Best Songs About the Holy Spirit

The presence of God’s Holy Spirit elicits a feeling difficult to put into words, but we think the Christian artists below have done a great job at doing so.

Keep reading for a list of the best songs about the Holy Spirit.

“Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli

Song year: 2014

Jesus Culture wrote “Holy Spirit” for Battistelli’s 2014 album, “If We’re Honest.” Both the album and song are grammy winners.

The beloved song spent 15 weeks in the number-one spot, and since its release, churches across the globe have added it to their Sunday line-up.

The lyrics invite the Holy Spirit into whatever space the song is sung or played in, all while acknowledging the overwhelming power and glory that accompanies the spirit.

“Breathe On Us” by Kari Jobe

Song year: 2014

One of many of Jobe’s spirit-filled creations, “Breathe On Us,” is a song of both prayer and praise.

The lyrics ask the Holy Spirit to fall with the full force of its glory. The song also instructs listeners to lift their hands to the heavens in praise of God’s presence through the Holy Spirit.

Jobe wrote the song alongside Gospel songwriter Ed Cash and released it on her Majestic album, which won the 2014 GMA Dove Praise and Worship Album of the Year.

“Rest on Us” by Upperoom and Maverick City Music

Song year: 2021

“Rest on Us” is a part of Upperoom and Maverick City Music’s “Move Your Heart” album.

Brandon Lake and Eniola Abioye’s steady vocals combine with powerful instrumentals to make an upbeat, fun worship song sure to stir the Holy Spirit’s presence.

The lyrics abundantly draw from scripture, but most obviously from Genesis 1:2, when the spirit of God was hovering over the waters. “Rest on Us” invites the same spirit to rest on, meet, fill, and overtake us.

“Spirit of the Living God” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Song year: 2013

“Spirit of the Living God,” is a slow-paced yet powerful song indicative of Bryan and Katie Torwalts’ passion for the Holy Spirit.

The husband-wife duo released the song on their second studio album, “Kingdom Come.”

Although an older song, “Spirit of the Living God” is still a moving worship song that perfectly expresses a Christian’s longing for the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Spirit of the Living God” by Vertical Worship

Song year: 2015

“Spirit of the Living God” by Vertical Worship is a unique love song to the Holy Spirit.

The lyrics proclaim the Holy Spirit’s ability to change every circumstance. Throughout the song, Vertical Worship professes a deep adoration for God’s Holy Spirit.

In 2018, the song was nominated for a GMA Dove Award for Worship Song of the Year and is still sung by church worship teams across the globe. 

“Holy Spirit Rain Down” by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 1998

A gospel music classic, “Holy Spirit Rain Down” is a slow-tempo song filled with prayer for renewal.

Hillsong Worship released the song on their eighth album, “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth.” 

The lyrics are based on Acts 2 when God pours his spirit out over Jews from every nation in such power that some found it difficult to believe. However, others were renewed and had a change of heart—something Hillsong seems to be requesting from God in this song. 

“Hymn of the Holy Spirit” by Pat Barrett

Song year: 2018

In this sweet gospel song, Housefires lead singer, Barrett, declares the Holy Spirit as his guide and asks Him to lead every aspect of his life.

Barrett reaffirms what Jesus spoke in John 16:13. In this verse, Jesus informs the disciples that they would not be left alone but with the Holy Spirit, who will guide them in truth through Jesus Himself.

Throughout the song, Barret declares the Holy Spirit as the shepherd of his soul, referring to the well-known Psalm 23:1.

“Come Holy Spirit” by Vertical Worship

Song year: 2016

Yet another spirit-filled song by Vertical Worship, the Chrisitan band released “Come to Holy Spirit” in 2016 on their Frontiers album–a nominee for the GMA Dove Worship Album of the Year Award.

Vertical Worship invites God’s Spirit to fall afresh on them and stir revival. The lyrics also express a desperation for the Holy Spirit’s renewing presence.

The combination of slow-tempo and energetic instrumentals gives the worship song the edge necessary for moving hearts.

“Spirit Move” by Bethel Music

Song year: 2016  

Bethel Music released “Spirit Move” on their twelfth album, “Have it All”—a nominee for the GMA Dove Worship Album of the Year and GMA Dove Recorded Music Packaging of the Year awards.

The live version of “Spirit Move” is especially powerful as listeners can hear the crowd pleading alongside Bethel Music for the Holy Spirit to come.

Together, they proclaim the presence of God’s spirit as their primary focus and most significant desire.

“Holy Spirit Have Your Way” by Leeland

Song year: 2009

This slow ballad declares the joy and peace that accompanies surrendering to God’s love. The lyrics invite the Holy Spirit to have its way in all of us.

Throughout the song, Leeland declares their dedication to following God’s spirit even when it doesn’t make sense.

Leeland released “Holy Spirit Have Your Way” on their studio album, “Love Is on the Move,” a Grammy nominee for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album.

“Fresh Wind” by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 2022

Released as a single from Hillsong Worship’s “These Same Skies” album, “Fresh Wind” is sung from the perspective of Christ’s church.

Independent Christian artist Brooke Ligertwood and Hillsong Worship Leader David Ware are the strong vocals behind “Fresh Wind.”

The lyrics pray for a fresh outpouring of God’s spirit that prompts revival. The song also encourages Christians to sincerely praise God in a manner that stirs the Holy Spirit living within them.

“Holy Ghost” by Maverick City Music

“Holy Ghost” by Maverick City Music

Song year: 2020

In “Holy Ghost,” Maverick City Music members Bri Babineaux and Alton Eugene invite the Holy Spirit to shine the love of God out from them and onto those around them.

