Best Songs About Missouri

Over the years, many talented songwriters have taken inspiration from Missouri’s natural beauty. Many have also directly paid homage to it in songs.

Below are the best songs about Missouri and the many goings on there.

1. “Missing Missouri” by Sara Evans

Song Year: 2005

Sara Evans was born in Missouri and pays homage to her home state in the country song “Missing Missouri”. The song is from her album Real Fine Place.

The lyrics share how Evans longs to be back home whenever she travels out of state to perform because Missouri is where she feels most loved and at home.

2. “Missouri Moon” by Vincent Rhonda

Song Year: 2003

Rhonda Vincent sings a song about experiencing love and heartbreak under the Missouri sky in her country song “Missouri Moon” from her album One Step Ahead.

This song shares the story of falling in love in Missouri state while standing under the bright moon and later crying under that same Missouri moon as the love falls apart.

3. “Missouri Waltz” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 2006

“Missouri Waltz” is one of the most famous songs about Missouri because it’s a sweet-sounding lullaby that became the official song of Missouri state. This song dates back to 1914 and has been covered by various artists, including Bing Crosby and, most notably, Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash shares his iconic vocals and guitar skills on his “Missouri Waltz” version on his 92nd studio album Personal File.

4. “Songs About Missouri” by Michael Tyler

Song Year: 2017

Country singer Michael Tyler shares his love for the Show-Me state in his song “Songs About Missouri” from his album 317.

In this slow country song, Michael Tyler sings about how people would write more songs about his beautiful home state if everyone saw Missouri as he did.

5. “Cold Missouri Waters” by Keelaghan James

Song Year: 1996

This is one of the beautiful country songs about the Missouri River, which spans from Missouri all the way to Montana. In his song, James Keelaghan narrates a tale about the Mann Gulch fire.

The song is sung from the perspective of Dodge, one of the two firefighters who survived their attempts to fight the raging inferno.

6. “California, Missouri” by Kassi Ashton

Song Year: 2018

Kassi Ashton shares her bittersweet experience growing up in the small town of California, Missouri, in her country song “California, Missouri.”

Ashton shares how she felt like a black sheep in her small town in the Show-Me state, living with dreams of making it big in California state. Despite that, she feels conflicted because her home has beautiful memories and scenery.

7. “Dark Wind of Missouri” by Chris Jones

Song Year: 1995

“Dark Wind of Missouri” is one of the best songs about Missouri by Chris Jones. This country song features the sounds of twanging guitars and soft string instrumentals alongside Jones’ iconic vocals singing about his memories of Missouri.

While many country singers romanticize their memories of Missouri, “Dark Wind of Missouri” speaks about the bad memories from Missouri that seem to follow him wherever he goes.

8. “Shovelin’ Coal in Missouri” by Jimmie Rodgers

Song Year: 1988

Tap your toes to the beat of “Shovelin’ Coal in Missouri” by Jimmie Rodgers. This country-pop song features an upbeat tempo and lyrics about Jack, a lonely boy who shovels coal in the Show-Me state to make a living.

9. “Merry Ol’ Missouri” by Shelby Ringdahl

Song Year: 2021

Shelby Ringdahl sings a powerful holiday-themed ballad backed by soft piano about her home state Missouri in the song “Merry Ol’ Missouri.”

In this beautiful song about Missouri, Ringdahl shares her longing to be home for Christmas. She shares her happy childhood memories of spending Christmas at her family home in Missouri with relatives and neighbors.

10. “Southwest Missouri” by The Mark Chapman Band

Song Year: 2008

The Mark Chapman Band represents their hometown of Nixa, Missouri, in the popular country-rock song “Southwest Missouri.”

The band shares how they can travel the world but their heart and best friends will always be in the Show-Me state. Whenever they feel low, they know they can always return home and find peace in “Southwest Missouri.”

11. “Missouri Loves Company” by After the Tragedy

Song Year: 2007

Rock band After the Tragedy released their hit song “Missouri Loves Company” on their album The Voyage of Reason. This heavy rock song features strong vocals that sing and scream about the dark side of living in a small town, especially when you feel like you don’t fit in.

12. “Missouri” by Jonathan Citrin and Kingston Perry

Song Year: 2021

Listeners can’t help but feel happy when they hear the folk-pop song “Missouri” by Jonathan Citrin and Kingston Perry.

This is one of the songs about Missouri that shares the joy and beauty of the Show-Me state through lyrics that highlight the splendors of each season, the friendly people of Missouri, and the feeling of being happy and at home.

13. “Missouri Uncompromised” by Pat Metheny

Song Year: 1976

Pat Metheny released one of the best songs about Missouri with his instrumental jazz song “Missouri Uncompromised” on his debut album Bright Size Life.

This song takes listeners on a musical journey through the Show-Me state with soothing instrumentals that evoke a sense of freedom and wonder inspired by Pat Metheny’s home state of Missouri.

14. “Wish We Were Back in Missouri” by Emmylou Harris

"Wish We Were Back in Missouri" by Emmylou Harris

Song Year: 2007

Emmylou Harris pays homage to the beautiful state of Missouri with her country ballad “Wish We Were Back in Missouri” from her album Songbird: Rare Tracks and Forgotten Gems.

