited with their girlfriends at a tailgate party. The song is a commentary on the popularity of high school football in the South.

Lee Brice, also known as Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., is a country and pop music singer and songwriter. He has released five albums since his debut in the early 2000s.

7. “My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams

Song Year: 2000

This song is about a man who travels the country looking for a new home. He travels through many states before realizing that nothing will ever compare to his house in South Carolina, and he begs the state to take him back.

Ryan Adams is a former member of the band Whiskeytown. In 2000, he released his first solo album, along with this title, My Sweet Carolina.

The song bridges the gap between rock and country, and it’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re missing home.

8. “South Carolina” by Sallie Shuffield

Song Year: 2001

The artist describes having been born and raised in South Carolina. She explains her family’s many challenges and argues that she brought shame onto her family for having a child. Her father kills the man who impregnated her because he was Black.

Although heavy, this song has a beautiful, mournful tune that will remind you of the dark hills of your favorite state.

Sallie Shuffield is a folk singer and songwriter from South Carolina, best known for her debut album, Ties That Bind.

9. “South Carolina” by The Outlaws

Song Year: 1976

This song is about a man who moves to South Carolina from Texas and adores his new home.

However, he soon has to leave again, and he vows to return to the beach and the Blue Ridge Mountains one day.

This song’s fast tempo and folksy sound are typical of the mid-1970s, and it will have you dancing in no time. The Outlaws are an American Southern rock band known for their 1975 tune, Green Grass and High Tides.

10. “Coast of Carolina” by Jimmie Buffett

Song Year: 2004

Jimmie Buffet is a famous musician, actor, and author from Mississippi. His most famous songs include Come Monday and Margaritaville, but this song, Coast of Carolina, is among his best.

The song describes a man who visits a small diner in South Carola and reflects upon his stay there. He has tried to establish a home and failed but thinks he may have found a place to rest.

11. “She’s Carolina” by Cody Webb

Song Year: 2016

This is one of the best songs from 2016. It is about a beautiful woman from South Carolina. The singer explains his affection for this woman; he loves her because she is wild and free.

The song is a classic country song that discusses football games, beaches, and drinking beer.

Cody Webb is a country singer and songwriter who performs regularly in all parts of the country. He is known for his classic country sound.

12. “South Carolina” by Archers of Loaf

“South Carolina” by Archers of Loaf

Song Year: 2012

From the grunge rock band Archers of Loaf comes one of the best songs about South Carolina of all time.

The song is about a man who finds himself trapped in South Carolina. He tries to find a way to leave but finds he cannot.

Archers of Loaf is an indie rock band with a grungy, punkish sound. The band members include Eric Bachmann, Eric Johnson, and Mark Price, though they have since broken up.

13. “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor

Song Year: 1968

James Taylor is a best-selling singer and guitarist from Boston. He has won six Grammy awards and was officially inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame at the turn of the century.

His song, Carolina in My Mind, is about a man who returns to South Carolina after an extended stay away from home.

The tune is mournful but quite beautiful, and it will almost certainly remind you of home.

14. “Waltz for a Girl in South Carolina” by Brett Shady

Song Year: 2010

This song is the quintessential South Carolina love song.

It touches on the reflective wisdom that accompanies age. The singer laments the loss of a woman he loves in South Carolina and vows to return.

Brett Shady is a gospel and country singer in the band, The Golden Shoulders.

15. “South Carolina” by Tennis

Song Year: 2010

Tennis is an indie pop band from Denver, Colorado. The band is one of few husband-and-wife duos, consisting of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. Their first album, Cape Dory, received considerable attention upon its release.

This song is the perfect combination of indie, dream pop, and surf pop, and its lyrics discuss the beauty of South Carolina in all its splendor. No matter where the protagonist goes, she remembers her home and longs to return.

16. “Carolina in the Morning” by Jim Gibson

Song Year: 1996

Although lesser-known, Jim Gibson was one of the founding members of three different Grammy-award-winning bands, including the Bill Gaither Trio, B.J. Thomas, and Lionel Hampton Orchestra.

His song, Carolina in the Morning, discusses his love for the South and his desire to return. He lamented the loss of mornings in South Carolina when he used to wander through the natural beauty with the woman he loved.

17. “Charleston, South Carolina” by Lovie Austen & Her Blue Serenade

Song Year: 1925

Lovie Austen was an American Chicago bandleader and singer from the 1920s. She is known as one of the best female jazz pianists alongside Lil Hardin Armstrong.

This song is recognized for its classic 1920s sound and creative jazz solos, and it features Austen’s piano playing.

The song’s lyrics discuss dancing the song, and the singer maintains her love for classical dance.

18. “South Carolina” by The Flirtations

Song Year: 1969

This song is about a young woman having a dream about South Carolina. She dreams that she is waking up to see the mailman show up at her door, but when she awakes, she isn’t back in South Carolina.

The Flirtations were an R&B and soul band active in the 1960s and 1970s. Its members include Ernestine Pearce, Shirley Pearce, and Viola Billups. The band remains active to this day.

19. “South Carolina Blues” by Junior League Band

Song Year: 2016

The Junior League is an old-timey rock band inspired by the music of the South. The band consists of members Lissy Rosemont on vocals, Devin McGaughey on drums, Dale Manning on mandolin and fiddle, William Waikart on drums, and Sadie Dingfelder on fiddle.

Their song, South Carolina Blues, touches on the melancholy that descends upon her in the evening. It’s a classic blues-and-banjo tune that sounds just like the music of yore with a modern twist.

20. “South Carolina On My Mind” by Allison Krauss and Jerry Douglass

Song Year: 2008

Allison Krauss is a well-known country and bluegrass singer and fiddle player. She released her debut album in 1987 and has been active since then.

Jerry Douglass is a lap steel guitar and Dobro player known for his skill and prolific discography.

Together, they performed the best version of California’s state anthem.

This song is about a person who has lived in South Carolina all their life and never plans to leave. Krauss’s vocals and Douglass’s guitar blend perfectly to create a unique sound.

21. “South Carolina” by Colt Ford

Song Year: 2009

This song is a rallying cry for South Carolina football. It describes a tailgate party where many people are gathered to watch the game.

Colt Ford, otherwise known as Jason Farris Brown, is an American rapper, singer, and former professional golfer.

He is recognized for his unique blend of rap and country music, and this song, South Carolina, released in 2009, is among his best.

22. “Carolina” by Harry Styles

Song Year: 2017

Although Harry Styles is not from South Carolina, he’s written one of the best songs about this great state.

This song is about a young woman whom the protagonist is in love with. She tells him that he reminds him of South Carolina, her hometown. He writes the song to let her know how much he loves her.

Harry Styles is the former frontman of the famous pop band, One Direction. He now performs as a solo act, and he is frequently touring around the world. Styles was inspired to write this song when he first visited the Palmetto State and was amazed by its beauty.

Top Songs About South Carolina, Final Thoughts

This list includes the very best songs about the Palmetto State.

From the South Carolina state anthem to a modern indie-pop song by Harry Styles, the music on this list will surely make the perfect playlist for your favorite Carolinian.

Hopefully, you’ve found just the song you need to remind you of the best state in the nation.

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