Best Metal Love Songs

Are you on the hunt for some metal love songs? The two words don’t always go hand in hand, but when done well they go down really well. Read on for the best metal love songs ever.

1. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Song Year: 1987

Guns N’ Roses is an American hard rock band that often ventured into the metal genre, as in Sweet Child O’ Mine, which was about band member Axl Rose’s girlfriend. The track was off their debut album and launched in the summer of 1987 to great success.

The song has a harsh, distorted guitar, a heavy drum beat, and high-pitched vocals from Axl Rose. It quickly became a Guns N’ Roses staple, hitting the number-one mark on the American charts.

2. This Love by Pantera

Song Year: 1992

Pantera is a heavy metal rock band from Dallas known for their love songs. This Love, a 1992 track off their hit album Vulgar Display of Power.

This Love starts with a chill guitar, using no distortion, contrasting their typical style. The song heightens with louder and more intense vocals, climaxing with lyrics about the newness of a young relationship.

3. Snuff by Slipknot

Song Year: 2009

Another notable metal love song is Snuff by American heavy metal group Slipknot. It came out in 2009 with their hit album All Hope Is Gone and was an instant hit with listeners.

The track is a slower respite from the rest of the hard-hitting metal album, and singer Corey Taylor waxes poetic about a failing relationship. He talks about loving someone but realizing they have changed and it’s time to let go.

4. Love You To Death by Type O Negative

Song Year: 1996

Love You To Death is a hit song from Type O Negative’s fourth studio album, October Rust. The New York City-based band wrote in the gothic metal genre, and “Love You To Death” is no exception, with elements of haunting piano keys and dark vocals.

The track is about loving someone for the rest of their life, and lead singer Peter Steele sings about the beauty and power of his lover.

5. Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet For My Valentine

Song Year: 2005

Bullet For My Valentine, a Welsh metal band, wrote this hit love song in 2005 and cemented their place in the metalcore genre.

Tears Don’t Fall was an early single for the band, anticipating their debut studio album The Poison, but it was an instant success, peaking at the number 24 spot on the US charts.

The melancholy track follows a man as he laments the sadness of his lover, who is crying because of something he did. He expresses his love and regret.

6. Prisoner of Your Eyes by Judas Priest

Prisoner of Your Eyes by Judas Priest

Song Year: 2001

A list of metal songs wouldn’t be complete without Judas Priest, a classic band from Birmingham in England’s West Midlands. The band formed in 1969 and was a cemented part of the genre when they released the hit love song Prisoner of Your Eyes in 2001.

Prisoner of Your Eyes is a guitar-heavy, moderately paced metal track about an intense, dependent relationship. The singer says he can’t be without his lover and is like a prisoner.

7. Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Song Year: 1994

Closer is a love song about raw, intense infatuation. It’s by Nine Inch Nails, an American rock and metal band founded in Ohio in the 1980s, and the hit was popular globally and became a party anthem.

The anxious-sounding track has electro influences, a fast beat, and harsh, distorted vocals. Frontman Trent Reznor sings about adoring someone intensely and offering love, even though he is flawed.

8. Bulletproof Love by Pierce The Veil

Song Year: 2010

The harsh yet engaging sound of Bulletproof Love makes it an anthem for lovers looking for metal songs. It’s by Pierce The Veil, a rock metal group from California, and the song dropped in 2010 with their second studio album, Selfish Machines.

The song is about an intense obsession with a loved one. It has a peppy music line juxtaposed with distinctive metal vocals.

9. The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Song Year: 2006

Breaking Benjamin released The Diary of Jane in 2006, and the track was instantly a hit. It’s a song about being desperate for love and reaching the brink of a nervous breakdown.

The song has strong vocals from Benjamin Burnley, layered guitar riffs, and a sing-along chorus. It charted at number two on the mainstream rock charts, and the band followed the song with an acoustic version.

