Best Country Songs About New Relationships

Entering a new relationship is always an exciting time. From the nervous butterflies you feel in your stomach to feeling like you finally found the one for you, starting a new romance is always happy and thrilling. Here are the best country songs about new relationships.

“Your Man” by Josh Turner

Year: 2005

Josh Turner sings about how much he loves his new woman in “Your Man”. He adores her so much that all he wants to do is cuddle with her in their dark bedroom with no other distractions. Turner addresses that he has thought about this cuddling session for the entire day.

More so, he has always desired the privilege to love this woman the way he is described in the lyrics. Now that he has that privilege, he cannot be more grateful.

“Your Man” by Josh Turner

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2008

Swifties assemble! One of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs, “Love Story” paints a picture of two lovers falling for each other. She likens the love affair to the story of Romeo and Juliet, who were forbidden lovers in a Shakespearean play written in the late 1500s.

The female narrator in “Love Story” mentions the progression of their bond and how their families received it. The girl’s father first did not accept the boy courting his daughter. By the end of the song, the girl’s father is the one that purchased the female narrator’s wedding dress for the two to get married.

“Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban

Year: 2002

The male narrator in Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” feels a change in the air because of the loving emotions he is feeling for his new girlfriend. He claims he has always wanted to love someone like this woman and is feeling lucky to have met and fallen for her.

Just by the way she respects and cares for him, he feels he can do anything he sets his mind to. He understands there are still weaknesses in his personality he must work to correct, but having her at his side is making him a better gentleman.

“Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes

Year: 2021

The male narrator in Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” celebrates the simple joys of being in a new relationship with a down-to-earth woman. He claims he doesn’t need to impress her with expensive dates or fancy clothes because they have fun with whatever they do.

Whether they go to Applebee’s or Wendy’s or dance in the living room or the parking lot, they make every moment special and memorable. He admires her for being authentic and easygoing, and he feels proud to call her his girl. He knows they don’t need much to be happy because they are fancy like.

“From the Ground Up” by Dan and Shay

Year: 2016

“From the Ground Up” is the first Dan and Shay country song about new relationships we will highlight for this list. They open the song with a story about the narrator’s grandparents who made a strong household for their family for about 65 years when married with children.

The male narrator is envisioning repeating history with his significant other. He wants to build on a strong foundation of love and respect that will transform into a lovely home. By the mention of a pink nursery, he is hoping to have a daughter that looks like his significant other.

“Better Together” by Luke Combs

Year: 2019

Luke Combs makes comparisons of quintessential pairings at the beginning of “Better Together.” One of these examples is drinking a cup of coffee while watching the morning sunrise.

Despite the couple being opposites, the male narrator believes they are stronger as a pair. He loves driving her around as she enjoys her coffee during the car rides and engages in the fun laughs they share.

“Better Together” by Luke Combs

“If I Didn’t Love You” by Jason Aldean And Carrie Underwood

Year: 2021

The male and female narrators in Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood’s “If I Didn’t Love You” wonder how they would cope without each other. They claim they would be better off and happier if they didn’t love each other so much, but they know that’s not true.

They can’t imagine life without their partner, and they miss them every day. They try to move on and find someone new, but they can’t shake off the feelings they have. They admit they are still in love and can’t let go.

“You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean

Year: 2018

Aldean soulfully sings about how a man feels when finding a woman who understands him. While it was once hard for him to show his emotions, he feels he can open up more now because of how easy this woman makes it for him to let his guard down.

When he feels sad, she is there to pick him up. If he doubts himself, she encourages him through the trials and tribulations.

“Check Yes or No” by George Strait

Year: 1995

George Strait talks about a young love between a male narrator and a girl in his elementary school class. His adoration sparks when she kisses him while riding the school bus.

Then, she passes a note to the boy in class one day asking if he loves her and if she could be friends. The boy never had a chance to check an affirmation or denial of the message to give back to her because the teacher intercepted the note.

However, fast forward to the present day, the boy and girl are now married adults with two children. 

“Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere” by Chad Brownlee

Year: 2019

The narrator in Chad Brownlee’s “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere” highlights the different scenarios they may face when starting a new relationship. One of the scenarios is the man buying a woman a drink during a discount price day at the bar.

While the woman feels this is too cliche of a way to start talking to a man, he replies that everlasting bond beings with some kind of experience. Hence, no matter how two people meet, it takes only one special interaction to turn into entering a new relationship.

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves

Year: 2018

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves is one of the country songs about new relationships that touch the soul. She makes the metaphor of how she felt like a caterpillar with no evolution from her chrysalis until she met this new significant other that brought out the best in her.

Hence, she now feels the quintessential emotion many individuals experience when they are entering new relationships: the butterflies in their stomachs.

“Whole Lot In Love (On the Road)” by Austin Burke

Year: 2017

It’s natural to feel nervous in confessing the love you feel to someone, especially for the song narrator in Austin Burke’s “Whole Lot In Love (On the Road)”. This is the first time the narrator has felt emotions like this because he is scared about how this love confession will go. However, he takes the leap of faith to do it anyway.

