Best Earth Wind And Fire Songs

Earth Wind and Fire is a trendy 70s/80s disco band with multi-genre hits that people of all ages thoroughly enjoy. Most Americans have heard at least one of their hits, but many more are worth listening to.

Here are the best Earth Wind and Fire Songs ever.

1. “September” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1978

“September” is undoubtedly the most famous Earth Wind and Fire song, perhaps because it’s a common choice for weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and other large family and friend gatherings.

It has a groovy beat, celebratory lyrics, and upbeat, high-pitched vocals that are hard to resist dancing to, so it’s always a safe choice when you want people of any age to get up and get moving.

2. “Let’s Groove” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1981

“Let’s Groove” is another famous song and arguably one of the best Earth Wind and Fire songs for dance parties, as it’s directly about grooving (or dancing the night away).

Their signature high-pitched chorus makes a feature in this hit, as well as the ultra-positive, carefree lyrics. This song makes people want to forget about all their worries and concerns and just groove!

3. “Fantasy” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1978

Earth Wind and Fire’s “Fantasy” is a classic love song played in many movies and provides the soundtrack to countless romantic moments. Part of its catchiness comes from the signature falsetto vocals that make it sound almost like a chant.

The lyrics tell of a lover longing for the object of their affection and willing to do almost anything to have them. It’s a great song for anyone who wants to feel the magic of young love.

4. “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1979

“Boogie Wonderland” is similar to “Let’s Groove” in that it’s all about dancing the night away as if you live in a “Boogie Wonderland.” It’s challenging for even the “worst” dancers not to bounce along with this groovy beat.

The chorus commands listeners to dance, so this hit is often used to start the dancing portion of receptions and parties.

5. “Serpentine Fire” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1977

“Serpentine Fire” is a funk-heavy song with intriguing instrumentals. The song is about a feeling of passion toward someone, and the lyrics are filled with references to a burning fire and mesmerizing energy.

The chorus is a declaration of love, but with a funky twist that Earth Wind and Fire does so well. This song is perfect for anyone wanting to show someone that they have a strong desire toward them.

6. “That’s The Way of the World”

Song Year: 1975

Not all Earth Wind and Fire songs are up-tempo dance hits. They are a versatile group, and the slow and dreamy “That’s The Way of the World” is a great example of this.

Listening to this song makes it hard to feel hate towards anyone or anything because it reminds you of how beautiful the world is and how beautiful life is in general. The world means well, regardless of some painful things we see daily.

7. “Sing a Song” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1976

“Sing a Song” is one of the best Earth Wind and Fire songs to listen to (and sing along to) when feeling down and out.

The lyrics speak specifically to singing a joyful song when you’re feeling low, so you can go ahead and sing along to this joyful song and feel instantly better! It also has a mid-tempo groovy beat that welcomes a good two-step.

8. “Shining Star” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1975

“Shining Star” is one of those songs that almost everyone has heard, regardless of whether they know that it’s by EWF or not. Many artists and musicians have sampled and covered it over the decades, mostly due to its catchy, unforgettable chorus.

This song is great to listen to in the morning to pump yourself up and boost your confidence before you start your day.

9. “After The Love Has Gone” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1979

If you need a sad love song, “After The Love Has Gone” will get the job done. Not only is it about heartbreak, but it also speaks to being led on for way longer without being given a chance to move on with more clarity and closure.

Relationships are messy, and this song is a nod to that. It’s also great for anyone questioning their relationships or if they are on the brink of ending a relationship and want a song to make them feel less alone in their confusion.

10. “Got To Get You Into My Life” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1978

“Got To Get You Into My Life” has a fantastic big bang and jazz elements that kick the song off with a bang and carry it through.

The song is about falling in love with someone and desiring for them to be a part of your life. If you’ve ever had a crush on someone from a distance, you’ll resonate with the sentiments of this song.

The hope, the desperation, the dreams, the love – this song expresses all of these passion-filled emotions with a groovy beat and a jazz guitar interlude!

11. “Reasons” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1974

Philip Bailey, one of the members of Earth Wind and Fire, is known for his falsetto singing, and the high notes he’s able to hit on “Reasons” is out of this world.

