Best Songs About Rome

Who doesn’t love Rome. Many musicians clearly do, as many have penned songs about this great city.

If you’re looking for some to add to your playlist, below are the top songs about Rome.

Romance in Rome – Petula Clark


In Rome, you can celebrate a dreamy love for the city and a different yet just as captivating love for your partner. ‘Romance in Rome’ is a song that erases all your worries, albeit momentarily, to enjoy love and life’s little pleasures.

In the lyrics, Petula Clark tells you not to focus too much on what tomorrow brings but instead embrace what today is about. This song may have been released in the 60s, but it still proves relevant today. Petula Clark is a long-reigning British singer and actress who is the brains behind Romance in Rome.

Three Coins in the Fountain – Frank Sinatra


Tossing a coin into the fountain is an age-old tradition most people in Rome, Italy, and other places across the globe view as an offering to the water that can make any wish come true. Most people wish for love, money, wealth, and so on.

With this in mind, Frank Sinatra, a celebrated entertainer in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, released ‘Three Coins in the fountain’ to encourage the superstitious lot not to lose hope in their hopes and dreams.

Fontana Di Trevi – Achille Togliani


Roman water fountains are true works of art. Whether you see one in a picture, a video, or right in front of you, the memory will forever be etched in your mind. Rome boasts the most magnificent fountains in the world.

Achille sings his heart out in this song, confessing his love and passion for Rome and its breathtaking fountains. The song expresses his relentless quest to find the love of his life. He professes his undying love in front of a fountain.

On an Evening in Roma (Sott’ er Celo di Roma) – Dean Martin


This beautiful serenade celebrates Rome as the eternal city of love. Switching between English and Italian, Dean Martin weaves the lyrics to paint a beautiful picture of warm evenings after long walks shadowed by Tiber trees.

If you are looking for a slow romantic tune to grace your special evening alone or with a loved one, this is it!

Fall of Rome – Shawn Colvin


The Roman empire was a mighty era that stood firm for over ten centuries before falling in 476 CE. Shawn Colvin’s song, ‘Fall of Rome,’ commemorates the greatness of Rome in those pre-medieval times.

She uses the song’s title as a metaphor to decry and refer to the same feelings people felt after the destruction of Pompeii and when the Titanic ship sank.

Autumn in Rome – Peggy Lee


If you love Jazz, you’ll love ‘Autumn in Rome’ by Peggy Lee. Peggy was a talented musician who dominated the music scene in the 50s and 60s. The American singer seems to have fallen in love with Rome, as most of her songs are about Rome.

In fact, this emotional song expresses how she fell in love with a particular person in La Bella Cittá, a town in Roma.

The Roman Road – Super Furry Animals


While not palatable for most people’s tastes in music, ‘The Roman Road’ is still a song worth listening to. It can be hard to understand how and why the lyrics describe fighting German planes with kites and narrating stories about the universe’s shape to goats.

It’s a song about Rome that expresses how everything is connected. The song narrates how everything leads to Rome, where you can dream and find a reason to live.

Roman Guitar – Lou Monte


‘Roman Guitar’ is a spectacular song that blends Italian and English so effortlessly. The electric Latin melodies and guitar playing in the background make for the best romantic song for a slow evening with your partner.

Lou Monte comes second to none in Italian music, covering different topics from guitars, trees, fountains, wind, etc.

When in Rome – Tony Bennett and Bill Evans


Initially sung by Peggy Lee in 1964, ‘When in Rome’ is an epic song that Tony and Bill again covered in 1964 as a break-up song.

In the song, the main character describes his plans to pursue romantic interests with a stranger during a vacation in Rome. He asks his lover not to get angry as he’s only trying to follow the norm.

Heart of Rome – Elvis Presley


He’s not called the king of Rock and Roll for no reason. Elvis indeed dominated the 70s and 80s music scene in the US and across borders. One of his best songs is ‘Heart of Rome,’ a tell-all song about Elvis being dumped by his lover in Rome.

He asks what a man is to do in such a scenario, a problem he solves by recommending prayer and throwing coins in fountains as if to make a wish to have her back.

Knowledge Is Power – The Ethiopians


This song by the Ethiopians takes a different trajectory, which seeks to draw from the endless fountain of knowledge that ancient Romans seemed to possess.

‘Knowledge is Power’ may not be a love song like most songs about Rome, but it certainly hits the right spots for music enthusiasts.

Arrivederci Roma – Nat King Cole


Orchestral Jazz is unlike other music genres that fail the test of time. When you listen to Nat King Cole’s Arrivederci Roma, you already know that people will still listen to this song for decades.

This song is like a love song serenading Rome as a magical, endearing place that you have to bid farewell to come back again when time allows.

You Get to Rome – Jim James

You Get to Rome - Jim James


This song by Jim James is exactly what you need on a road trip. It gets your blood rushing and excited for what’s coming when you reach your destination.

