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Thursday is a day of anticipation. For those who work standard 9-5 jobs, Thursday isn’t the weekend but a leadup to a break. Thursday is famous for several alliterations: Thirsty Thursday, Thankful Thursday, and Throwback Thursday.

Due to everything associated with the fifth day of the week, there are plenty of great pieces about Thursday. This list contains the best songs with Thursday in the title!

“Thursday’s Child” by David Bowie

Song Year: 1999

“Thursday’s Child” is a metaphor that compares life to a week. Being a child of Thursday means being someone who has always seen the end goal but hasn’t yet made it to the next day.

Bowie was hopeful and sang that Friday was coming. All the hard work and carefully laid plans of his life were about to finally pay off, and his life would be like a happy and carefree Friday.

“Sweet Thursday” by Matt Costa

Song Year: 2005

This song by Matt Costa features several references to John Steinback’s novels. “Sweet Thursday” is about passing through a rough patch and coming out the other side.

Costa sings about traveling to a better place with a brighter future, despite having to leave behind a place he called home.

“Thursday in the Danger Room” by Run the Jewels

Song Year: 2016

“Thursday in the Danger Room” is a song about losing a friend on a day that would have otherwise been an ordinary Thursday.

This piece talks about how dangerous and unpredictable life can be and how important it is to cherish your loved ones while you have them.

“Rain Every Thursday” by Bobby Hutcherson

Song Year: 1972

Bobby Hutcherson’s “Rain Every Thursday” is an instrumental piece that fully synthesizes being upbeat and melancholy.

The song is fast-paced and features a vibraphone and piano.

The melody perfectly captures the idea of someone who won’t give up despite the curve balls being thrown at them and puts their best foot forward instead.

“Another Thursday Night” by Jude Barclay

Song Year: 2021

Barclay sings about the long distance between himself and his love in “Another Thursday Night.”

This song discusses trying to get through the daily grind when your heart is elsewhere. He imagines himself jumping on a plane and spending the night with his girlfriend.

“Like a Summer Thursday” by Townes Van Zandt

Song Year: 1969

In “Like a Summer Thursday,” the artist compares the feeling of longing for love and belonging to a mild draught on an average summer day.

Townes Van Zandt sings about a love that he lost who made his life feel full of life. When she left, he wished for her warmth to return like farmers in summer, wishing for rain to bring life back to their fields.

“Thursday Afternoon” by Christoph Spendel

Song Year: 2012

Christoph Spendel created a techno song that perfectly portrays the feeling of the fifth day of the week in his piece “Thursday Afternoon.”

This dance club piano song encompasses the anticipation of getting close to a goal while managing to keep a sense of dedication and diligence.

“Thursday at the Blue Note” by White Town

Song Year: 1997

“Thursday at the Blue Note,” tells the story of a man who goes to a bar one Thursday night and finds a girl that he thinks is attractive.

He asks the woman if she’s got a boyfriend, and she says she came alone. Even though the man doesn’t like dancing, he asks her to join him for one song.

However, the woman had come into the bar with a man and perhaps only danced with the singer to make the person she came with jealous. The ending of this song cleaves White Town with the fear that the woman’s partner will beat him up if he leaves the bar.

“Thursdays in May” by Moy Eng and Wayne Wallace

Song Year: 2019

This song by Moy Eng and Wayne Wallace is a slow, sad song with a sad violin and crooning voices.

The song’s instrumentation compliments the sad lyrics, telling the story of a woman who cares deeply for a man she cannot keep. Though they had spent many nights together on Thursdays in May, she always had to sneak back home before dawn.

While she cares for him, what they have isn’t enough to make her happy.

“Weekend Starts on Thursday Night” by Douglas Stank

Song Year: 2022

“Weekend Starts on Thursday Night” is a song about letting yourself enjoy the things that make you happy.

Douglas Stank sings about not learning much in college and not wanting to settle into the typical office life. Being home alone and thinking about waking up early and going to work makes him anxious and sad.

He would rather live while he can and enjoy as many days of the week as possible.

“Thursday” by Pet Shop Boys

Song Year: 2013

Pet Shop Boys tell the story of someone trying to talk their way out of a breakup in the song “Thursday.”

This work tries to convince a girl that she doesn’t have to leave. It’s a Thursday night, which might as well be the weekend. They can stay together and have fun without worrying about big plans for the future.

“Thursday in Mars” by Cali-Ber Tha Grime

Song Year: 2019

Cali-Ber Tha Grime leans into the idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus in his song “Thursday in Mars.”

The song references guys and girls in the club and on the streets, spending time with friends and doing things that make them happy; however, the piece does advise staying away from hard drugs.

“Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go” by Tomorrow X Together

Song Year: 2022

This Korean dance song uses a mixture of native and English languages to compare coming of age to the days of the week.

“Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go” describes hardships appearing on Thursdays and using the weekend to try and find happiness and distraction from the pain.

