It seems that there’s a library of songs for days of the week, and rightly so. Each day has a special feel that sets it apart from the other six. Whether you’re a student, a nine to five corporate employee, or a retiree, there are songs about Tuesday that will appeal to you.

Keep reading for the best songs with Tuesday in the title.

1. “Ruby Tuesday” By Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1967

This U.K. classic captures the feeling of regret at lost love and admonishes the listener to hold on to their dreams before they slip away. He claims that he will miss the girl named Ruby Tuesday but also admits that no one can keep her as she is ever-changing.

Various instrumental textures here, including flute, cello, acoustic guitar, and piano, blend together for a sophisticated orchestral sound. This song belongs firmly in the category of classic rock, though it also may count as experimental for these extra aural flavors.

2. “Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)” By The Moody Blues

Song Year: 1972

What begins as a soft acoustic-rock ballad transforms into a catchy midtempo groove with the help of a piano riff in the low register. The allusions to nature, such as trees and clouds, draw from the hippie folk-rock aesthetic of the former decade.

Though the songs from this album were recorded in the late 60s, they didn’t become popular until the early 70s, when radio D.J.s began playing the extended version of this song. The longer cut also appears on the album Nights in White Satin (Live) with the London Festival Orchestra.

3. “Tuesday’s Gone” By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Song Year: 1973

In perhaps the most famous example of “Tuesday” being a woman, Skynyrd’s lyrics lament her leaving the narrator. He boards a train to escape the pain while reminding himself that he eventually needs to move on from his feelings, just as she has from him.

Accompanying the feeling of loneliness is a slow ballad, complete with guitar solos, vocal harmonies, and a steady progression of blues drums. “Tuesday’s Gone” is an ideal example of this band’s iconic blend of country-tinged Southern rock, a staple of the 1970s music scene.

4. “Tuesday’s Dead” By Yusef/Cat Stevens

Song Year: 1971

A percussion-heavy beat combines with upbeat vocals and an energetic guitar strum for a lively song that’s easy to sing along to. The backing vocal harmonies fill out the sound of this tune, perfect for lounging by the pool in the summertime.

“Tuesday’s Dead” is from the unique Teaser and the Firecat album released in the early 70s. A blend of folk, alternative, and rock styles, it asks existential questions about life and work while retaining a bubbly feel.

5. “Church on Tuesday” By Stone Temple Pilots

Song Year: 1999

The lyrics of this late-90s jam describe a dysfunctional family: mom at church mid-week, dad and brother preferring to indulge in their sins.

Heavy on the grunge flavor, “Church on Tuesday” places the guitar in the forefront while the vocalist hangs back for a mid-range texture. Later in the song, multiple harmonies overlap the solo vocals to fill out the melodic line.

6. “Tuesday’s Broken” By Sugarland

Song Year: 2018

The country-pop duo known for their energetic tunes takes a different path with “Tuesday’s Broken.” The message pays homage to a school shooting, lamenting what could have been done differently to stop the tragedy.

Strings join in on the second verse for a symphonic build into the bridge. Singer Jennifer Nettles lets her voice alternate between sorrowful and passionate, matching the song’s somber tone.

7. “Love You Til Tuesday” By David Bowie

Song Year: 1967

Long before Ziggy Stardust and Bowie’s other avant-garde ventures, he was just another bubblegum pop phenomenon. At least, that’s how it appears in this quirky early gem from the visionary superstar. The lyrics support the superficial sound of this tune as the singer professes his adoration for his sweetheart in a cutesy display of puppy love.

8. “Tuesday Morning” By The Pogues

Song Year: 1993

Here, the singer regrets a lost love, who he laid in bed with on a Tuesday morning. He names the days and relives memories, sad that time progressed in a manner that left him lonely by the end of the week.

It’s a fun, punk-tinged song that is perfect for an early morning road trip letting you reminisce just as the vocalist does. Acoustic guitar and bright drums accent a lively feel counter to the depressing nature of the message.

