Best Songs About Nashville Ever

Nashville, Tennessee, is nicknamed The Music City, and there’s no mystery as to why. Producing many music superstars, a number of these stars have gone on to write about the city itself.

Below are the best songs about Nashville ever, from world-renowned artists and local musicians alike.

1. “Nashville Without You” by Tim McGraw

Song Year: 2013

Tim McGraw has one of the best love songs about Nashville with his song “Nashville Without You.”

The lyrics of this country song paint a scene of all the fun and interesting things about Nashville, only to say that none of those things would exist if not for the person he loves.

2. “Murder On Music Row” by Alan Jackson & George Strait

Song Year: 2000

Alan Jackson and George Strait offer their commentary on the modern music scene in Nashville with the country song “Murder On Music Row.”

This slow and soothing song tells the tale of how the traditions of country music died in Nashville because everyone focuses on becoming a celebrity.

“Murder On Music Row” laments the loss of steel guitars and fiddles and how these traditional instruments in country music have gotten replaced by rock and roll sounds.

3. “Crazy Town” by Jason Aldean

Song Year: 2009

One of the best country songs about Nashville, Tennessee, is “Crazy Town” by Jason Aldean.

In this upbeat country song, Jason Aldean sings about how Nashville is country music’s version of Hollywood and the highs and lows of living in The Music City. The song shares stories of the dues struggling artists must pay to make it big in that “Crazy Town.”

4. “Down on Music Row” by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1973

Dolly Parton is one of the biggest names out of Tennessee, and she pays homage to her home state with the song “Down on Music Row” from her album, My Tennessee Mountain Home.

Music Row is a street in Nashville that’s lined with record labels, recording studios, and radio stations. In this song, Parton sings about walking down the street trying to find someone who’ll listen to her music and give her a record deal.

5. “Nashville Skyline Rag” by Bob Dylan

Song Year: 1969

One of the best songs about Nashville is from Bob Dylan’s album Nashville Skyline, titled “Nashville Skyline Rag.”

In this instrumental song, folk singer and songwriter Bob Dylan plays a ragtime tune with a bouncing melody and striding beat with piano solos that’ll have you tapping your toes.

6. “Nashville Cats” by The Lovin’ Spoonful

Song Year: 1966

“Nashville Cats” by The Lovin’ Spoonful is an exceptional song to add to a Nashville-themed playlist. This country-blues song highlights why Nashville is called the Music City because there are more talented musicians in Nashville than ants on an anthill.

The lyrics share how hard it is to make it in Nashville because the competition is so high with such a wide talent pool in one area.

7. “Nashville Bum” by Waylon Jennings

Song Year: 1966

Waylon Jennings shares the story of a starving artist looking to make it big in Nashville’s music scene in his country song “Nashville Bum.”

This is one of the songs about Nashville that shows the difficult journey of pursuing a dream. While Jennings is convinced that his big break will come, before that day happens, he’ll have to live like a “Nashville Bum.”

8. “Sundown In Nashville” by Marty Stuart

Song Year: 2003

Marty Stuart pays tribute to the city of Nashville in his country song “Sundown In Nashville.” Backed by fiddles and strumming guitars, Stuart shares a day in the life of struggling musicians trying to get famous in Nashville.

While days in The Music City are vibrant and full of potential once the sun sets, those who didn’t get their break gather from 16th Street to Broadway to nurse their broken dreams.

9. “I Love This Town” by Bon Jovi

Song Year: 2007

Bon Jovi has one of the best songs about Nashville from their album Lost Highway. “I Love This Town” is a happy rock song about Music City, its friendly residents, and its vibrant energy.

Though the band isn’t from Tennessee, Bon Jovi shares how welcome and at home they feel every time they visit Nashville.

10. “Visit Me in Music City” by Bobby Bare Jr.

Song Year: 2004

“Visit Me in Music City” is an exceptional song about Nashville by country musician Bobby Bare Jr.

This song begins with poetic lyrics about how Bobby Bare Jr. was born into music, saying that the man crowned as the king of country music, Roy Acuff, cut his umbilical cord. The lyrics continue to share happy memories of growing up amongst the talented people of Nashville.

11. “The Nashville Scene” by Hank Williams Jr.

Song Year: 1985

Famous musician Hank Williams’ son Hank Williams Jr. has one of the best songs about Nashville on his album Five-O titled “The Nashville Scene.”

This song shares the ups and downs of searching for fame in Nashville. “The Nashville Scene” is filled with talented musicians trying to be famous, but the lyrics of this country song share how fame is fickle and that it’s a long climb to the top and a far way to fall if you don’t make it.

12. “Wrong Side of Memphis” by Trisha Yearwood

Song Year: 1992

“Wrong Side of Memphis” by country singer Trisha Yearwood shares a story told in first person about a country singer who is driving away from Memphis, headed to Nashville to become a star.

With a full gas tank in her car, Trisha Yearwood sings about driving down the highway with a heart full of dreams.

13. “Nashville” by Indigo Girls

Song Year: 1992

The Indigo Girls released one of the best songs about Nashville on their album Rites of Passage titled “Nashville.”

Backed by strumming guitars and harmonica, Indigo Girls sing about the harder side of living in Nashville. The lyrics share both contempt and admiration for Music City and their feelings about how challenging pursuing a dream is in this Tennessee city.