This slow and heartfelt song shares lyrics that evoke the scenery of Missouri. “Wish We Were Back in Missouri” shares Harris’ longing to live a simpler life in the country with someone she loves.

15. “Famous in Missouri” by Tom T. Hall

Song Year: 1984

“Famous in Missouri” is one of the best songs about Missouri from country-singer and lyrical storyteller Tom T. Hall.

This country song shares the story of a musician who moves away from Missouri only to find that his celebrity status hasn’t crossed over state lines. Tom T. Hall shares a longing to go back to Missouri to be around friendly people who appreciate his music.

16. “Born in Missouri” by James Cotton

Song Year: 1990

“Born in Missouri” is an incredible blues song by James Cotton that showcases his vocal range backed by jazz piano, a soft, driving drum beat, and melodic harmonica instrumentals.

Fun Fact: Despite the title of this hit song, James Cotton was actually born in Tunica, Mississippi.

17. “Missouri Rain” by Eldorado Down

Song Year: 2022

Eldorado Down released one of the best songs about Missouri, “Missouri Rain,” on their album Cowboys and Yoga Pants.

This song features soft acoustic guitar paired with soothing stringed instruments and samples of rainstorms. Lead singer Jason Hessell sings about the cleansing beauty of rainstorms in Missouri, encouraging rainfall to nourish the land and wash away his sins.

18. “Leaving Missouri” by Ry Cooder

Song Year: 1980

This is a beautiful instrumental song written and arranged by Ry Cooder for the 1980 Western movie The Long Riders.

The song is poignant and features the soulful sound of twanging banjos. The melody captures the aching sense of longing and sadness one often experiences when leaving the place one calls home.

This popular song is included in the movie soundtrack as it draws inspiration from the emotions felt in the West following the Civil War.

19. “Walkin’ To Missouri” by Sammy Kaye

Song Year: 1952

If you’re looking for one of the best songs about Missouri, look no further than the hit pop song “Walkin’ To Missouri” by Sammy Kaye.

This pop song from the 1950s is an upbeat song with soothing vocals from Sammy Kaye. Despite the upbeat tempo, the lyrics sing a sad song about a bird who’s too poor to fly and has to walk to Missouri.

20. “Show Me Missouri Blues” by Julia Lee

Song Year: 1946

Juia Lee is a Missouri-born singer who tells the story of losing love in her home state in the hit blues song “Show Me Missouri Blues.”

This musical composition tells a story about a woman who experiences heartbreak in Kansas City, Missouri.

She cannot escape the blues that haunt her despite her attempts to travel elsewhere. The song highlights the enduring nature of emotional pain and the inescapability of specific experiences.

21. “Missouri” by David Nail

Song Year: 2009

Country singer David Nail released one of the best songs about Missouri on his debut album, I’m About to Come Alive.

“Missouri” by David Nail is a song about heartbreak that shares the story of a couple in Missouri who aren’t good together. The chorus sings about the hope of them separating, to leave the pain behind and embrace the warmth of something better.

22. “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louie” by Judy Garland

Song Year: 1944

This song is performed by actress and singer Judy Garland about the St. Louis World Fair, an international exposition held in St. Louis, MO.

This song was initially written and performed in 1904 and has since gotten covered by various artists. However, Judy Garland’s iconic voice brought this song about Missouri back into popularity in the 1940s with her performance in the movie Meet Me in St. Louis.

23. “Shenandoah” by Pete Seeger

Song Year: 1958

“Shenandoah” is widely known as one of the best American folk songs about the Missouri River.

The original lyrics to this tune date back to the 19th century, but folk singer Pete Seeger gave the song more airtime when he released his cover version on the album American Favorite Ballads, Volume 1, in the late 1950s.

Since then, “Shenandoah” has been covered by artists like Tom Waits, Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan.

24. “Long to See You” by Easy Elliot

Song Year: 2014

Easy Elliot is an indie and alternative band that sings about Missouri in their song “Long to See You.”

This song features dreamy instrumentals and soft repetitive vocals. The lyrics sing about crossing the Missouri River to leave love behind and the longing to return home after leaving.

25. “Meet Me Down” by MoonCats

Song Year: 2022

MoonCats released the country-folk song “Meet Me Down” about Missouri on their album Hot Tea. This song features harmonica, fast-strumming banjos, and twanging vocals with repetitive lyrics that ask a love interest to join them by the banks of the Missouri River to enjoy a good time together.

26. “Happiness, Missouri” by EL VY

Song Year: 2015

Discover one of the best songs about Missouri by the indie-rock duo EL VY on their debut album, Return To The Moon.

“Happiness, Missouri” is a catchy indie track with an easy melody that listeners will find themselves humming throughout the rest of the day. This song features poetic lyrics about wanting to get someone off the brain.

27. “Kansas City” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Song Year: 1952

From the moment this blues song starts, listeners will want to tap their toes to “Kansas City” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

This is one of the best songs about Missouri, with lyrics about going to Kansas City, Missouri, to find love for the night.

Top Songs About Missouri, Final Thoughts

The Show-Me state has inspired songwriters and musicians for over a century, and it’s no surprise. This state is a beautiful place filled with Southern influences, friendly people, history in the civil war, and breathtaking views that artists pay homage to in songs about Missouri.

Next time you’re “Missing Missouri,” listen to these top songs about Missouri to beat the Missouri blues.

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