9. “Tuesday Afternoon” By The Proclaimers

Song Year: 2015

This easy-rock ballad is a more recent offering from the band, who gave us the classic hit “500 Miles.” Its message is one of wistful hindsight, as the singer remembers a past relationship. His lover’s skin, hair, and other tactile recollections make him desperate to preserve the images from better times, even though she is long gone.

10. “Tuesday Heartache” By Steve Perry

Song Year: 1994

The lead singer of Journey for decades, Steve Perry, left a significant fingerprint on the music industry. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, long after the peak of his foray into a solo career. His efforts include an imaginative and symphonic Christmas album, an exploration of his creative juices outside of band-frontman status.

In “Tuesday Heartache,” Perry examines the nebulousness of love. Despite the knowledge that love comes and goes, he holds hope that it’s worth trying.

11. “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” By John Anderson feat. Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2020

Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame produced John Anderson’s album Years, where this song originally appeared. A classic country lilt combines with a modern electronic aesthetic, as the old and new sounds of country intermingle. Anderson and Shelton are a powerful collaboration, and a prominent harmonica line draws attention to the bittersweet message of love lost.

12. “Tuesday Morning” By Michelle Branch

Song Year: 2003

It seems as though every mention of Tuesday in rock music introduces sorrow. In “Tuesday Morning,” the singer fondly remembers a sweet relationship that no longer exists and wishes she’d known that it wasn’t going to last so she could have enjoyed it to its fullest depths.

Branch paints this picture within the context of her unique folksy blues-rock blend. The guitar effects sound blurry, like regretful tears or windshield wipers on a rainy drive.

13. “Groovy Tuesday” By The Smithereens

Song Year: 1986

Straight out of the punk-rock explosion of the 80s comes this high-energy hit, akin to the sound of contemporaries, The Romantics. The guitar effects are representative of the era, as are the prominent drums and vocals chock full of attitude. The lyrics complaining that nothing ever lasts seem to indicate a message of wrongdoing and hopelessness. Play this one when you’re having a bad day and need to wallow.

14. “On Tuesday” By Men Without Hats

Song Year: 1987

Just one year later from The Smithereens’ hit about Tuesday, this one rolled onto the scene. However, it’s got a more easygoing vibe. Describing how the narrator’s love showed up on Tuesday and made him happy, he then tells how she also left him lonely on the same day of another week.

Laden with dejection, it doesn’t stay depressing throughout its four-minute playing time, leaving us to wonder whether the songwriter is truly upset or just fondly remembering happier times.

15. “Hooray for Tuesday” By The Minders

Song Year: 1998

This tune sounds like it’s heavily influenced by The Beatles but carries an electric guitar aesthetic from the prior decade. The organ is reminiscent of The Doors, and the monotone vocals give it a flat punk sound until they rise in an anguished lament in the chorus. Laid-back and fun, this song is good for a lazy midweek morning.

16. “Tuesday” By Austin Marc

Song Year: 2019

For a chill, daydreamy vibe, look no further than this electronic track from R&B DJ and producer Austin Marc. A sampling of jazz guitars joins with a subtle bass riff, punctuated by street sounds for an urban spin on this tune, like observing a Romantic Impressionist painting of city buses.

17. “Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday” By Ondara

Song Year: 2020

Released during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that this song mentions lockdown. The lyrics describe the narrator’s plans to hunker down and enjoy time with his loved ones as they wait out the unknown amount of time spent waiting out isolation. Intimate and introspective, the guitar and vocals are sparse, resting somewhere on the overlapping border of the folk, indie, and alternative genres.

The accompanying music video portrays a young girl having fun dancing and exploring nature, oblivious to the greater problems of the world outside. Kenyan-American artist J.S. Ondara included this tune on his album Folk n’ Roll Vol 1: Tales of Isolation, on which all the tunes share themes of loneliness and hope amidst desperate times.

18. “Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning” By Cowboy Junkies

Song Year: 1990

Harmonica and lazy guitar create a slow morning feel on this song, which is easy to relax to as you drink your coffee. Canadian folk/country band Cowboy Junkies included this one on their Caution Horses album.

The vocalist sings of missing a lover from her history, even though she can’t forgive his wrongs. The description of breakfast and activities from the neighbors lend “Sun Comes Up” an intimate weekend vibe.