14. “Nashville Grey Skies” by The Shires

"Nashville Grey Skies" by The Shires

Song Year: 2015

The Shires are a British country duo that released one of the best songs about Nashville titled “Nashville Grey Skies.” Despite not hailing from the American South, this band sings about how country music has made it across the pond.

“Nashville Grey Skies” is about recreating the wonders and excitement of Nashville outside of the Music City.

15. “Nashville, TN” by Chris Stapleton

Song Year: 2020

If you’re looking for great country songs about Nashville, listen to “Nashville, TN” by Chris Stapleton.

This song from Stapleton’s album Starting Over is about breaking up with a city and moving to a new town that’s a better fit.

16. “The Nashville Blues” by The Delmore Brothers

Song Year: 1971

The Delmore Brothers are well known for their influence on the bluegrass musical movement, and their song “The Nashville Blues” showcases their iconic sound.

This song features catchy and repetitive lyrics about feeling sad in Nashville after losing love. Though the song starts with compliments to Nashville, it finishes with the resolution that returning home to Arkansas is what’s best at the moment.

17. “Nashville West” by The Byrds

Song Year: 1969

Listeners can’t help but tap their toes and dance to the beat of “Nashville West” by the American rock band, The Byrds.

“Nashville West” is a mostly instrumental song with intricate guitar sounds and a galloping beat backed by the sounds of a cowbell to showcase the sounds of the South.

18. “Old Nashville Cowboys” by Hank Williams Jr.

Song Year: 1979

Country singer Hank Williams Jr. released one of the best songs about Nashville on his album Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.

“Old Nashville Cowboys” is a country song about how Nashville has changed from a city of cowboys to a city of dreamers seeking fame.

19. “Woke Up in Nashville” by Seth Ennis

Song Year: 2017

“Woke Up in Nashville” is a soft country-pop ballad by Seth Ennis about waking up in Music City.

In this easy-to-listen-to song, Seth Ennis sings alongside piano instrumentals about going to Nashville to pursue his dreams, only to find that he’s missing the woman of his dreams.

20. “Nashville Blues” by The Everly Brothers

Song Year: 1960

Dive into the blues sounds of one of the best songs about Nashville by The Everly Brothers, “Nashville Blues.”

This slow song is about someone who is missing Nashville, Tennessee, and a woman named Sally who lives in Music City and wants her lover to come back to her.

21. “Welcome to Nashville” by Halfway to Hazard

Song Year: 2007

Halfway to Hazard is an American country duo hailing from Kentucky who released one of the best songs about Nashville on their debut album Halfway to Hazard.

“Welcome to Nashville” is a fast-paced country tune that expresses the joy and excitement of arriving in Nashville. However, the song comments on how producers want musicians to change their sound upon arriving at Music Row.

22. “Leaving Nashville” by Charles Kelley

Song Year: 2016

“Leaving Nashville” is a slow piano ballad by Charles Kelley about the challenges of being a musician and songwriter in Music City.

Despite the hardships of living in Nashville, Kelley repeats in the chorus that he has no plans to leave.

23. “Nashville Rash” by Dale Watson

Song Year: 1995

Dale Watson released one of the best songs about Nashville titled “Nashville Rash” on his album Cheatin’ Heart Attack.

This upbeat song shares Watson’s feelings about modern Nashville and how it’s changed since it became the Music City. Watson uses the metaphor of a rash to poetically state how he feels after brushing shoulders with people who don’t appreciate traditional country music.

24. “It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night” by The Tragically Hip

Song Year: 2004

The Tragically Hip is a world-renowned Canadian rock band with one of the best songs about Nashville titled “It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night.”

In this rock song, The Hip comments on the music industry and scene in Nashville. They use the expression “It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night” to point out that professionally making music isn’t all fun, games, and oh-la-las.

25. “Nashville #1” by Audrey Auld-Mezera

Song Year: 2013

“Nashville #1” is a fun country song about Nashville by the Australian-American singer and songwriter Audrey Auld-Mezera from her album Tonk.

This upbeat song features funky guitar riffs and repetitive lyrics that showcase scenes around Nashville, like musicians drinking at bars, glittering rhinestone outfits, and how record labels change musicians.

26. “West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown” by Jimmy Buffett

Song Year: 1974

“West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown” by Jimmy Buffett is a slow and soothing country song that shares the story of two people riding on a bus together.

Buffett sings about meeting a woman on a bus who’s leaving Tennessee. The two speak during the long ride to Cincinnati, only for Buffett to find out that she comes from money and is leaving more than just Nashville behind; she’s giving up her ballroom gowns and the lifestyle that goes with them.

27. “Bachelorettes on Broadway” by Willie Jones

Song Year: 2021

Willie Jones released one of the best songs about Nashville, “Bachelorettes on Broadway,” on his country album Right Now.

This fun party song got inspired by Nashville’s name as the Bachelorette capital of the US and even the world.

Top Songs About Nashville, Final Thoughts

Nashville, Tennessee, holds a special place in many musicians’ hearts. Nashville is considered the birthplace of popular genres like bluegrass and is the home of country music. What’s more? Nashville has a booming music scene for rock, R&B, and pop to satisfy listeners of any genre.

Play these songs about Nashville for your next road trip to Tennessee or when you want musical inspiration from some of the greats.

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