10. Layla by Derek & The Dominos

Song Year: 20

Derek & The Dominos is a metal-infused blues rock band with an intriguing story. The group formed after working with George Harrison on his debut solo album, and Layla was the short-lived band’s first hit.

Layla is a love song about the beautiful wife of George Harrison, whom many of the band members admired. Interestingly, the woman in question later married Eric Clapton, the Derek & The Dominos founder.

11. Kissing In Cars by Pierce The Veil

Song Year: 2010

Pierce The Veil released this hit metal love song in 2010. It’s a nostalgic love tune about a past teenage romance.

The young love track talks about making a relationship work despite past breakups. On the slow-paced guitar track, singer Vic Fuentes details a young couple fighting against the odds to make their love work.

12. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue

Song Year: 1989

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band from Hollywood, California, formed in the 1980s. They often fall into the glam metal or hard rock category, and you can hear the rock influences in their 199 love song, Kickstart My Heart.

Doctors declared the band’s bassist briefly dead in 1987 due to an overdose. They had to restart his heart, and he wrote this song about the experience. The artist sings about asking a lover to make his life exciting, almost like she is kickstarting his heart.

13. Loud Love by The Pretty Reckless

Song Year: 2022

Loud Love is a cover of a metal love song, paying tribute to Soundgarden in the 1980s. It’s by The Pretty Reckless, a rock band from New York City.

The reimagined track pays homage to older metal songs, with loud, distorted guitar and volume-down vocals with harsh timbre. It’s about loving someone intensely and not letting go, and former actress Taylor Momson sings about experiencing obsessive love.

14. Ruptured Heart Theory by Eyehategod

Ruptured Heart Theory by Eyehategod

Song Year: 2010

Give a listen to Ruptured Heart Theory, a heavy metal track all about the feelings of love. The harsh metal sounds contrast with the lighthearted lyrics, making it an intriguing addition to your playlist of metal love songs.

The 2010 track is from the project Dopesick, an album by New Orleans-based sludge metal band Eyehategod. It’s about two lovers keeping each other company and providing comfort.

15. Heavy Metal Love by Helix

Song Year: 1983

Give Heavy Metal Love a listen. It’s one of the best heavy metal songs about love and relationships, and the 1983 track is a true classic.

The hard rock and heavy metal band Helix hails from Canada, and they’ve been around since 1974. They released “Heavy Metal Love” to great acclaim just a few years after the start of their career.

The upbeat song praises a girl who reminds the singer of heavy metal music.

16. When The Wild Wind Blows by Iron Maiden

Song Year: 2013

Power metal band Iron Maiden wrote When The Wild Wind Blows in 2013. It’s a movie-influence track that pulls inspiration from the 1986 animated film of the same name.

The ballad follows an elderly couple as they take shelter underground from a nuclear war. It’s a timeless testament to the dedication of their committed relationship, even to the edge of war and death.

17. A Scenery of Loss by Draconian

Song Year: 2005

A Scenery of Loss is a song from the 2005 album Arcane Rainfall, an epic heavy metal album about the fall of the angel Lucifer and the creation of the realm of hell.

It’s a darker take on traditional love songs, dealing with themes of sadness and loss. However, the singer hopes for better days and wants his light to shine, looking for love.

18. Loverman by Metallica

Song Year: 1998

Loverman is a love song about commitment. It’s by Metallica, a metal band formed in the 1980s in southern California.

In the track, the Metallica singer James Hetfield lyricises about loving until the end of the line. He sings about wanting to care for his lover to the end of days.

It has a slow, ballad-like backing track with American country-style vocals.

19. Wasting Love by Iron Maiden

Song Year: 1992

Wasting Love is the sixth track off Fear of the Dark, Iron Maiden’s ninth album. It marked the middle of their ever-rising career, and the song is among the best underrated Iron Maiden tracks.

The love song came out in the fall of 1992. It has a poignant, touching guitar solo, a slow beat, and a melancholy feeling of loneliness and desperation for love.