19. “Tuesday” By Burak Yeter feat. Danelle Sandoval

Song Year: 2017

Turkish DJ and producer Burak Yeter offers an electronic dance number in this mid-tempo bop, complete with samples of synth instrumentals like a steel-string guitar. Guest collaborator Danelle Sandoval lends her sensitive musicality to the vocal riff that repeats throughout.

This house track has several remixes on YouTube, including a one-hour loop. Its reliable repetition allows it to play as background in nearly any scenario when you want a chill beat without too much distraction.

20. “Tuesday Moon” By Neutral Milk Hotel

Song Year: 1993

Another whimsical 90s tune bursts onto the scene with “Tuesday Moon.” The punk influence here is unmistakable, with raw guitars and whiny vocals that sound straight out of the British Invasion. Tambourine adds an interesting dimension to the tune, with the singer professing his love for his sweetheart. 

21. “Sweet Tuesday Morning” By Badfinger

Song Year: 1972

The folk/hippie vibe of the 70s is strong in “Sweet Tuesday Morning,” a tune to sing as you braid a flower chain to wear in your hair or drape over your Volkswagen van’s rear view mirror. Unlike other songs on our list, this one appears to showcase a couple who is still in love, accented by soft acoustic guitars and synth harp effects.

22. “Tuesday” By Hippo Campus

Song Year: 2017

This tune has all the indie-rock appeal you could want for a message about struggle and ambivalence. The vocalist talks about his challenges in love, alternating between being fulfilled and being left hanging.

A soft percussion groove, accented by guitar pitches in a high register, underlays the easy vocals as the song floats effortlessly from verse to chorus and back again. Play it while sipping moonshine and reminiscing with your closest friends. 

23. “Tuesday Feeling (Choose to Stay)” By Blood Orange Feat. Tinashe

Song Year: 2019

This thoroughly modern track showcases a collab between the creative minds of Dev Hynes (known professionally as Blood Orange) and young newcomer Tinashe. The intermingling of male and female vocals blends for a chill, summery vibe.

The textures of jazz guitar, funky bass, and moody keyboard provide a blanket of sound that straddles the line between R&B and indie, with lyrics praising fidelity in a relationship.

24. “Tuesday Afternoon” By A House In The Trees

Song Year: 2017

Regretful and with a tinge of grunge-esque hopelessness, the aesthetic of this tune rests somewhere on the indie spectrum but defies categorization. It slipped quietly onto the scene in 2017 as part of A House In The Trees’ debut E.P., What Am I Supposed To Do?

The music video is breezy and trippy, featuring scenes of landscapes that alternate with an arresting visual montage. Listen while drifting off to sleep on a warm night.

25. “Tuesday” By Gui Williams

Song Year: 2021

New talent Williams brings us his brand of contemporary chill with this accessible and relaxing track. Born in Brazil, he found his career in the U.S. and quickly developed a strong social media presence to support his artistry. Multiple sounds make their appearance here, though the atmosphere remains mostly electronic.

26. “Taco Tuesday” By Lil Jon

Song Year: 2019

Listing off various elements of Mexican cuisine, such as enchiladas and margaritas, this silly electronic jam celebrates everyone’s favorite day of the week. Whether cooking at home or going out to the local restaurant, you need a soundtrack for your culinary plans.

Samplings from mariachi-type brass combine with a thumping beat you can bop your head along to as you wait to get your basket of chips and salsa.

27. “Another Tuesday Morning” By Jim Brickman

Song Year: 2001

Although there aren’t lyrics to this song, it’s worth including on our list for its effortless beauty. Piano-pop superstar Brickman pushes his musicality to the limit here, giving a virtuosic performance that makes you want to take up piano lessons so you can try it yourself.

Why the title fits is unclear, though we can picture this tune playing as you shuffle around your house doing chores early on a Tuesday.

Top Songs About Tuesday, Final Thoughts

The second day of the week is fairly routine to most people, but if you face it with the right attitude, it can also be something special. Many musicians certainly seem to agree! We’re confident that you found something on this list to play all Tuesday of each week that will strike just the right vibe.

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