Maverick City Music released the song on their debut live album Maverick City Vol. 3 – Part 1 album.

The upbeat worship song elicits joy from listeners and like most other songs on the album, effortlessly stirs a desire to lean on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

“Welcome Holy Spirit” by Oasis Worship

Song year: 2021

Oasis Worship released “Welcome Holy Spirit” on their “Heart of Worship Vol. 4” album.

The song has an old-school feel that is both nostalgic and comforting. Oasis Worship welcomes the Holy Spirit’s presence into their life through lyrics that invite God’s spirit to fill and dwell within anyone who sings along.

Throughout the worship song, Oasis Worship endearingly acknowledges the Holy Spirit as the neverending living water, comforter, and counselor.

“Fall Afresh” by Kari Jobe

Song year: 2017

In “Fall Afresh,” Jobe sings of the beauty in the way God opens up Heaven and pours His spirit out.

She also describes her desire to build a place where the Holy Spirit feels welcome to dwell.

Jobe released the song on her fifth studio album, “The Garden.” The album received a Dove Award and a nomination for Worship Album of the Year.

“Spirit Fall” by Passion Music

Song year: 2011

“Spirit Fall” is a slow-tempo worship song by Passion Music that features vocals from Grammy, Dove, and Billboard award-winning Christian artist, Chris Tomlin.

The song is brief but impactful. Passionate vocals from Tomlin gently call for the Holy Spirit to fall over us in all of His glory and power. 

“Spirit Fall” was released on the “Passion: Here For You” album—a live album recorded at the 2011 Passion Conference.

“Fullness” by Elevation Worship

Song year: 2017

Elevation Worship released “Fullness” on their sixth live album, “There Is a Cloud.” The album received nominations for GMA Dove’s Best Worship Album of the Year and Billboard’s Top Christian Album.

“Fullness” proclaims the Holy Spirit’s coming as their one desire. The lyrics invite God to pour out his spirit and love in abundance.

The song frequently references the power that occurs when God outpours his spirit, such as the tongues of fire described in Acts 2.

“Here as in Heaven” by Elevation Worship

Song year: 2016

“Here as in Heaven” acknowledges the change that occurs in the presence of God’s spirit and invites the Holy Spirit to overflow and surround those who listen and sing along.

The slow-tempo song is the title track of Elevation Worship’s fifth live album, “Here as in Heaven”—a nominee for GMA Dove’s Worship Album of the Year Award.

Elevation Worship recorded the album as 16,000 people worshiped along with them, giving each song a powerful touch of God’s spirit.

“Used to This” by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music

Song year: 2021

Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music released “Used to This” on their Grammy-winning album, “Old Church Basement.”

Naomi Raine and Brandon Lake provide listeners with a passionate display of love for God’s Spirit, proclaiming Him as the only one they desire.

The singers also describe the overwhelming feelings of peace and joy that accompany the Holy Spirit’s presence and invite Him to come in full power.

“This I Believe (The Creed)” by Hillsong Worship

Song year: 2014

“This I Believe” is one of Hillsong’s most well-known songs, as churches across the world sing along to it during worship.

It declares God as three-in-one—the father, son, and Holy Spirit. The lyrics affirm God’s word to be true by acknowledging that God always has and always will be with us through his Holy Spirit.

The song earned a GMA Dove nomination for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year. It’s a part of the “No Other Name” album, which won a GMA Dove Worship Album of the Year Award.

“Give Me Faith” by Elevation Worship

Song year: 2010

“Give Me Faith” declares the Holy Spirit as strong when we are weak, reiterating what Paul the Apostle said in Romans 8:26.

The lyrics call on God’s spirit for transformation and help amidst trouble while declaring our dependence on Him. The slow-tempo song stirs feelings of adoration and gratitude for the Holy Spirit, making it one of the best songs about overcoming obstacles, challenges, and hard times.

Elevation Worship released the song on their 2010 “Kingdom Come” album, and it’s just as impactful today as it was then.

“The Change in Me” by Casting Crowns

Song year: 2018

Casting Crowns released “The Change in Me” on their “Only Jesus” album—a nominee for the GMA Dove Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year and Billboard Top Christian Album.

The lyrics describe the Holy Spirit’s gentle love and His ability to provide and guide us in the exact way we need.

Casting Crowns acknowledges the beautiful change the Holy Spirit initiates in people. Passionate vocals and slow instrumentals make for an emotional worship session.

“Spirit Wind” by Casting Crowns

Song year: 2011

“Spirit Wind” is a lighthearted and upbeat ballad that illustrates the drastic changes God’s spirit can prompt.

The lyrics call on God to breathe his spirit over us again in hopes of revival and renewal.

Casting Crowns released the song on their album, “Come to the Well.” The album won a Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Album of the Year and was a Grammy nominee for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. 

“Ghost” by MercyMe

Song year: 2017

MercyMe released “Ghost” on their ninth studio album, “Lifer,” a winner of the GMA Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year.

The album was also a nominee for a Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Album and Grammy Award for Best Christian Contemporary Album.

The upbeat song declares the Holy Spirit as our greatest friend, comforter, and guide through the unknown and darkness.

Top Songs About the Holy Spirit, Final Thoughts

We hope you leave this post with a few new songs about the Holy Spirit on your playlist. Save it as a reference for worship sessions, or share it with your Christian friends!

If you’re a worship leader consider adding some of the above songs to your lineup.

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