20. Love Song by Alice in Chains

Love Song by Alice in Chains

Song Year: 1992

Alice in Chains is a traditional heavy metal band with rock and sludge metal elements. They formed in 1987 in Seattle and released many hit metal rock songs, namely “Love Song” in 1992.

Love Song is a grunge-infused song with heavy staccato drums, wailing vocals, and lyrics about a breakup’s messy aftermath. The singer says despite loving the person, they also hate them and are glad the relationship is over.

21. No Stranger to Love by Black Sabbath

Song Year: 1986

Black Sabbath is undoubtedly an icon of the heavy metal genre. The band formed in Birmingham, England, in 1968 and added many metal songs to the canon, including “No Stranger to Love” in 1986. The hit love song features vocals from Tony Iommi and production by Jeff Glixman.

No Stranger to Love is a slower metal track. It has lyrical vocals, distorted guitar, and words about feeling lonely within a relationship and wanting love.

22. Kiss by Korn

Song Year: 2008

Another top metal love song is Kiss, a simple ballad about loving someone you can’t have. The singer waxes poetic about loving someone even when they push you away and wanting to be with them anyway.

Korn is a nu-metal band that’s been making music since 1993. They released Kiss in 2008 when they were already an established group in the genre.

Kiss was the sixth single off their album, Untitled, and the track deals with themes of desperation, pleading, and never ending love.

23. I Walk Beside You by Dream Theater

Song Year: 2005

Don’t forget to listen to “I Walk Beside You,” a metal love song from the early 2000s. It dropped in the summer of 2005 as the fourth track on Octavarium, a progressive metal album by Dream Theater.

Dream Theater started making tunes in 1985 at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. However, their formal training only helped the artists launch into creative experiments like “I Walk Beside You,” a metal track that fuses multiple genres from synth-pop to traditional metal.

I Walk Beside You is about loving someone who’s hurting and quiet about it. The singer begs the person to let him in, wanting to learn more about them and love them for who they are. He commits to walking with his lover through difficulties.

24. Let Me Put My Love Into You by AC/DC

Song Year: 1980

AC/DC wrote this love song for their 1980 album, Back in Black, which is now a staple in the rock genre. It’s a metal-inspired track about an intense relationship.

The Scottish-born Australian band wrote this track about wanting to spend a night with a loved one. It had screamy vocals, fierce guitars, and a steady bass line.

25. You’re In Love by Ratt

Song Year: 1985

Ratt was a metal band famous for their voyage into the glam metal subgenre, using glitzy costumes and overt personalities to add glamor to their performances. They released You’re In Love in 1985, cementing their ability to write killer love tracks.

You’re In Love features clear, bright vocals, loud guitar riffs, and lyrics about the feelings of instant love. It has vocals from Stephen Pearcy and song production by Beau Hill.

26. Last Rites/Loved To Death by Megadeth

Song Year: 1985

Megadeth is a thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Two years after frontman Dave Mustaine founded the group, he oversaw the release of Last Rites/Loved To Death, a heavy metal rock song.

The track is about loving someone even after they have passed away. It has quick piano notes, intense clashing guitar lines, and rousing vocals from Mustaine.

27. Dying For Love by Black Sabbath

Dying For Love by Black Sabbath

Song Year: 1994

Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin writes about loneliness and yearning on Dying For Love, a 1994 track off their album, Cross Purposes. It’s a love ballad about how everyone in the world, across history, is pining for love and comfort.

The track goes with a slower guitar, opting for an emphasis on poetic vocals. Martin’s lyrics made it one of the most popular Black Sabbath songs on Cross Purposes.

Top Metal Love Songs, Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to the metal genre or have been listening for decades, there’s a song for you on this list. Sing along by yourself or share these romantic songs with a loved one.

Thanks for reading our wrap-up of the best metal love songs. We hope you share with friends!

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