Jim James is the lead vocalist and guitarist of My Morning Jacket, a rock band based in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s also a revered songwriter whose strengths are clear, as seen in this song.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – Sam Cooke


‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a day’ is an original song composed by Sam Cooke and has become an old song that tells an intriguing story.

In the lyrics, Sam urges his ‘honey’ to stay, saying that while he loves her, he knows that her love for him is a work in progress, like Rome, which took a long time to grow and become majestic. Sam hopes that her love will grow and become great too.

The Seven Hills of Rome – Mario Lanza


History tells us that Rome was built on seven hills. They include Esquiline Hill, Aventin Hill, Capitoline Hill, Viminal Hill, Caelian Hill, and Palatine Hill.

The song boasts beautiful lyrics that urge you to play this song whenever you visit Rome and find yourself on either of these hills.

Spanish Steps of Rome – Toto


Toto was a famous pop rock band better known for their song ‘Africa.’ Spanish Steps of Rome is their song that’s worth a listen. It tells a vivid story about a mysterious lady in Rome on a quest to find love.

It’s a song that speaks to anyone searching for authentic love and gives listeners hope that it’s somewhere on the Spanish steps waiting to be found.

La Musica Dell’Antica Roma – Synaulia


Do you ever wonder what kind of music the Romans used to listen to over two thousand years ago? ‘La Musica Dell’Antica Roma’ is a beautiful ensemble by Synaulia that offers a rare peak into ancient roman music.

This song is reminiscent of Rome’s mystic allure, which you can only see today in theatre performances.

Early Roman Kings – Bob Dylan


Dylan is arguably the crème de la crème of artists that harp on the heartstrings of modern-day Romans. It’s no wonder his song, ‘Early Roman Kings,’ seeks to pay homage to ancient Rome leaders while at the same time celebrating what Rome is today.

This is a slow enchanting song with a classic edge, literal music to the ears of anyone who can appreciate good music.

Rome Munich Rome – Robbie Williams


This kind of song will wake you up from deep slumber, making you want to dance and show off all your best moves. It’s rare but all the same, an energetic rock and roll song that evokes the feeling of mindless fun, splurging money, and visiting different cities.

Robbie Williams is the brains behind ‘Rome Munich Rome,’ a song that is so much fun to listen to. He is a vocal performer that releases a billboard chart-worthy song, occasionally reminding people of his vocal prowess.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – Morcheeba


The Proverbial, ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day,’ depicts the massiveness of the eternal city, which may have morphed into modern Italy today but is yet to be forgotten. This rendition complements the song originally composed by Sam Cooke, as listed above.

Morcheeba gave her best to chuck this song, and you can tell because the song sounds fantastic. The pop singer made it to the UK Charts in 2000 and was number one in Morcheeba’s home country.

Back to Rome – Frank Black and the Catholics


There’s an unconfirmed notion that you’ll want to go back whenever you leave Rome. This song captures that feeling of returning to Rome in ways no other song has.

‘Back to Rome’ is a song that hints at what Rome is like and helps you reminisce about a time spent in the city. The magical thing about this song is how well the voices of The Catholics blend, making a work of art and a masterpiece that will play in people’s minds for many years to come.

Rome – Phoenix


Their album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ is where the hidden gem Rome resides. Phoenix is an electronic pop group that produces energetic tracks bringing a fresh new sound to an otherwise saturated music sector.

‘Rome’ is a song that allows you to paint a vivid picture of a thriving romantic love in Rome. The lyrics describe a laid-back scene where the main character admires the Roman sunsets while resting near an arena with a cigarette.

The Book – Sheryl Crow


A trip to Rome is a front-row seat to a different yet exciting way of life that works for the people who live here today. Despite being a far cry from the ancient Rome depicted in movies, modern Rome is just as intriguing.

This song narrates how the experiences and cherished memories in Rome are enough to write a book. Sheryl Crow is an acclaimed American singer, actress, and songwriter who has released many captivating songs in her era.

Rome – Dermont Kennedy


This is the second song in this list that shares the title Rome, which speaks to how great a source of inspiration this eternal land is. Dermont Kennedy’s unique voice and deep Irish accent grab your attention instantly when he starts singing.

His song ‘Rome’ has racked up millions of views on YouTube and continues to grab attention across all age groups.

Arrivederci Roma – Il Volo


What better way to end this countdown than with a song dubbed Arrivederci Roma which translates into goodbye Rome? The song beautifully expresses the emotions that engulf anyone departing from Rome.

Arrivederci, Roma by Il Volo is the song you play when you have to go back home but with a promise to return. The song can grab and hold your attention thanks to the melodic harmonies of the beautiful voices of Ignacio, Gianluca, and Piero, the three group members of Il Volo.

Top Songs About Rome, Final Thoughts

Rome has been the source of inspiration for countless musicians throughout history. From classic crooners like Frank Sinatra to modern pop sensations like Taylor Swift, the eternal city has captured the hearts and imaginations of artists from all genres. Whether you’re planning a trip to Rome or simply looking to get lost in its music’s beauty, these songs will surely transport you to the heart of this magical city.

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