Best Songs With Purple In The Title

Purple is a powerful color. For centuries this mixture of red and blue has represented royalty, nobility, luxury, power, ambition, confusion, and more. Because of its significance, purple is an obvious choice as a theme in many artistic songs.

Check out of the best songs with purple in the title below!

1. Purple Rain By Prince

Song Year: 1984

How can you start a list of songs with purple in the title and not mention Prince’s iconic song? “Purple Rain” is one of Prince’s most famous songs and talks about wanting to maintain a friendship with someone who’s struggling with happiness. It has a soft sound, and Prince’s voice is mellow but powerful simultaneously, creating immense emotion and longing in every note.

2. Purple Haze By The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Song Year: 1967

“Purple Haze” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience is a funky and edgy song. The guitar skills are evident, and the rock and roll sound is unmistakable. With impressive guitar riffs and lyrics about being in a daze, likely referring to drugs, the song became an instant classic and should be toward the top of this list.

3. Purple Haze By Joy Oladukun

Song Year: 2022

A very different “Purple Haze,” this newer song by Joy Oladokun is nothing like Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”. Instead of rock vibes, it has a soft, sweet vibe with emotional lyrics. The gentle plucking of a guitar is present throughout the song as Oladukun sings about how nothing matters as long as the love of his life is by his side.

4. Purple Lamborghini By Skrillex and Rick Ross

Song Year: 2016

Made for the film Suicide Squad, this intense song is a bop, encompassing Rick Ross’ unmistakable husky voice and fun flow. And Skrillex adds edge with dubstep sounds and hard beats in the background. Ross raps about everything from girls to money to sins, and the bass drops between his verses are irresistibly awesome.

5. Purple Hearts By Kendrick Lamar, Summer Walker, and Ghostface Killah

Song Year: 2022

A trio of rap and R&B icons, these three artists come together on this smooth song with repetitive lyrics and Lamar’s well-known even flow. Summer Walker’s stunning vocals pair with Lamar’s voice throughout the song, featuring lyrics about minding your own business and living your life to the fullest the best way you know how.

6. Purple Swag By A$AP Rocky

Song Year: 2013

This song is from one of A$AP’s older albums but holds up as a banger. A$AP delivers his easy-to-enjoy mellow flow with warped voices adding a captivating flair to the chorus. The entire song is about drugs and alcohol, with purple swag referring to cannabis strains and codeine. And, of course, A$AP also raps about his unmatched swag and confidence.

7. Purple By Russ

Song Year: 2014

Russ is a well-known artist, but his song, “Purple,” is not one of his mainstream projects. It has a medium pace with many string instruments, which is out of Russ’ usual range. He sing-raps to the plucking sounds, discussing how he will take his girl to heaven and paradise. A minute into the song, a soft beat drops, bringing the sound back to Russ’ typical vibe.

8. Deep Purple By Donny And Marie Osmond

Song Year: 1976

An iconic duo, Donny and Marie Osmond have made countless stellar songs, and “Deep Purple” is no exception. Their beautiful harmonizing is consistent throughout the song with an upbeat and romantic vibe. The lyrics focus on dreams of deep purple skies and long-lost love. Despite the jolly sound, the lyrics are surprisingly emotional and melancholy as they sing about the possibility of never reconnecting with their love.

9. Purple Heather By Van Morrison

Song Year: 1973

“Purple Heather” has a folksy jam-band sound that Van Morrison is known for, delivering a soothing and even song. In the lyrics, he begs his lover to escape this life with him and go somewhere new, whether it’s to the peak of a mountain or the bottom of a value. It’s supremely romantic and sweet with a twinge of sadness, as he does not know if his lover will join him on the journey.

10. Pale Purple By Ani DiFranco

Song Year: 1990

Ani DiFranco’s “Pale Purple” is a super distinct song, with her fast talk-singing reeling you in at the beginning. Despite the upbeat and cheery sound, the song’s message is troubling, as it’s about unwanted pregnant teenagers and their vulnerability. It criticizes the US and its government, making it an edgy and evocative piece.

11. Purple People Eater By Sheb Wooley

Song Year: 1958

A jazzy and snappy song, this weird track is about what it sounds like, a purple people-eating monster that came out of the sky. This strange song is silly and catchy, and it has the right vibe to make it onto your Halloween playlist just below “Monster Mash”! Sheb Wooley’s vocals are upbeat and playful, matching the outlandish lyrics.

12. Purple Haze (Cover) By The Cure

Song Year: 1993

While this “Purple Haze” is technically a rendition of Prince’s song, The Cure truly makes it their own, transforming it into a completely different sound, which is the alternative punk vibe they’re famous for. It has many nonlinear background songs and edgy riffs, making it almost unrecognizable as Prince’s “Purple Haze.”

13. Purple Yellow Red And Blue By Portugal, The Man

Song Year: 2013

This excellent indie hit is easy to fall head over heels in love with. It has some singing and chanting that hypes you up and the percussion is invigorating. The odd music video is a departure from the upbeat sound, although the lyrics and composition have an edge, capturing the band’s unusual artistic views.