It was never released as a single, so it didn’t make a notable chart appearance, but we guess that it certainly would have if it were. Plus, it gets lots of credit and is acknowledged as one of Earth Wind and Fire’s greatest hits. And the saxophone interlude doesn’t hurt.

12. “Can’t Hide Love” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1976

“Can’t Hide Love” is a smooth, sultry tune from EWF that’s all about the feeling of falling in love and having it take over your every thought, thus not being able to deny it.

The song speaks to how there are times when you want to hide your feelings from someone – whether it’s because you don’t want to complicate a relationship or you don’t feel ready to move forward. But ultimately, when you know, you know.

And the song’s narrator is speaking to the person he’s falling for, sharing how he knows she’s falling for him too.

13. “Getaway” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1976

Another upbeat heat by Earth Wind and Fire is “Getaway,” filled with dynamic, intricate, and exciting instrumentals.

“Getaway” is about leaving all the worries, negativity, and hurtful people and things that might be around you and getting away from it all – whether physically or mentally.

It calls on the listener to ignore hateful people and leave their cares behind to enjoy life fully.

14. “Mighty Mighty” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1974

“Mighty Mighty” is one of Earth Wind and Fire’s “funkiest” songs in terms of its drumming.

The song is about the power of unity – when one person feels weak, another can be strong, and together they can be “Mighty Mighty.” It speaks to the idea that together, we can face any challenge.

This song is meant to get people up together and celebrate life, community, connection, and better days to come.

15. “In The Stone” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1979

One of the best aspects of “In The Stone” is the riveting, passionate trumpet-heavy intro that builds up and creates excitement for the rest of the tune.

Once the beat drops, the song feels more familiar to “regular” Earth, Wind, and Fire songs, with a groovy, steady beat. But it still has intermittent brass interruptions that keep the excitement alive.

The song is filled with metaphors about love and life, so it’s a more unique Earth Wind and Fire song to use for a wedding.

16. “Keep Your Head to the Sky” by Earth Wind and Fire

Keep Your Head to the Sky by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1973

“Keep Your Head to the Sky” is one of Earth Wind and Fire’s earlier hits, and it’s become a favorite for people who love their soft, smooth, sentimental songs.

The song is about staying strong through hard times and keeping your faith and hopes up for better times. It’s also about finding your will, your life’s purpose, and your “why,” which makes staying motivated and positive about life much easier.

17. “Devotion” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1974

“Devotion” is a smooth song with many great things about it. It has low-key, jazzy vibes, slow gospel inspiration, harmonious chords, a perfectly balanced bassline, and sweet lyrics.

The song aimed to bring harmony and light to a dark and turbulent time in America. In general, Earth, Wind, and Fire understood and embraced the power of music and melody to inspire and uplift people, and they did it so well.

18. “Be Ever Wonderful” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1975

“Be Ever Wonderful” is a soft yet soulful song that reminds listeners that you don’t have to change for the world.

Many societal pressures can make you feel like you’re not enough. This is especially true if you feel like you don’t belong.

But this Earth Wind and Fire song can remind you that you can be yourself, be authentic, and be true to yourself because you’re already wonderful as you are. Your uniqueness is what makes you unique.

19. “Saturday Nite” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1976

Some people need a soft, sweet song like “Devotion” to feel uplifted, while others prefer a funky tune like “Saturday Nite” to forget their worries and have a good time.

Saturday is seen as the day when you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the moment – and that’s the song’s vibe.

It has a groovy beat and an upbeat tempo that’s hard not to bop your head and snap your fingers to. It’s perfect for listening during sunset on a crisp Saturday evening – perhaps with a drink in hand and all your closest friends around.

20. “I’ll Write a Song for You” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1977

Another one of Earth Wind and Fire’s sentimental tunes is “I’ll Write a Song for You.” It doesn’t have a set chorus, which makes the entire track feel like one smooth, melodic piece.

The lyrics are about writing a song for someone and expressing your feelings of love and devotion through music – something the band does swimmingly.

When you write a song for someone, it shows that you care about them immensely, and it’s one of the best gestures toward someone you love.