“I Love You This Big” by Scotty McCreery

Year: 2011

In “I Love You This Big”, Scotty McCreery sings about a story of a young man who is not afraid to show how much he is in love with his woman. Sure, young people may need more time to know what true love is. However, this gentleman feels confident in his emotions.

Hence, he is bold and emotionally strong enough to show how much he loves his woman with loving words and the biggest hugs.

“The Feels” by Maren Morris

Year: 2019

The Feels is about a female wanting to be more than friends with a male she has a crush on. She hints at her feelings for him in subtle ways, hoping he will notice and reciprocate. She admits she is nervous and shy about making the first move, but she can’t deny the attraction she has for him.

She asks him if he feels the same way about her, and if he wants to take their relationship to the next level. She suggests they should act on their emotions and see where it leads them. She confesses she has all the feelings for him and wants to be his girl.

“The Feels” by Maren Morris

“Yours” by Russell Dickerson

Year: 2017

The male narrator in “Yours” by Russell Dickerson first felt lost in his life. He felt like there was a missing piece that he could not find. Then, when he starts dating his current girlfriend, he realizes that this missing piece fell into place.

He makes melodies about how he felt like a ship in a bottle that could not go to sea or old shoes that navigated busy streets with no set journey. Despite this loneliness, he is glad to have found a woman willing to spend the rest of his life with him.

“The Feels” by Maren Morris

Year: 2019

Maren Morris sings about the romantic emotions that a female is feeling towards her male significant other. The two have a commonly understood love where words aren’t needed to show how they feel.

They can communicate their emotions with their eyes and other body language cues. She doesn’t need the romantic cliche of a candlelit dinner and only desires the physical attention of her lover.

“Your Woman” by Hannah Ellis

Year: 2019

Hannah Ellis talks about a girl who is bold, rowdy, and confident in being this man’s woman. She’s not afraid to show who she is, and it seems her man does not mind her attitude. The female narrator likes to live life on the edge and she loves to invite her man for the ride.

“This Kiss” by Faith Hill

Year: 1998

You may remember Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” in cinematic productions and playing inside grocery stores as you shop. The female narrator reflects on how she wants an easy romantic relationship without complications and heartbreak.

She reminisces on a kiss she shared with her significant other and how it made her feel. Now, she thinks about what it’d feel like to kiss him in different locations and feel the same bliss.

“Catch” by Brett Young

Year: 2018

“Catch” starts with a man trying to have fun at a party with friends. When a female sits down and they chat together, he is now interested in learning about her. This was a fun, yet unexpected turn of events in how he expected the party to go.

“Good, Bad, and Ugly” by Runaway June

Year: 2019

The man in “Good, Bad, and Ugly” is trying to help his woman get ready for the day. She wakes up with a morning hairdo and old makeup from the prior night. However, he compliments her beauty anyway as he brings her coffee. She loves the fact that he still wants to love her on her good and bad days.

“Nothin’ Like You” by Dan and Shay

Year: 2014

A man and a woman meet at what seems to be a cafe. She’s enjoying coffee with books at her side while shyly playing with her hair.

He’s ultimately attracted to how different this woman acts and looks compared to other women he has met. As they become closer in a new relationship, he loves how she does not mind kissing him when there are other people in public watching.

“Nothin’ Like You” by Dan and Shay

“Somebody’s Got Me” by Mitchell Tenpenny

Year: 2018

The male narrator in “Somebody’s Got Me” reflects on how he has fallen in love with a woman. He is drinking alcohol and discussing what he feels about his mother to try to understand why this woman has such an effect on him. He’s surprised at how supportive this woman is for him and can’t believe he has found someone like her.

“This Everyday Love” by Rascal Flatts

Year: 2000

Rascal Flatts celebrate what it means to be in a simple relationship. Interaction is easy and seamless as she uplifts him after hard days at work. While it seems like a normal relationship, the male narrator would not want to change the nature of the bond whatsoever.

“Redneck Love Song” by Morgan Wallen

Year: 2018

A male redneck narrator is not afraid to admit that he’s a blue-collar worker in love with a woman. While he may not talk much and he is the average Joe, he willfully admits what he feels to his loved one. He highlights the physical attributes and personality traits of the woman he adores most in his bold and beautiful love confession.

“I Knew It Was You” by Nick Wayne

Year: 2021

Nick Wayne sings about how a man realized this woman was the one for him even though he was young. He is so excited that he phones his mother to tell her about it. He feels that their bond is more than the butterflies they feel making out together and that it’s a forever relationship.

“Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs

Year: 2017

The male narrator in “Beautiful Crazy” loves taking risks with his woman. She dances, unlike any other woman he’s seen before. While she attempts weekend plans, they end up relaxing together on the couch instead. Her unpredictability keeps him on his toes.

“Forever Girl” by Jon Langston

Year: 2013

A man and woman are experiencing a quintessential summer love story in “Forever Girl” by Jon Langston. They have fun tailgating, swimming in the lake, and driving back home in the man’s truck. This is a summer love that the man hopes lasts forever.

“Forever Girl” by Jon Langston

Top Country Songs About New Relationships, Final Thoughts

Are you in the middle of starting a new relationship with a significant other? We hope you enjoy this list of the best country songs about new relationships. Each one artfully explains how to connect in a new relationship.

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