14. Purple Stain By Red Hot Chili Peppers

Purple Stain By Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song Year: 1999

From one of their most popular albums, “Purple Stain” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a funky song that’s hard not to rock along to. The song has a jammy vibe, but the lyrics are meaningful and thoughtful, telling listeners that being themselves is enough and they can be whoever they want and wear whatever they want!

15. Purple Sky By Kid Rock

Song Year: 2010

This song by the famous country rock singer borders on pop but maintains the twangy elements of country music. It’s all about getting in the driver’s seat and driving out past the purple sky to get away from everything. Kid Rock sings about the endless exhaustion of living and how he wants to escape, a highly relatable message.

16. Purple Snowflakes By Marvin Gaye

Song Year: 1993

Offering Gaye’s alluring and sultry vocals, “Purple Snowflakes” is a romantic and soft song about staying warm and cozy with your lover until springtime emerges. It has elements that qualify it as a Christmas tune, making it a romantic holiday classic. The slow song is simple but beautiful, capturing Gaye’s classic sound.

17. The Witch Doctor Meets The Purple People Eater By The Big Bopper

Song Year: 1958

A very old song you can snap your fingers to, this tune is weird and silly. It’s odd that there’s more than one song about purple people-eaters, right? This song has more of a storyline and is about befriending the people eater through music to save everybody! It can be likened to other silly songs, like The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.”

18. Purple Heather (Cover) By Rod Stewart

Song Year: 1995

In this song, Rod Stewart delivers poetic and deep lyrics with his raspy but velvety vocals. It’s a tribute to Van Morrison’s song but has different notes and sounds set to the lyrics, giving it Rod Stewart’s special something. Stewart makes the lyrics even more powerful and beautiful on this cover.

19. Purple Reindeer By Steve Altman

Song Year: 2005

This playful holiday song by Steve Altman features funny lyrics and cheerful themes. It tells the story of a sad purple reindeer whose life dream is to join Santa’s sleigh team and spread holiday cheer around the world. With dramatic, wild vocals, the song is silly and sentimental at the same time.

20. Voices Green And Purple By The Bees

Song Year: 1966

This upbeat bop has a highly catchy melody and the edgy singing makes it even more intoxicating and interesting. It’s sure to put you in a good mood and is the ideal banger to blast in your car with the windows down on a sunny day. The worst part of the song is that it’s only about 90 seconds!

21. A Man in a Purple Dress By The Who

Song Year: 2006

This jam-band song has the classic song of The Who, and like many of the other songs, a complex and unusual message. It’s essentially about a cult leader or religious leader who thinks he’s above everyone but shouldn’t be. Set to plucky guitar riffs, it’s a folksy and deep track. While The Who is older now, the song captures the rebellious and authority-questioning vibe of a teenager.

22. Start Wearing Purple By Gogol Bordello

Song Year: 2005

This wild punk rock song combines elements from global music, using distinct instruments to create an almost Russian or Italian sound. It’s inspired by Bordello’s former neighbor, an elderly woman who wore purple and only purple from head to toe! It’s a fun and playful song with cheerful lyrics and bold vocals. It’s a bit jarring when you first hear it, but you’ll quickly fall under its quirky spell.

23. Purple Kisses By The Dream

Song Year: 2007

The Dream is a major name in rap, hip-hop, and R&B, producing, writing, and engineering music for big names like Beyonce. However, he has his own music, like “Purple Kisses.” He delivers soft, sensual vocals with dreamy background sounds and half-talks through the beginning of the sound complementing his girl. The track is romantic and sexual with a smooth and dazzling mix of instruments and sythes.

24. Purple Shades By Joni James

Song Year: 1953

A song about the end of a love affair, Jone James’ Purple Shades has an old-school vibe with wistful and tender music. She sings about how invested she was in her lover and how she doesn’t want to forget about him and move on but knows this is foolish of her. Her sweet voice delivers these sad lyrics dripping in emotion.

25. A Purple Cow By Doris Day

Song Year: 1953

An adorable song from the beautiful Doris Day, “A Purple Cow” is about being so in love that everything is shaded purple, including the cows, trees, and everything else. She is so enamored with her new lover that she feels crazy and hazy but is also perfectly happy to be in this state and complete infatuation.

26. Two Purple Shadows By Jerry Vale

Song Year: 1953

Jerry Vale’s endearing, warm voice makes this song easy to love, with a slow sound and romantic but heartbreaking lyrics. Vale sings about seeing the girl he likes kissing someone else, making him realize their connection doesn’t mean as much to her as it does to him. He sings directly to the listener, asking them what they would do if this happened to him.

27. Biff the Friendly Purple Bear By Mac Davis

Song Year: 1974

A folksy country music song, Mac Davis sing-talks throughout the song, telling the story of a young boy who befriended a friendly purple bear (named Biff) so he would have someone to play with. They play as best friends for years until the little boy grows up and stops playing with the bear. Biff briefly mourns the loss of his friend, before returning to where he came from.

Top Songs With Purple In The Title, Final Thoughts

As you can see, purple can be interpreted to mean many different things.

From a state of love and infatuation to the feeling of heartbreak to a silly mystical creature, these artists used purple to represent a wide range of feelings

 And the color continues to be a major theme in modern music, from Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze” to Miley Cyrus’ “Violet Chemistry,” purple holds a lot of power and emotion.

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