Tomorrow X Together goes on to further explain that life has many ups and downs that come around again like a circle.

“(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today” by Harry Nilsson

“(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today” by Harry Nilsson

Song Year: 1976

Harry Nilsson sings about his pessimistic ideas on Thursday in this song.

He says that corporate America makes Thursdays feel longer than any other day, making you want to do crazy things or nothing.

“Thursday Girl” by Mitski

Song Year: 2016

“Thursday Girl” is a song on Mitski’s album, Puberty 2. This folk-pop song tells the story of adolescence and a girl who is living a wilder life than she wants.

She hopes someone will stop her because she doesn’t know how to stop herself. It’s not that the girl is emotionally upset, but more that she’s manic and needs help.

“On a Thursday Morning” by Leonard Herron

Song year: 2017

This song by Leonard Herron tells of a passionate whirl-wind romance that leaves Leonard desperate for more.

He sings that he wants to spend more time with her though he’s only known her for two weeks, and having her on his mind always drives him to drink.

He hopes his love will meet him that Thursday morning and they can become closer.

“Thursday” by Tennyson and Mr. Carmack

Song Year: 2017

“Thursday” by Tennyson and Mr. Carmack is both a celebration of accomplishment and a warning about not knowing to quit when you’re ahead.

The song praises tenacity and hard work but wants to make sure people understand that you can’t let your goals spiral out of control.

“Thursday/Froze Over” by Blackbear

Song Year: 2017

“Thursday/Froze Over” is a song about a guy telling a girl that she isn’t as important to him as she might have thought.

He’s got other girls and things that make him happy, and he doesn’t believe in love. While he’s had fun with her, the things that she thinks are special are just another Thursday night to him.

“It’s Thursday Night” by Critical Role

Song Year: 2021

This song by Critical Role tells about a group of friends who get together to play Dungeons and Dragons every Thursday night.

The games they play together are full of magic, danger, and adventure. Due to this, they immensely enjoy the evening and their time spent together.

This song is the theme for Critical Role, in which professional voice actors play through a role-playing game.

“Jersey Thursday” by Donovan

Song Year: 1965

“Jersey Thursday” talks about the beauty of day-to-day life in southern New Jersey. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, and the area is full of energy and color.

Donovan sings about how much girls enjoy the feelings of beauty and magic in the area and enjoy going dancing with him.

“Thursday” by Oliva Barton

Song Year: 2019

Oliva Barton tells a story many of us are familiar with in her song “Thursday.”

Sometimes it is hard to reach out to those you care about, but it doesn’t mean that you care any less about them.

Life is crazy, and sometimes it takes more effort than usual to try and interact with people, even friends, and family. In this song, Barton tries to apologize for any hurt that might have happened because of this.

“Thirsty Thursday” by The Lancashire Hotspots

Song Year: 2015

The Lancashire Hotspots are famous for their comedy song lyrics, but in “Thirsty Thursday,” the group sings about enjoying a Thursday night at a local bar.

The band sings about how playing darts while drinking a beer can relax a person and improve the week. While they also sing about the other days of the week in this song, they like Thursday best because they get to wind down without any expectations.

“Throwback Thursday” by Johan Lenox, Lil Keed, and Kota the Friend

Song Year: 2021

“Throwback Thursday” is a song about nostalgia.

Lenox talks about his childhood and how much simpler life was before becoming famous. He was better behaved and didn’t have to deal with as much drama or hangovers.

Now that he’s an adult, his life is full of drugs and sexual relations, but his life isn’t any better.

He misses his childhood, but there’s no going back to the way things used to be.

“Thursday Night Pregame” by The Friday Night Boys

Song Year: 2008

This song by The Friday Night Boys is about being left by a woman you care about but not wanting to take her back just because she changed her mind.

The song promotes healthy boundaries and waiting until substantial time has passed before trying to date an ex.

“Thursday” by Morphine

Song Year: 1993

“Thursday” is a song about being careful while having an affair so that the couple wouldn’t get caught.

While they used to meet each Thursday when the woman’s husband was at work, she convinced her man to visit her while her husband was out of town.

However, it was a trick that the husband set up, and because they were caught, the affair cannot continue. Morphine laments the loss of their Thursdays together and wishes that they hadn’t gotten greedy.

“Thursday” by Jesse Glynne

Song Year: 2018

Jesse Glynne’s song, “Thursday,” is about feeling comfortable in your own skin on an average day of the week.

There is nothing special that she has to do on Thursdays, but sometimes her insecurities make her dress up and put on a full face of makeup.

The song is about learning to love yourself and feel brave enough to do what makes you comfortable and happy, whether it’s in how you act, dress, or present yourself to the world.

Top Songs About Thursday, Final Thoughts

There you have our list of songs about Thursday! While there are plenty of other songs about Thursdays, this list has some of the best.

If you liked these songs, take a look at our list of songs about Friday or songs about the weekend.

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