21. “Love’s Holiday” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1977

Another soulful and jazzy tune from Earth, Wind, and Fire is called “Love’s Holiday.” It’s a romantic, dreamy song perfect for a wedding, anniversary, or simply a special date night.

It’s about finding solace in one another’s arms and speaking the truth about how passionately you feel about this person.

The singer asks if their lover minds it if they get hypnotized in their eyes because that’s just a reality when you’re so in love with someone. It’s also called “Love Holiday” because he sings about love finding its way into his heart, as if “Love” is a person taking a trip somewhere.

22. “Kalimba Story” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1974

Jazz, funk, pop, R&B, and soul all combine for this groovy tune. “Kalimba Story” is about the singer’s affinity and appreciation for a kalimba, which is a traditional African thumb piano.

Learning how to play the kalimba helped him grow an appreciation and understanding of music, traditions, and the ability to send messages through art and music.

Something people appreciate about this song is that they actually feature the kalimba towards the end, and it adds a sweet, higher-pitched layer of joy to the final moments of the track.

23. “Fall In Love With Me” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1983

This groovy, dynamic song has elements of sync-pop layered on top of classic disco tunes, making it a musical fusion that dreams are made of!

“Fall In Love With Me” is about how amazing a partner the narrator can be if the person he loves falls in love with him back. They speak to how they can build this person up, help them grow, comfort them, and more.

Ultimately, this song is about letting someone you love know how you feel about them, as well as what you can offer as a partner.

24. “Evil” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1973

The hit song “Evil” by Earth, Wind, and Fire is considered to be one of their earlier works. This particular song stands out because of its unique tone and approach, which differs from many of their other songs.

Although the beat is just as groovy, up-tempo, and positive sounding as ever, the lyrics speak to the fact that there’s a lot of evil in the world, as if it’s inherently a part of us.

It’s clear that Earth Wind and Fire saw many of society’s harms in the early 1970s, which makes sense. America was dealing with the Vietnam War, racial tensions from the Civil Rights movement, sexism, an economic recession, and more.

25. “Sweetback’s Theme” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1971

“Sweetback’s Theme” is filled with funky jazz loops and is a fully instrumental song created primarily by Maurice White.

The song was created for a film called Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, and it helps Earth Wind and Fire on the road to future success, as this was at a time they were still shopping for their work.

It starts slow and smooth, then builds up steadily over the course of about seven minutes. This makes it a great song you can dance to or simply play in the background while enjoying a nice dinner.

26. “Sun Goddess” by Earth Wind and Fire, Featuring Ramsey Lewis

Song Year: 1975

The song “Sun Goddess” is a diverse and complex piece of music. It features the renowned jazz pianist, Ramsey Lewis, who has a strong professional relationship with Maurice White. The song encompasses multiple instruments, resulting in a unique and eclectic sound.

It’s a funky, brassy, groovy, harmonious, and fiery track all at once, which makes it hard for any instrumental lover to resist listening to it.

This is another mostly instrumental song, similar to “Sweetback’s Theme,” but it has some vocal elements here and there (but no distinct lyrics).

27. “Beijo (aka Brazilian Rhyme)” by Earth Wind and Fire

Song Year: 1977

Like many songs by Earth Wind and Fire, even if you don’t think you know this band, you’ve likely heard this song in one way or another.

DJs love playing various versions of it, MCs love rapping over it, and musicians of all kinds have sampled it in their music. It’s a brief, 80-second, groovy instrumental that never gets old!

One of the most popular uses of this groove is in Big Pun’s chart-topping hit “Still Not A Player.” Overall, it’s not the first song people think of when they think about “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” but it’s undoubtedly impactful enough for us to include it on their list of best songs!

Top Earth Wind And Fire Songs, Final Thoughts

Earth Wind and Fire saw massive, timeless success due to their fusion-style songs that are hard to resist dancing and singing to.

They mix funk, soul, jazz, disco, R&B, pop, Afro-pop, and Latin beats to create a fusion of excitement, fun, and intrigue. That’s why their music is a common choice for weddings, birthday parties, barbecues, date nights, and all kinds of celebratory events.

We hope you enjoyed listening to the best Earth Wind and Fire songs and maybe developing a new favorite jam!

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