Best Songs About Monday

Monday is one of the most dreaded weekdays. The weekend is over, and it is time to pull up our socks and get back into the grind again. Music is therapeutic. It is an ideal way to help get us out of our funk and to get on with our weekday routine.

Here is our list of the best songs about Monday to help us get back into the swing. Some have Monday in the title, while others have Monday in the lyrics. But they are all excellent songs to help you get into the weekday mood.

“Manic Monday” by the Bangles

Song year: 1986

A classic 80s tune, Manic Monday by the Bangles, is the ultimate song choice to add to your Monday morning playlist.

The catchy song reminds of how hectic life is, and how it only slows down on Sunday. Every manic Monday, we’re back to the grind, praying we aren’t late.

“Monday” by Imagine Dragons

Song year: 2021

“Monday” is a newly released song, which is another outstanding Monday pick-me-up song that will have you forgetting about the weekend.

Unlike some of the other songs about Monday, this song celebrates the day by comparing it to someone the singer loves. The person the singer loves is like a brand new day, or a fresh start, even when things get tough — just like Monday.

“I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats

Song year: 1979

This classic Monday song has been around for decades and is still a hit that absolutely must be added to your Monday morning playlist to get you in the mood for getting up and at it at the start of your work week.

While Mondays may feel like the end of the world some weeks, this particular song really is about that. It’s a reference to a school shooting that happened years ago, and of all the Monday songs, this one is sure to put a damper on your day.

However, because of an increase in stricter gun laws in recent years, this song might not be suitable for school-aged children because it chants about shooting Mondays down.

“The Happy Mondays” by The Innocence Mission

Song year: 2010

This slower-paced song about Mondays is an ideal choice for those not-so-friendly morning people who like to chill in the morning, sipping on their cup of coffee before starting their day.

Rather than focusing on the negative aspects about the start of the week, this song reminisces about the end of the school day and the joy of sunshine, mixed with imagination.

“Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

Song Year: 1978

Another slow-paced song, this beautifully written song by Jimmy Buffett is an excellent song selection to add to your Monday morning playlist.

This is another song about how the singer is looking forward to Monday. The weekend is actually what the singer dreads, being away from his love. He knows that on Monday, he’ll have her again after performing his show and coming home.

“Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and Papas

Song year: 1968

“Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and Papas is another great song choice. This 60s song will help get you out of your workweek slump and make Monday morning not so bad.

Despite its upbeat tempo, it’s a song about how Monday is disappointing and reminds the singers of how their love left them. Their lover departed unexpectedly, leaving them alone and depressed on the first day of the week.

“Except for Monday” by Lorrie Morgan

Song year: 1991

Lorrie Morgan puts her spin on a workweek song with this upbeat chant. This is the perfect song for anyone who is going through a bad break-up.

Another tune about a breakup, this song details how each day of the week gets progressively better now that her lover is gone. Monday is, of course, the hardest, but it was always that way because it’s, well, Monday. By Sunday? She’s feeling right as rain.

“Long Monday” by John Prine

Song year: 2005

Through soothing vocals and instrumentals, John Prine offers an incredible song to the collection of best songs about Mondays.

This love song sweetly reflects on the weekend, and the time the singer gets to spend with his love. When the weekend is just about to end, bringing forth a long, lonely Monday, he asks for a kiss to sustain him through the week.

“Monday” by Jimbo World

Song year: 2022

This newly released song is a stellar pick-me-up Monday song. If you’re sick of classics and want something with a modern vibe, this is the Monday song for you.

Unlike many of the songs on this list about how Monday is a hard start to the week, this song reminisces about Sunday prayer, and how the rapper hopes that his (and his mother’s) faith will get him through the week. However, come Monday, he’s back to his usual life.

“Monday Morning Merle” by Cody Johnson

Song year: 2019

Another soothing country song about Monday mornings, this one will have you humming along to the beautiful beat.

The man whom the song is about, Merle, has known his fair share of heartbreak. He gets through the week (obviously beginning with Monday) by listening to classic hits, working hard, and sipping whiskey. 

“It Sure Is Monday” by Mark Chesnutt

Song year: 1993

Get ready to wake up and boogie your Monday morning blues away with Mark Chesnutt as he sings with strong vocals and twangy guitar playing.

Like many of the Monday tunes, this song is about how awful the start to the week is, especially when compared to how fantastic the weekend was. The singer needs to pour the coffee down to get through the day, or at least until lunch, when he can take a nap in his truck.

“Monday” by FRED

Song year: 2022

This newly released hit about Monday will have you up and ready to take on the day by listening to incredible vocals and a catchy beat.

Some days are just harder than others, and this song titled simply “Monday” is about that to an extreme. The singer details how he just isn’t okay, and everything culminates on Monday where he needs to lie and say he’s okay, but he truly isn’t.

“Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters

“Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters

Song year: 1971

Nothing shakes the blues like this 70s love song by the Carpenters that starts slowly and then breaks into an incredible display of uplifting vocals and instrumentals midway that is sure to have you ready to tackle the workday with a smile.

No matter what, sometimes it’s just not possible to break through the clouds on rainy days, or on Mondays. Still, even on the worst days, the singer knows where she can find someone who loves her.

“Monday Morning“ by Fleetwood Mac

Song year: 1975

This funky 70s song has been around for decades and still has the power to make listeners get up and dance their Monday blahs away to the beat of the rhythm of this Monday morning song.

Like many of Fleetwood Mac’s songs, this is about a troubled relationship that has its ups and downs. The week may see the two lovers part, but come Monday, their old partner is looking fine, and they’re ready to try again.

“Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson

Song year: 2004

An easy-listening country song, Monday Morning Church by Alan Jackson is the perfect song for anyone looking to tug on their heartstrings.

Some songs about Monday are about how awful the week is, but this particular song takes the brokenhearted day to a new level. The man sings about how his heart is as empty as Church service on Monday morning all because the love of his life has passed away.

“Working Man Blues” by Merle Haggard

Song year: 1969

Merle Haggard sings the Monday blues away in this upbeat song about being a working man, drinking beer, and getting through the week the best way he can.

The singer works hard to support his wife and his rather impressive number of children, and as long as he’s able, he’ll head to the tavern. He works hard during the week and the weekend, but no matter what, come Monday morning, he’s back at work.

“Monday Morning Missing You” by Blake Shelton

Song year: 2021

There are many breakup songs associated with Monday, and this is no different. The singer, Blake Shelton, parties hard throughout the week, celebrates maybe a bit too much on the weekend because he knows that, come Monday, he’s going to be missing his ex.

“Something More” by Sugarland

Song year: 2004

This inspirational song by Sugarland is about looking for something more than the 9 to 5 in life and reaching for the stars to find something that makes you happy.

Many songs about the day of Monday talk about how the day is just the start of a hard week. The singer croons about how there has to be something more than just working hard and living a meager existence.

“I Don’t Have To Be Me Til Monday” by Steve Azar

Song year: 2002

This song reminds us that there is more to life than working 24/7. There’s no need to dwell on how hard life is, at least not according to Steve Azar. Instead, his song is about how Monday is the perfect day to call out sick and drive around his new car. He’s going to enjoy a three day weekend with his girlfriend instead.

“If We’re Not Back in Love By Monday” by Merle Haggard

Song year: 1977

This twangy country song by Merle Haggard sings about two lovers taking the weekend off to find themselves again in a hectic world where lovers stray apart. If they don’t fall in love again by Monday, they can call it quits.

They’re willing to send the kids to the babysitter and work on their relationship to really give it their best shot on rekindling their love.

“Call It Stormy Monday” by B.B King

Song year: 1947

B.B King puts on a soulful performance in this 40s classic song about Mondays. With a deep voice, King sings this heartfelt song to perfection.

Another song about being broken hearted, B.B. King sings about how every day of the week, starting with Monday, gets worse and worse. He misses his baby and, come Sunday, prays for her to come back to him.

“Permanent Monday” by Jordin Sparks

Song year: 2007

Jordin Sparks puts on a delightful display of lyrics in this beautiful song about wishing a significant other was around every day of the week, including Mondays. Her strong vocals and sweet lyrics make this song worth listening to.

Time moves slowly for Jordin Sparks, and Monday is just the start of an eternal week while her love is gone. He’s home to her, and while he’s gone, every day of the week is just far, far too long.

“Blue Monday” by Fats Domino

Song year: 1956

This cheerful 50s song sung by Fats Domino will put a smile on anyone’s face come Monday morning.

No one sings quite like Fats Domino, and he sings an all-too familiar tune to many of us. Monday is the start of the week where he slaves away. By Wednesday, he’s already exhausted. But come Saturday? He’s been paid and has his girl, so he’s happy as a clam.

“On a Monday” by Lead Belly

Song year: 1943

This catchy toe-tapping song will get you out of your workweek funk and have you up and ready to hit the grind in no time flat.

Many of these Monday-themed songs are about a bad week, but this song by Jerry Douglas takes the cake. It isn’t just that his girlfriend has left him, no. He’s been arrested and spends the whole week in jail only to find that his girl has pawned his clothes when he gets out.

“Monday Comes Around” by Switchfoot

Song year: 2003

Another upbeat song about Monday, despite the cheery tune, it’s a heartfelt piece of music.

This Switchfoot song delves into the life of a girl who’s clearly been having a hard time. She feels broke and alone, and on Friday she breaks down. Monday is no different and everyone seems to be taking and taking from her.

Top Songs About Monday, Final Thoughts

With so many incredible selections of pick-me-up Monday songs, we hope we have helped brighten your week with our list of the best songs about Monday, sure to help get you out of the weekday slump and put a little fire in your step.

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